The extremely relatable trailer presents an adorable first look at Universal's next animated film. The two studios who created the wonderful Despicable Me and next month’s (inevitably great) Minions film are introducing The Secret Life of Pets today. The trailer doesn’t clue us into the plot of this film but instead pleases the viewer by being extremely relatable.
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If they're anything like the ones in The Secret Life of Pets, the answer is probably a litter box full of mischief. The comedy, out July 8, 2016, comes from Illumination Entertainment, the creators of the upcoming film Minions, starring Sandra Bullock.

DukeDuke, pictured above and voiced by Modern Family's Eric Stonesteet, is a big, sloppy mongrel who was saved from the pound.
Snowball, voiced by Kevin Hart Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment GidgetHouse of Lies actress Jenny Slate voices this naA?ve but gutsy Pomeranian. Gidget, voiced by Jenny Slate Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment ChloeThis fat feline (Lake Bell) can't be bothered for anything – unless of course there's food. Chloe, voiced by Lake Bell Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment For more about The Secret Life of Pets, pick up this week's issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday. The first trailer looks at what happens when your dog, cat, bird, bunny, or other animal is left alone in your house. This writer had his dog present and enjoyed watching his pet react to all the dogs barking. Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment SnowballKevin Hart is the voice behind this seemingly adorable bunny.

Maybe our dogs and other animals are freaked out that a movie studio is exposing the truth! Snowball leads the Flushed Pets, a pack of animals seeking revenge on humans and their beloved pets.
One thing leads to another, and before they know it Max and Duke find themselves caught up in an army of abandoned pets led by a bunny named Snowball (Kevin Hart). Watch The Secret Life of Pets trailer after the jump.

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