My groupa€™s theme for the novel The Secret Life of Bees is to judge someone based on their personality rather than their race. It is a sketch of a colored family sitting altogether around the table with dim lights around their bodies. This work signifies the family is staying together and not leaving anyone behind even through the tough times. Van Gogh is hinting it but from their fragile faces, that the colored family is still keeping hope upon them. This song is a good choice because it shows that this goal to not judge people based on race is not only between whites and African-Americans but also between whites and Hispanics.
This ssupports our theme in the same way that "Ebony and Ivory" does: that people shouldn't judge others based on race.
This song has personal ties to me because at my old school we would sing this song every Martin Luther King Jr. This song is important to the theme for The Secrt Life of Bees because it shows the long struggle to not judge people based on their race.

This song really reflects how far we have come in just the last 150 years: from slavery to the civil rights movement to the present. But we still have a long way to go and that is reflected by some of the song's sadder verses.
Just because someone has a certain skin color or believes in a certain religion doesna€™t mean they are defined by that. All of my poems support the idea that in order for there to be peace in our world there needs to be equality among all of us.
I dona€™t usually supervise the visitors, but I did this time, and it is something I would regret later on. Johnson was there he passed out soccer balls, taught the kids how to play the game and had a successful game. At the end of the day he sat with the kids in a circle and discussed their opinions on world issues, that day they talked about pollution. Little did I know that this buff, tattooed man would be the best thing that had ever happened to my summer camp.The theme that compares these two short stories and The Secret Life of Bees is that you should not judge people based on their appearance.

In Looks are Deceptive the President of Harvard judged a couple who were dressed poorly for Jewish people, just to find out they were very kind and very wealthy. Johnson the director of a summer camp judged an African American, tall, buff, tattooed man as a dangerous person who should not be around children only to find out that he was the man she had spoken on the phone with. Then, June does not like Lily because shea€™s the only white girl in the house but ends up realizing that she is a funny and kind girl. Lastly, when Lily and Zach start to like each other, it is because they like their personalities. They do not care what color or race they are, all that matters is that they love each other for what is in the inside. These 3 novels all show that you dona€™t really know someone until youa€™ve gotten to know them.

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