Flight attendants are only paid for the “flight time” so the clock doesn’t start until the plane starts moving.They can make your flight hellIt pays to be polite to flight attendants as, if you’re extra demanding or rude, you may well find that the single mum travelling with a baby may unexpectedly be given the seat next to you – and we all know about babies and planes. On this home page, the "doorway" to my site, I'll introduce myself and talk about my reasons for wanting a web site. If they say they’re out of Diet Coke ask them to make sureThere’s something about Diet Coke that makes it fizz up three times longer than other drinks when it’s poured at 30,000 feet.
This means it holds up the flight attendant when they’ve got a whole plane to serve, so often they’ll pretend that only regular Coke is left.Why you’ll never see a flight attendant drinking tea or coffeeStill on the subject of drinks, the wise flight attendant will only ever drink bottled water on planes, and never the tea or coffee that passengers are offered.

That’s because the water tanks on planes are notoriously difficult to clean out and can be a breeding ground for germs. God has closed this door for you, but no worries he's got the PERFECT guy out there created with you in mind.
Getting that elusive upgradeEveryone flying economy dreams of being upgraded and the best way to stack the odds in your favour is to be the last person to get on the plane because, by then, the attendants will know which seats are still free.
However, it still pays to extra nice as you may end up squashed in the middle seat.While all the secrets of a flight attendant may not be known, it’s handy to know when you should be nice and charming so you don’t end up on the wrong side them!

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