Frozen Fiefdom - Who Is, What Is?A The names and places of those appearing in this story are real; except for the few which will be noted in parenthesis or quotation marks.
Welcome To Fire Power Deliverance Ministries With Dr Stella - God's Warrior Princess. I remember the day I first met the Thief, I can't recall his name, it seem to change with each story he told me.
I don't normally hold long conversations with strangers, but there was something intriguing about this character. Curious about why he felt the need to confess these sins to me, I ask him what kind of thief was he, were there anything he was particularly drawn too; as if he had anticipated the question, he begin to tell me the most amazing stories. Pitting two people against each other was a specialty of his, he stated, it didn't have to be of anything of importance, all he had to do, is bring up something from their past that would stir up the emotions that they felt then, and attach them to the present situation, and sit back, and snatch away their love right before their eyes. He started talking about Kingdoms and Nations he destroyed by repeating the same old tricks that he have been using for years, the feeling he got as he snatched a soul forever, it was his trophy, as he boasted about the billions he had showcased at his place.
He said his biggest obstacle was those who knew what he called a€?the trutha€?, words that always uncover his lies, but he wasn't to concern with that, because many of those who knew this truth, he had found away to keep them entangle in the cares of this world, and their own self-interest. All I could do was shake my head, and told him I had to go, he just laid back, started to laugh, and said, I'll see you later. I wrote this book out of my own journey with God, from getting saved to living a life of victory. Helloooo, people do not wanna be saved primarily for two reasons: 1) because obviously they are not drawn by the Holy Spirit unto salvation (a€¦no man comes to Me unless he is FIRST drawna€¦), and 2) because of their own wickedness in their heart. The bible says that we (The Bride of Christ) are to take captive every thought and bring it into subjection [to the name of Christ] and be ready to PUNISH EVERY ACT OF DISOBEDIENCE ONCE OUR OBEDIENE IS MADE COMPLETE [in the Lord or God]. Going back to the whole judgment thing, whether you ladies like it or not, the Scriptures are replete with commandments to Christians to hold those (even ourselves) who claim to be of the faith, accountable to the standard of CHRIST not the world. But I guess let’s just assume the plate things themselves are in contact with his head and transmitting the charge themselves. So the plate things are basically concentrated on the prefrontal cortex, which is at the very front of the brain, behind the forehead where the plates are located. So yeah, the prefrontal cortex seems to be what they’re targeting, and the prefrontal cortex is for short term memory and decision making.
Basically, recalling a memory that’s stored in long-term is just the brain returning it to the short-term memory center, or the working memory, concentrated in the prefrontal cortex. This picture doesn’t do justice to how deep in the brain the hippocampus and amygdala are, but it works well enough as a visual aid. So really, all Bucky needs to do is repair the connections between his long term and short term memory. His old memories as Bucky would remain relatively pristine, because the more we view a memory the more current circumstances during the recollection alter it, and what you remember becomes less and less similar to what you actually experienced at the time. The thing about being alternatively a murdering mind-puppet to a secret Nazi organization or being frozen in a cryo-chamber by said Nazi organization off and on for seventy plus years, was that seventy years is an awfully long time. These extraordinary scenes are the latest crazy creations from a unique artist who uses his deliciously dark sense of humour to bring everyday household objects to life.
Forget second-rate paper hats and boring boats, these amazing designers are the master paper shapers.
This photographer has ignored all warnings about playing with your food, instead creating a set of wacky scenes that bring PEANUTS to life.
These amazing aqua images are set to make waves in the photography world despite being created using little more than humble H2O.
This artist really does get under your skin making amazing art from anatomical cross-sections of the human body.
Developed by Japanese artists Kei Shiratori, Takeshi Mukai, and Younghyo Bak, the app turns artworks into real-time animations and, in a somewhat less impressive augmented reality feat, makes it appear as if un-played CDs and vinyl records are spinning. Though ARTART was designed for specific smartphones and to be used as part of a mobile exhibition at the ATTIC Sapporo 2012 fair, its possible uses for artists, museums, galleries, and geeks of all sorts should be self-evident. There was nothing special about that day, I was just sitting around with nothing much going on, I felt hungry, so I went out for a bite to eat, when he appeared seemingly out of nowhere.
He was dress to impress as they use to say back in the day, I couldn't identify a flaw on him, from the slanted hat he don on his head, his dark shades, white silk suit, and snake skin boots.
He proudly boasted that he was foremost a a€?thief of heartsa€?, he said that people are so easily fool, if you plant a thought in their minds, by just using the words they don't realize have the power of life and death, and sit back, they will self-destruct. I thought a€?how terriblea€?, but he kept going; Oh, I have don't much worst, I have stolen families, wealth, friendships, and much more.
I ask him wasn't he afraid of getting caught, he laughed, and said, he already knows he probably will be caught soon, but it won't help those souls that he have already stolen, it won't repair the broken hearts thata€™s been destroyed, or families torn apart. As I walk away, I could still hear him laughing, I thought, what a weird experience, as I walk into my house, I notice something had changed, Where was my family? They love their darkness so much that they can't stand the light because it exposes their deeds. Therefore, if we a€?the sheepa€? are counted as the righteous before the Father, then we have a MORAL OBLIGATION to first examine ourselves to see if we are of the faith and then with humility rebuke sin.
From there your brain literally refires all the neurons that fired during that experience, without compromising awareness of current circumstances.
Honestly, I think the most likely thing they did was supplement the physical stuff with more traditional brainwashing and conditioning techniques. So instead of memories slowly changing and evolving as the person themself changes, which is what normally happens as we revisit memories and subtly alter them over time through new perception, Bucky would have this huge, disorienting, sickening divide between the well-preserved, untouched old memories of how he used to be and any new ones he managed to create as the Winter Soldier. Terry Border from Greenwood, Indianapolis, USA, makes a living from his extraordinary talent, manipulating inanimate objects and creating cleverly cartoonish scenes. As he began to talk, his words was timely, he seem to know exactly how I was feeling at that moment, it had the taste of lemon and honey in the early morning hours.

But my most prize possessions where the lives and souls of mankind, I thought to myself, a€?okay, I've heard enough, I'm talking to a nutcasea€?, but the serious look in his face told me there was something more twisted about this character then any I had encounter before. Like what the hell is that thing, how old is it, what are you trying to do HYDRA, is this one of those weird dryer things you stick your whole head in at the hairdresser’s?
Especially if it could compromise his ability to make quick, logical decisions in the field because the prefrontal cortex is important for logic and impulse control.
So severing those connections between long and short term memory would not only stop him retaining new memories, it would stop him recalling old ones.
Also, damaging the hippocampus on both sides of the brain would turn him into a potato, unable to retain any information at all, not even how to discharge his weapon, so you’d basically have to retrain him anew for every mission. The Winter Soldier memories will be less fleshed out, have more holes, be generally more ghost-like because of how they fucked with his brain and memories, so it would be easy for him to dissociate with them and to ignore them, but in order to ignore them Bucky would also have to ignore their consequences. He would feel betrayed by his own body and his own mind, doing things without knowing why he was doing them.
A  Why fictionalize the life and times of someone who appears to be so incredibly fascinating to so many? He was careful not to dwell on the topics that he somehow knew would cause me to become upset and end our conversation. He wanna keep on sinning and he hates it when righteous folk tell him that his behaviors are not of the Lord. They have had 70 years to perfect this technology and it looks like a high schooler’s science fair project. Although in this case, if the connections between long and short term memory were cut every time he went into the cryogenic chamber, he never would have stored any of the information gleaned as the Winter Soldier past the short term unless he managed to catch enough sleep to transfer those memories into long term storage before he got zapped or frozen again. I feel like not being the same Bucky as the one who went off to war would be so frustrating to him.
Seriously; when was the last time you boarded a commercial carrier flight and the counter attendant staff (with their name badge either removed, or turned to hide their name) said as you offered to show ID, because they had not asked to see it (sniff sniff, wouldn't that be considered a slip in following TSA or FAA regs?): "Oh, We know who you are! There are many believers that are living in iniquitya€”they have never really come to the Cross where their sins get washed away. So he would potentially remember everything about being Bucky Barnes fairly quickly, assuming his super soldier healing could repair those pathways or create new ones to compensate, and he would never remember most of his time as the Winter Soldier except what they wanted him to remember and let him encode before they took out those connections again. Fics paint it as Steve being frustrated by the fact that Bucky’s no longer the same person, but I think Bucky himself would be far more frustrated by that fact than Steve. He told me up front he was a thief, my first thoughts were a€?really!!a€?, he chucked, among many other things, he continued, as if he knew what my thoughts were. Granted there may be some perpetrators, some who are self-righteous, but for the most part that is not the case and they don't really address their comments to that segment of people, he is referring to those who truly stand for righteousness. Seriously there should be electrodes not only because they’re kind of necessary for this sort of thing but also because who would object to Bucky Barnes looking totally punk rock with a partially-shaved head? So basically, his combat training, his obedience training, and all that hydra indoctrination crap. I think he would dissociate from the foreign Winter Soldier part of himself, would try to bury it or force it out instead of facing it, would hate whatever memories he did retain from that time, because the Winter Soldier terrifies everyone but I think he would terrify Bucky most of all.
Then I begin to hear that cynical laughter again, and realize, while I was having that conversation with the thief, he was stealing everything that I held dear, right in front of my eyes, it was then, when I truly realize the importance of not living by bread alone, but by every a€?Word of Goda€?. Like David said, their spirits are overwhelmed and they dona€™t know why things are not working. I've made light of such an invasion, and asked my "contacts" to send the Royalty Checks to the P.O. If you tell me that all I have to do is send you $50 to get healed and become prosperous also teach me how to keep my healing or my prosperity.
Maybe that "Landscaping" scene in the shower might do something for you; it was just ordinary grooming for me.
My faith will fail if I lose my blessing one more time.a€?This book is a guide to spiritual recovery from the catastrophic "hurricanes" which can occur in the lives of believers.
Former State of Alaska employee, former salesperson of retail tourist items and fine collectibles, currently unemployed but extremely busy uncovering the "stiffs and stashes" and countless other dirty lowdowns which were rumored to only be dusty old stories from the early days in the Mini Fiefdom and the Big Berg. Judging by the amount of "unusual activities" and oddities surrounding my life; there just might be more than one ugly little something being hidden, or covered up. And those who would know the full story and detailed truths are either dead, or have snapped their lips shut tighter than a clam in a low tide. A Currently and temporarily ensconced in the warmth of sunny Los Angeles, until the job offers roll in.
Finds inner peace by practicing Reiki, meditating, humming, gong banging, and any other "Higher Self" reaches; whatever the name of the day is. Those methods of achieving relaxation, spiritual enlightenment, or whatever one needs to feel well and in tune with themselves, are referred to as "Wand Waving" in our historical family vernacular.
1 and 2 of a touching note she mailed to me on August 6, 2007, here for page 3, which was handed to me by one of the other women who also rented from Jewel, a few days later as it arrived in the mailbox, via the USPS.
One of many 3 lettered agencies which forms a staggeringly huge, yet relatively unsophisticated, branch of the United States government.
Should be right next to my photo that I submitted later; attached to one of "those other emails" that I sent to you.
Box is still my current permanent address, in case something has opened up; or how many Royalty Checks shall I be expecting to receive? A I'm guessing that employment prospects for me there are looking less than likely; perhaps a short term contract for Fund Raising might be offered?
I have not mentioned this book or odd events to her, other than a few questions about Eric's behavior when she and I spoke briefly in a bedroom at Christmas in Anna's home, and were repeatedly interrupted by Anna.
An outstanding resource for drumming up dates, finding living quarters, meeting other artists, selling a futon; I've used many of their sections with fantastic results.

I appreciate your service to our country.) married our Mother, and produced 4 offspring, like good Catholics did. How about those telling tunes, dead air moments, and skips which fired frequently over the airways of the Juneau radio stations during the 1960's and 1970's?
Once a conversation with him is fully underway; it's amazing how much knowledge he has, on many subjects. He's doesn't fit the profile of a neighborhood BusyBody, but he has the knowledge base of one. I thought now was perfect opportunity to ask him a few questions regarding some words my Gramma shared with me over the years; particularly about the perhaps not so good old days in the Mini Fiefdom, and the Big Berg. Formerly a self contained and fully operational Production Unit featuring its own school, Mt.
Jumbo (teach you a lesson!) and the sounds of children and adults long since passed over, still echo thoughout its hollowed halls today. A Catholic Church (pray to excuse your daily sins), cold storage facility (kill 'em and chill 'em), laundromat (wash and dry those stains bye-bye!), fuel and service station (bring 'em in, take 'em apart), fire department (sound the alarm!) water reservoir (beaver water, anyone?
A favored description used by my Gramma of the water coming from the tap) public works equipment (rigs to dig), public library (shhh!! It's a Secret!) boat harbor (what floats your boat?), beauty shop (as my brother would say "no help for some")full service grocery store (everybody's got to eat), a couple of bars (drink your pour, say no more), at least one restaurant, a building referred to as "The Indian School" which was apparently the school for Natives (non-whites) when my Mother was young. The local Native children attended public school by the time I was enrolled in the late 60's. A quiet little community, which also featured at least three cemeteries, which are still in existence; if not in current use. Some things have changed in the last 40 years, different businesses closing and opening, new owners, and Douglas being hooked up to the citywide water and sewer system. Shucks, I sorta miss seeing the toilet paper bits, and other assorted chunks of unidentifiable materials floating in Gastineau Channel. I believe that I would be an outstanding employee for them; although my sense of humor might be a bit over the top for some staff. A A "Feeders:" Those who were on the receiving end of the wire worn by at least one person who interviewed me in June of 2007. It was not specified who they were, or what Branch they represented, but they were informed on my past and present activities with amazingly accurate details. Based on what I've read, the questions and MO used sounds like a branch of the US government; some say the CIA. Could be; I don't know, and they have elected to not communicate via email other than replying to the one back door tactic I used of sending a few questions to their Entertainment Industry Liaison.
Younger sister of mine (by 11 months) and is the epitome of "Spy Struck." She can quote you a line from almost any James Bond flick, has "The Avengers" on DVD, and when she made a reference to "Matt Helm" and I asked who he was, she whipped out a videocassette and popped it into the machine!
Even I recognized ol' Dino, and someone in movies or TV has to be a very prominent person if I know who they are.
I wasn't CONvinced of that reply, and when I pressed her for details, she claimed to be too busy to "OOOMMMM" over that puzzler in Automotive Physics again; so I emailed the guys at Car Talk for an expert opinion. Litvinenko, the wife of the former KGB Spy who died in London in November 2006, from poisoning with a peppering of polonium-210; before the book was written, or published!!"The wife of Litvenyenko is writing her own book I read sometime ago. I was just thinking last week I needed to tune in and tap into that again." February 14, 2008 email from Gail. A According to my sibs, she was the first to raise the alarm that I was "Missing." Given her line of work, I'm not buying that.
She'd be keeping the cops away from the barn; although technically speaking, I don't think that providing Fetish Services is illegal. She has a pleasant voice, was also answering her own Fantasy Fone Line through one of the services available; might still be. Attractive, with a dramatic flair.A She didn't bring work home, and the house was usually tidy. It's been an amazing cross section who have replied, and I seem to have quite a following of readers; even if I didn't date them.
A Taxpayers, please note: It is worthwhile to state that any "employees" on the public payroll who I chose to meet, had decent writing skills, or exhibited something which compelled me to have a coffee date with them. You might not feel as if you are getting your monies' worth as you fork over that chunk o' cash out of your earnings every year, but it's got to be going somewhere once you've kissed it goodbye. Grant, Attorney at Law, Juneau, AK From Wedding Bells to Tales to Tell: The Affidavit of Eric William Swanson, my former spouse AFFIDAVIT OF SHANNON MARIE MCCORMICK, My Former Best Friend THE AFFIDAVIT OF VALERIE BRITTINA ROSE, My daughter, aged 21 THE BEAGLE BRAYS! HELL'S BELLS: THE TELLS OF THE ELVES RING LOUD AND CLEAR IDENTITY THEFT, MISINFORMATION, AND THE GETTING THE INFAMOUS RUNAROUND Double Entendre and DoubleSpeak, Innuendos and Intimidation, Coercion v Common Sense, Komply (with a K) v Knowledge = DDIICCKK; Who's Gunna Call it a Draw?
A I'm guessing that employment prospects for me there are looking less than likely; perhaps a short term contract for Fund Raising might be offered? I'd appreciate the Press and others exercising some good sense, and to not contact her. How about those telling tunes, dead air moments, and skips which fired frequently over the airways of the Juneau radio stations during the 1960's and 1970's?
The local Native children attended public school by the time I was enrolled in the late 60's. Even I recognized ol' Dino, and someone in movies or TV has to be a very prominent person if I know who they are.

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