Nat Geo WILD will explore amazing cat footage in an upcoming series call The Secret Life of Cats. You might have an inkling of what your cat was up to while you were out — the plant that was formerly housed on the counter top, but now lies splat on the floor below —you know who put it there.
Fortunately, the folks at National Geo WILD (as in the National Geographic) have spent a good deal of time tailing cats in the most literal sense and once and for all seeing just what they are up to.
Combining the latest scientific research with macrophotography (extreme cat close-ups!), slow-motion footage and illuminating thermal images, these documentarians pull out all the stops to beautifully capture cats’ inner essence.
Consider this — the feline who just tore into the toilet paper roll and left you nothing but scraps was once an itty-bitty kitty, born blind, deaf and defenseless; celebrate just how far he’s come!
Disclaimer: The posts and threads recorded in our message boards do not reflect the opinions of nor are endorsed by I-5 Publishing, LLC, nor any of its employees. He may portray a cantankerous physician who recoils from both people and pets in the popular Britcom series Doc Martin, but when he’s not on screen actor Martin Clunes enjoys stepping into his real life role as a friend to all with feathers, fins and fur.
On June 2nd a virtual clowder of kitty devotees in the UK will gather around their TV sets to watch Secret Life of Cats, a one-hour documentary which will dispel myths about our purring pals as it offers insight into both the physical and psychological workings of the bewhiskered wonders. The documentary will also follow a feline’s progression from birth to adulthood and offer insight into how cats experience the world through their senses. The University of Georgia has conducted a cat study, using lightweight LED cameras attached to collars, to find out about the secret life of cats.
Should it come as any surprise that cats can have second homes, places where they are fed (again), cherished and loved?

Above all, they are curious creatures, as this Simon's Cat video shows, with hilarious consequences. So next time your cat comes home, check to see if you can find out where they've been and what they have been up to. Sharon DamonLas Vegas Cat Supplies ExaminerSharon Damon is a self-confirmed "pet person" who is deeply concerned about the well-being and care of animals. And, going by fine feline hairs imbedded in the fabric, your cat might have catnapped on your strictly off-limits couch … just like yesterday and the day before.
Better yet, they’ve documented these very revealing moments for you to see, too, if you tune into the Nat Geo WILD channel on Sep.
You’ll see how cats are both masters of their own universe and pure softies when it comes to love and affection. As the reporter in the attached video states, your cat may be a cold-blooded killer, an Olympic-ready speed demon or may even be cheating on you with a second family! They clearly demonstrate their native traits: hunting, climbing, pouncing, chasing, hiding. This doesn't mean that they love you any less, just that they, once again, adapt to the situation. When she first moved to Nevada, her husband and she had a blended "family" of 4 cats and one dog. Larry Hogan (R) signed into law April 26 a bill to require animal shelters to carefully check cats and dogs for implanted microchips before the four-leggers are adopted out or put down.

But are cats really just lounging divas with an inclination to do "jokes on you” type of behaviors? As the saying goes, "I laughed, I cried …” and you will do both after seeing this insanely up-close look at cats as they really are.
Here’s the official Secret Life of Cats trailer to tide you over … and yes, feel free to play it again and again, if not just for the cat swimming through the marshy water like he owns it!
When your cats ventures outdoors, it's like entering the African veldt or the jungle to them as they climb trees and peer through bushes. The grass is a wilderness through which they stalk their prey, often killing birds and lizards. She enjoys searching out the latest and best in pet toys and supplies, and looks forward to sharing these treasures with her readers. When they are feral, they exist in colonies which help them survive as they eke out their survival.

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