The New York Time obituary gives a fascinating look into the stage routines of Houdini and how his assistants played a roll.
Remember yesterday when we jumped the gun and wished Harry Houdini a happy birthday a little early for the majority of our readers, yet right on time for those iTricks fans in Australia and Hong Kong? Yet today, on the big man’s birthday no less, the wise and knowing Gods of Hollywood may have answered our nascent prayer. Although he is being celebrated by far bigger web presences than us, as pictured above, we’d like to wish Harry Houdini a very happy birthday. A private Chicago magic poster collection will be put up for auction this month including an extremely rare Harry Houdini sheet commemorating his exoneration in a German court of fraud charges.
When life gave Houdini lemons, he made a commemorative poster of him punching the lemons so hard they turned into lemonade. The studio is not looking to make a biopic but rather an action thriller featuring a character who is part Indiana Jones and part Sherlock Holmes, documenting his rise as a magician along with his covert involvement with the Secret Service.

No word on when the film is going to be released, but if it is around the same time as the other project, we could be looking at another big theatrical run for magic related films. Houdini and Doyle, who was a leading Spiritualist at the time, met in 1920 and became friends for a while despite long-running arguments about the existence of the supernatural….
The Secret Life of Houdini Boxed Set includes a special edition of The Secret Life of Houdini: The Making of America's First Superhero by William Kalush and Larry Slomon with a colored frontispiece signed by both authors. Dorothy Young, who performed with Houdini through latter stage of his career died this week at the age of 103. We wished this year would bring us closer to another Houdini movie which always seem to get talked about yet never seem to get made. Sony is in talks with director Francis Lawrence to bring a Houdini biopic to the silver screen.
Should he have survived his death in 1926 and miraculously continued to live until today, he’d be blowing out 137 candles today.

Hopefully this year brings us another feature film based on Houdini’s larger than life exploits. Dreamworks Pictures has announced that they are working on a film that will see famous escape artist and magician Harry Houdini team up with the creator of the brilliant Sherlock Holmes, Arthur Conan Doyle. By using the code HOUDINIHALLOWEEN at check out you can save 50% on all Houdini eBooks as well as the magnificent The Secret Life of Houdini Boxed Set.
But what makes the set a must is the companion book, The Secret Life of Houdini Laid Bare, which compiles all of the author's notes and sources aloha with material edited out of the biography and more than seventy additional photographs. By the way, please note you must wait until after you enter your payment information to enter the discount code.

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