A startling new map of the human brain has emerged during the past decade of neuroscience research, contradicting much of what was previously believed.
Produced by the American Academy of Pediatrics & Bright Futures, this short pamphlet covers topics of social and emotional development in teens. From ACT for Youth, Center for Excellence, this website provides information on sexual development in youth, including puberty, identity development, socio-cultural influences, and sexual behaviors. From the Palo Alto Medical Foundation (based on resource from the American Medical Association), this website includes information on physical changes for boys and girls, intellectual development, social and emotional development, and tips for parents. A manual including information on physical, cognitive, emotional, social, and behavioral development. A fact sheet from the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry's Facts for Families Series for the middle school and early high school years. A fact sheet from the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry's Facts for Families Series for the late high school years and beyond.
An article from Virginia Cooperative Extension with information on changes occuring during adolescence, how the changes affect the adolescent, and what parents can do. Information from Planned Parenthood about what puberty is and what happens during puberty, as well as when to talk to your child. This website, from PBS, has information about brain anatomy, brain scans, and brain development by age. A book that teaches youth (ages 10+) about sex and sexuality through age-appropriate language and illustrations. Book written for boys ages 10 and up with advice for pre-teens on puberty and life changes.

Though people can become more forgetful in middle age, research suggests that they're at the top of their game in other areas, such as vocabulary and reasoning. Barbara Strauch discusses studies that show people become happier and more positive in middle age. On Distractions One of the most troublesome parts of growing older, says Strauch, is that humans grow more distracted as they age. Narrated by Blair Brown and directed by David Grubin, this series tells stories through a mix of personal histories, expert commentary, and cutting-edge animation. Includes checklists for parents to use to identify normal developmental behaviors, as well as those that might signify the need to seek help from outside sources. National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health), this website includes development information for children ages 12–18. Includes information on the mechanics of sex, sexual attraction, relationships, reproduction and pregnancy, contraception, and pregnancy alternatives. You may start to think of brining your Thanksgiving turkey, for instance, while driving along a highway. Viewers learn startling new truths about the brain as they journey inside about this complicated organ. And you know, we all have a lot going on in our lives, but I think there was sort of a qualitative difference in this.
In fact, science writer Barbara Strauch set out to explain why our brains falter in middle age, and wound up writing a book about how they can flourish.
I will then explain how drug use affect the development of the brain and how it changes brain chemistry.

It represents the percentage of professional critic reviews that are positive for a given film or television show. For example, forgetting the name of someone you're talking to or drawing a blank when trying to come up with a book title.
And what they think happens is that you do tend to fall into a daydreaming default mode more easily. They didn't know it existed in the brain before, and they're now studying it and trying to figure out how that happens." Researchers who study brain scans find that as humans age, their processing speed may be a bit slower, and they might miss a beat while first trying to focus on something. Sometimes this mental trick will jog the correct pathways when a name is on the tip of your tongue. In addition, she says, certain studies show that an older brain can solve problems better than a younger brain. From birth to age one an infant's brain is most easily molded by external influences and experiences. Login Critic Reviews for The Secret Life of the Brain There are no critic reviews yet for The Secret Life of the Brain.
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