I?ve said this before and I should mention it at the start of this article - as far as I am aware, there are no provable allegations that Tom Cruise has ever had a same sex encounter. The Hollywood icon bared his soul in a bid to set the record straight about his private life, insiders say, but now the nightmare rumors have come back to haunt him in a nasty jab on an animated TV show and a new book about his religion Scientology.
During his emotional heart-to-heart with Katie, the 47-year-old ?Top Gun? star blasted the gay lies and false claims of drug use that have tainted his straight-arrow image for decades. Star Magazine actually has a better account of the book, and includes some dirt about how Scientology employees of celebrities would regularly gossip about their famous employers. In the book, [Scobee] claims one high-ranking official, church leader David Miscavige?s wife, Shelly, even told her about Tom?s alleged history of drug use Tom, now 47, was barred from joining the Sea Organization, an elite group within Scientology, she said. Another favorite topic of conversation among church officials was the sex lives of their celebrity members, Amy says. From the maid to the babysitter, nearly every single person who entered the home Tom shared with Nicole came from the Church?s ranks, she notes. I bet that past use of psychiatric medication would disqualify you from Sea Org, which would perhaps explain Tom?s crusade against antidepressant drugs - it was personal. There have been allegations in the past by former high ranking Scientology officials that David Miscavige personally arranged Tom?s divorce from Nicole Kidman. Getting people off anti-depressants by using standard Scientology methods is considered a success. I'm pretty sure the past use of psychiatric drugs does not stop you from becoming a sea org member.
He once called an escort service where a prostitute named Betty came, but instead of having sex, she spends the evening talking with Tom, allowing him to let out his frustrations. Tom later meets a girl named Tammy and wants to marry her even though they've been on one date. Tom and Jack Pappas share the Bowmans' guesthouse for a while after Tom becomes impatient for more independence that his mother is willing to allow him. He later becomes a Vice President of Human Resources and starts dating a woman with two children that he met on the bus on his way to work.
Tammy does show up again later in season 5, sneaking down the steps of the Bowman family house. She looks like she’s trying to use her upper arms to keep the bodice from falling down.
The waist on Jena Malone’s dress was 1-2 inches too high, this one is two inches too low. Great dress, though it needs to be taken up a few inches to be more flattering on a non-7-foot-tall person.
GIRRRRLLLL you got a gay to get you a semi-cute dress, so can you get one to show you how to pose and to do your hair and makeup???
Love her, love the ensemble, wish she were standing less like she’s about to break into an SNL schtick. Tom has not been romantically linked to anyone since his much-publicized divorce from Katie Holmes in 2012. Laura also split from her longtime boyfriend and fellow Scientologist Chris Masterson in 2012. Tom Cruise is almost half a century old but is looking better than ever promoting his new movie Mission: Impossible Ghost – Protocol! If the sleeves were hemmed and fitted a bit better and the types of fabrics be reduced to roughly one-third their current number, this could be kind of cute.

Maybe she could have worn the crocheted toilet roll cover on her head to hide what appears to be dirty hair. Her whole head (the way it’s done up, I mean, not her actual head) is really underwhelming here. Why would you deliberately cut you body up into such unflattering proportions with those fabric blocks?
Beyond that, those rectangular, beltless dresses are awfully hard to pull off if you’re not a model. This was one of my favorite classic movies as a kid, my grandmother introduced me to Danny Kaye. I can’t figure out why it looks light and airy on the model, but like upholstery fabric on her?! Yet if you look at Amy & Tina, especially Tina, you see they have both learned how to look presentable on the RC.
And yes, Michael Fassbender needs to work on his style and yes, we’ve noted that several times. I only mention Amy and Tina because it appeared to me that Kristin being a comedian was the an excuse for her not being getting it right fashion wise.
You could argue that Kristen isn’t enough of a fashionista to be able to use risk-taking as an excuse. My point (taken partially tongue-in-cheek from Party Down) is that not every celebrity is held to the same standards.
We’ve seen a number of iterations of those shoes lately, and yeah, they do not belong on human feet. They had a 200th anniversary special on April 14 that had Cruise working at a fudge factory, uh ?packing? and of course there?s the Trapped In The Closet episode from 2005. People who ?audited? celebrities also regularly shared information about the potentially embarrassing and damaging secrets the stars shared. At one point, ?a well-known spokesman for the Church of Scientology? was found to have a gay sex tape. Tom Cruise?s former auditor, Mark Rathbun, wrote that ?in 2001 through 2003 Miscavige personally assigned me as Inspector General RTC ? the second highest ecclessiastical position in the religion ? to coordinate Tom?s divorce from Nicole and to serve as his auditor.? There?s plenty of dirt about Cruise and the church of Scientology, and it?s much worse than some tame allegations that he had same sex encounters. If I remember correctly, it's pretty standard PR that sea org members talk about how psychiatric drugs did nothing for them and how Scientology saved their lives. Tom reveals to Kathleen and George that he promised to marry Tammy just because he wanted a physical relationship, but it is never discussed again where the relationship was going after this conversation.
I am old, and old fashioned enough to want pearls, but if there was a piece with an interesting configuration of hammered metal shapes, I’d be OK with that as well.
Maybe she just needed to hike it all up an inch — it seems to hit the model a little bit higher on her chest and the waist is better placed.
A simple pony and a stronger lip (not that horrid orange from the Prada look) would’ve made this sing. A revealing new report claims that the actor has been romancing fellow Scientologist Laura Prepon for nearly five months!
In fact, a rep for Tom even told the UK’s Daily Mail that the two had never even met!
Photos have been taken of the doctor, Katie Holmes, and daughter Suri having lunch at Pitanguy’s private island in Brazil and he was was even invited to Cruise’s 2009 Rio premiere of Knight and Day.
Pitanguy has a skin care line called Beauty by Clinica Ivo Pitanguy that he may be using if that’s the case.

Mendel Soleil and Nuage long sleeve shift dress in pieced lace, jacquard, and cloque organza with graphic tiered hem paired with Christian Louboutin heels.
As it is, it’s too many elements and textures fighting each other in a dress that is otherwise low-key and low-color. Needs some plastic yellow roses and one of those crocheted toilet roll covers to complete the look. The black band at the bottom doesn’t seem to relate to any of the colors or textures above, and I initially thought it might be a top over a miniskirt. I think the shape suits her, and I don’t dislike the busy-ness of the fabrics as much as other people. Kristen’s a movie star, on the red carpet for her movie premiere, in a designer dress that was almost certainly lent to her for the occasion.
There’s potential for a beautiful dress in there somewhere, redesigned and toned down about 80%.
They make everyone who wears them look like they have 2 left feet like Eugene Levy in Best in Show. I believe that the rumors started with convicted felon and notorious double-dealing private investigator, Anthony Pellicano. It seems to us that someone finally convinced Kristen that she’s allowed to wear dresses with a little shape, pattern and personality to them. Has he found the fountain of youth or maybe his close friendship with renowned plastic surgeon Dr. She’s an actress who can be very funny and I like that she can follow her own ideals. That does not change the fact that she is in a business where a) she will be judged for how she looks on the RC, and B)She is obvious aware of this or why go through the effort of borrowing expensive designer clothing.
True, she and her stylist should have had the sense to put it back in the box from whence it arrived. She looks like the 5 year old whose mommy just told her to stand up straight & stand still. DISCLAIMER: The Tom & Lorenzo site is not associated or affiliated with AMC, ABC, BBC, Bravo, CBS, CW, Fox, FX, HBO, Lifetime, Logo, NBC, PBS, Showtime or Sundance. So yes, she has to go prance around for the openings of movies she’s in, but she probably just wants to be comfortable and relaxed as possible under the circumstances.
She was a disaster on the red carpet in the beginning, but after some mockery, the woman got her act together and now looks impeccable every time!! This is just my take, and maybe we?ll never know, but ?Tom?s shocking confession about male lovers and drug use? isn?t even alleged in the book that the Enquirer reports on. The Tom & Lorenzo site claims no credit for any images featured on this site unless otherwise noted.
Here?s their report, which is about a book by ex Scientologist Amy Scobee called Scientology: Abuse at the Top. This was an easy choice which wasn’t going to malfunction and she could get back to her hotel and whip it off and get comfortable.
The Tom & Lorenzo site is in no way responsible for, or has control of, the content of any external website links or embedded streaming videos.

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