After Amy was transformed into a mermaid, Brenna started to get suspicious of her, and eventually followed her to the cave, where Brenna was transformed. Amy was introduced to Brenna in Season 1, and she and Amy became best friends, but they soon let Kelsey into their gang as well, even though they weren't so friendly at first. Shockingly, Natalie splashes Samantha while they're at the beach, making her pop a tail in public. 03:52 My Secret Mermaid Life season 1 episode 14 Tail, powers,water and Natalie What Next?

After Natalie's clumsiness gets Samantha wet again, the mermaid decides that what her friend needs is powers of her own, so she shows her a spell to do it. Following instructions which she can't even fully read, Samantha puts her ring out in the sunlight, then puts it on. Brenna originally had a rainbow tail, but after re-entering the cave, her tail became yellow. However, before Kelsey became part of the group, Amy possessed all three water powers and Brenna had all three weather powers.

The girls believe that this is because there can only be four mermaids in a century: Air, Water, Earth, and Fire.

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