Amy soon meets Jimmy, her mother's high school boyfriend's son, on a trip to visit Mimsy, her grandmother, and really likes him.
Amy and Ricky run off to get married but don't go through with the wedding because the director of the chapel they go to is crazy. Reason: Jimmy finds a condom in Amy's purse, and he's not really ready to be with her and John. Reason: Amy realized that Ben was not the one for her and that Ricky was while she was in Hudson University (Revealed by Brenda Hampton). Amy originally joined band because she had a crush on an unnamed boy, according to The Secret Diary of the American Teenager. She had her first kiss, lost her virginity, and became pregnant to Ricky Underwood, all of this the same night. Amy does not know Ricky cheated on her twice after they agreed to start a relationship in New York. Proposed to Ricky Underwood in an attempt to compete with Adrian Lee and Ben Boykewich when she learns of their engagement.
Continued the competition with Adrian, until an incident in the hallway in the episode "Loose Lips". Angered Ben Boykewich in an attempt to insult his relationship with Adrian.  He turned the tables and also insulted her relationship with Ricky Underwood. She keeps an e-diary where she admits to still wanting to be with Ben, being jealous of Adrian, and believing that Ricky and Adrian could have been happy if they'd stayed together. And over in a different household, Leo busts in on Maria and Ben in a more-than-just-friends situation. Amy and Anne, on the other hand, are having their own kind of fun when they go late-night grocery shopping, sans babies.
Over at Adrian's house, Ricky's still on pins and needles waiting for Amy to return with John, and it's really messing with his relationship with Adrian. Speaking of cheating hearts, Ben's convinced he needs to break up with Amy—no more of this feeling like an old married couple thing—because Maria has convinced him that life can be fun again! She was conceived during a one-night-stand between her parents in the back of her father's car. Adrian experienced some issues with Mercy while she was in the womb, but was told everything was okay. There have been some changes in Amy's figure since we last saw her—she's gained baby weight and a killer appetite, to boot. Meanwhile, Ben's still working on planning the perfect first kiss with Amy, while Ricky's hatching a plan of his own—a selfless one, for once! Later, at the fair, all the usual suspects are coupled up: Alice and Henry, Amy and Ben, and Grace and Jack (hey, he can get over his Ricky hatred if this plan involves make-out sessions).
According to The Secret Diary of Ashley Juergens, this episode takes place from September 18-19, 2008.
Clementine is a minor character in The Secret Life of the American Teenager, introduced in Season 5. Clementine works at the coffee joint on the college campus where Ricky, Jack, and Adrian all go to school. When Jack asks Ricky to introduce him to her, Ricky gets defensive and says no, despite the fact that Jack finds her attractive, but Ricky says that Clementine is like a sister to him. Later, Clementine tells Adrian off in regards to Ricky, and Adrian says that she's no longer interested in Ricky, because she's dating Omar. At a study session with Amy, Ricky, Grace and Jack, Clementine shows because Ricky wanted her to meet Amy and John at first Amy doesn't want Clementine to come over but she eventually gives in.
Adrian and Jack ask if Ricky have sex with Clementine but Ricky says that she is like a sister to him and that when they were living together they were too young. In the episode Untying the Knot, Adrian reveals to Clementine that Ricky and Amy are not married and that Ricky can be with her, she is surprised by this and leaves without saying a word.
She returns in When Bad Things Happen to Bad People where she talks to Ricky about her letter to him, she felt that is was stupid to tell him about her love for him, but Ricky says its fine and asked if she meant it which she says yes.
Jennifer Coolidge (born August 28, 1961) is an American actress best known for playing "Stifler's mom," the consummate "MILF", in the film American Pie (1999), Hilary Duff's stepmother in A Cinderella Story (2004), Paulette, the manicurist in Legally Blonde (2001) and its sequel, the voice of Aunt Fanny in the animated feature Robots (2005), and for her regular role in the NBC sitcom Joey as Joey's agent, Bobbie Morganstern. Coolidge is known for her supporting roles in many comedy movies and guest spots on television.
She has played comic parts in the improv mockumentaries Best in Show, A Mighty Wind, and For Your Consideration directed by Christopher Guest. Coolidge had a regular role in the NBC sitcom Joey as Joey's agent, appearing in 37 out of 46 episodes in the series. In Season 3, Adrian wanted to invite all of the girls who slept with Ricky to her baby shower when she was pregnant with Mercy.
She is the older sister of Ashley Juergens and Robie Johnson. During season 1, Amy gives birth to her son, John Juergens, making her a teen mother at the age of 15.
However, when he doesn't return her call, Amy turns to Ricky for "kissing lessons," which her sister sees the beginning of. Ricky later visits Ben at his home and takes him to see Amy in an attempt to get them back together. With Ricky's urging, Ben and Amy talk and decide that they would give their hopes and dreams to another after Adrian tries to tell Ben that she had a false alarm. She and Madison are no longer friends because she took Lauren's side after Madison slept with Jesse. While in The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Amy says it was to over come her fear of "the wolf" in the song "Peter and the Wolf" and to please her mother.

Griffin and Ashley are having a (platonic, mind you) sleepover as well, complete with a face mask (his) and pedicure (hers). But after he lets his nightly call with his mom go to voicemail so he can focus on Kathleen, mom shows up unexpectedly. Maria, far from acting busted, however, is all Italian warmth toward Leo—even if he doesn't like that Ben's fooling around when he's still dating Amy. Well, she has a rude awakening of her own when Zoe, Ricky's bed buddy, calls her up and divulges the sordid details of her night with Ricky. At first, Adrian considered abortion, but backed out and she and Ben decided to keep their child. To make matters worse, a close encounter of the gas station kind between potential grandmother Anne and Dr. He's going to help Grace sneak around behind her parents back by pretending to date her, and then safely escort her into Jack's arms.
But when Ben tries to kiss Amy after the carousel, she gets a serious case of nausea and throws up all that food she just ate—ew! When a pimp walks into the coffee shop and starts hassling Adrian, Clementine helps her and tells him to back off and calls the cops.
She then writes a letter to Ricky saying she was in love with him and took years to find him, and wishes him the best. Then Ricky talks to Clementine at the coffee shop, while even though he appreciate that she told him, he turns her down saying they will never be together, even if he and Amy break up, saying it will take years to get over Amy, and wishes to stay friends with her, which she sadly accepts. She is best known for playing "Stifler's mom", the consummate "MILF," in the American Pie films, though she is also known for supporting parts in other films, including Hilary Duff's stepmother in A Cinderella Story, Paulette, the manicurist in Legally Blonde and its sequel, and the voice of Aunt Fanny in the animated feature Robots.
She also appeared in the 2006 film Date Movie as a spoof of Barbra Streisand's Meet the Fockers character.
She originally starred in an episode of Friends in its final season as Amanda, a tactless and uninhibited wannabe whom Phoebe and Monica try to shake off. She also had a recurring role on King of the Hill as Luanne's beauty school teacher, Miss Kremzer.
After watching all the girls decline, Zoe also declined because she didn't want to buy a present for Adrian. She is also Ricky Underwood's wife (she married Ricky after a couple of years, confirmed by Brenda Hampton)[1]. She has to attend summer school because she failed to complete some assignments due to her pregnancy. Amy soon confronts Jimmy about him not calling her back and the two make up, but it is too late for everyone else.
Later on though, she gets betrayed by the two who become friends again and bond over their annoyance toward Amy. Amy mentors Kathy, a pregnant freshman from Texas who gives birth to her daughter in the episode "Hedy's Happy Holiday House." She gives up her daughter to the adoptive parents. While in Italy Ben cheated on Amy with Maria, an Italian girl he met while on his trip to Bologna. But when Leo comes in to see what all the giggling's about, she's hiding in the closet and Ben's pretending to be studying. And over at Adrian's house, she continues to hold out on hooking up with Ricky until she can be sure he's the guy she'll end up with in the future. This prompts Kathleen to reveal her cheatin' past, because she wants to be up front and honest. Yeah, that's the guy she cheated on George with in Chicago—and he wants to give it another go.
So, bored with just making out and having given up on waiting for Amy to appear with his baby, Ricky leaves Adrian's—and takes home another girl, Zoe. He's so torn, he even calls up Adrian for help, despite Ricky's demand that the two of them never talk again.
The next day, Adrian met her doctor at the hospital who told her the baby had passed away in the womb Mercy was delivered stillborn. All could be well in Amy's world, except that now sister Ashley's figured out she's pregnant and from the looks of it, there's a lot more drama to come before everybody gets to their (hopefully) happy endings. It is told that in between Jack and Grace's breakup, Jack slept with Clementine, most likely out of vengeance. Prior to her Friends appearance she was a regular on She TV, a very short-lived sketch comedy that also featured Nick Bakay, Elon Gold, Simbi Khali, and Linda Kash.
In the second season, she is a frequently recurring character, playing the fiance of Ben's Leo Boykewich and future stepmother of Ben Boykewich. Having heard this news, Ben becomes guilty over the job in Italy he has been offered by his uncle who lives in Bologna, a city.
The incident with Ricky has already spread and causes Ben and Adrian to have sex for both revenge and comfort. During all of this, she has a hard time during summer school balancing her large amount of work with her friends (from Chicago that she met in New York) and having fun. Amy breaks off her engagement to Ricky Underwood and cancels their wedding, saying that while she loves him, she is not in love with him, nor is he in love with her, and he is only marrying her because of John. Even though we don't find out just who this mysterious Rocco is, Leo is less than happy to hear the name. Meanwhile, Josh's son Jimmy is putting the moves on Amy in the next aisle over, and, though she knows in the back of her head that she technically has a boyfriend, she's still game for a little flirting.

Looks like the only serious winner at the fair turns out to be Ricky, who scores serious points with the Bowmans when he brings Grace home safe and sound from their "date." Unexpected, right? She also has appeared on According to Jim, playing Jim's sister and in an episode of Sex and the City, and on Frasier as Frederica, Martin Crane's new physical therapist. Amy got pregnant and in the first episode she takes a pregnancy test, which is assumed positive, since the writers didn't give us much info at that point.
Amy becomes jealous and asks to go with him. However, her parents forbid her to go because of her responsibilities at home with John. As far as her love life at the beginning, she just goes through minor obstacles such as trying to get Ricky into college and to take her to the school dance. Amy then feels pressured by Ricky, her friends and her family to set a date for this wedding.
And while Leo's chewing out Ben in the hallway, Maria dials up dear old dad to tell him that she loves Ben, and she wants him now. Coolidge also appeared in the kiddie comedy Slappy and the Stinkers and as Adam Sandler's wife's friend, Janine, in the 2006 comedy film Click. Amy and Ben eventually break up due to the fact that he wants more out of their relationship. Amy is accepted into a music program in New York, but insists she can't go because of John and her remaining schoolwork.
Yet, soon enough they get into a huge fight over Amy snooping on Ricky's phone to listen to the messages he saved from Adrian (who was trying to seduce him). She also chooses to go to Hudson University in New York, where Leo offered her the basement floor and Ben the top floor of a three floor apartment while she's in school. Her best friends are Lauren Treacy and Madison Cooperstein who are the first to know about Amy. Amy begins to develop a relationship with Ricky that makes Ben uncomfortable, because he believes Ricky is using the baby to get closer to Amy. Though she gets support from her friends and family including Ricky who decides to stay at her house while shes in New York to watch John.
Further on in the season, Amy goes through a rough patch when a rumor goes around school that her mother, Anne, may be gay. She comes back to the butcher shop with her parents several times as she debates whether or not to leave, even though she knows she will be back.
Same goes for Ricky, who shows up at Amy's later that day after getting tipped off about the homecoming by Ben (who got tipped off by Adrian).
Amy and Ben later break up in the halls of Grant High even though Ben asks her to talk. She later visits Ben when he is with his Italian friend Maria, where Amy becomes jealous of her. This leads the students to start a rumor that Amy herself may be gay as well, because they thought it was genetic. And this time, Ricky's threatening to go to court so he can get his rights to see John, with or without Amy's consent.
Later afterwords with his father, Ben goes to see Amy in New York to tell her about Adrian's pregnancy. In addition to this, people were starting to say that she picked the 4th of July because it was a gay holiday, although this was completely untrue.
Thankfully for her, the whole situation blew over due to a situation between Adrian and Grace.
In episode 5, What Have You Done To Me? Ben asks Amy to marry him.He asked her due to her pregnancy, and she was emotional because of that. She is furious that Ben waited so long to tell her, and that she was the last person to know. Amy, Ben, and all of their friends get fake IDs and in episode 12, The Secret Wedding of the American Teenager, they get fake married and have a wedding reception.
They realize that they never tried to be together since Amy was always with Ben so they talked about trying to be together. After Amy comes home she explains to Ben that she and Ricky should try to be a family for their son. Amy decides to go back to Grant High School and Grace and the rest of her girls walk her down the hall in Back to School Special. Amy then persuades Ricky to ask her and John out on a date to try and make their relationship work. The last moment of the season shows Amy, Ricky and John eating dinner at Ricky's apartment sharing yet another day together.
Ricky sabotages the adoption interviews with Donovan and his partner because Ricky wants to keep the baby. Amy finally decides to keep her son with the help of Ricky, Ben, and all her friends and family. In One Night At Band Camp it shows the back story of band camp and what happened between Ricky and Amy.
In And Unto Us, A Child Is Born Amy gives birth to her son and everyone meets the baby for the first time.

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