Yoo-Jung (Hwang Jung-Eum) goes to prison, because of the hit-and-run accident that killed Min-Hyuk's girlfriend. Choi Ho-Chul's original screenplay for "Secret Love" was the winner of the "Excellence Award" at KBS One-Act Play Script Contest in 2012. NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson.
I don't know whether to watch it or not but the plot sounds a little bit like innocent man. Into episode 6 and i hate hate hate ahn doon character urgggghh how could such a person exist, he really is a worm, even min heok is better than him..
The drama began like any other drama, it was cold at the beginning and it made me wonder what was so special about the story that made many people form positive reviews.
And it is easily one of my favourite Kdrama of 2010s but seriously HJE's character is irritating with her stupidity until halfway through. I didnt say this drama isnt good or bad but as drama hunter I've been watching almost-same story line that I am not impressed. The story was so good and intense and had my heart pumping so much of the time (for different reasons hehe). Also heads up if you are thinking of watching, during the early stages of the drama you find yourself loathing the male lead for his treatment of the female lead. How comes that other childish totally non realistic dramas are so popular, but not this one??
Best cast, best plot story, best cinematography, and absolutely thanks to the director Lee Eung-Bok & Baek Sang-Hoon for making this drama. When Secret was airing, I was the only person watching it among my circle of friends so I did what every good friend would do and talked my friends into watching it. Actually, i'm not interested to watch this drama because of the conplicated kind of story, beside i'm not a big fan of JS & HJE. I just watched the series, and by far the drama of the year, unbelievable acting and the main actress Hwang Jung Eum was amazing and her acting is soo convincing. The great thing about this series is how it engages the audience to keep on watching from one episode to another.
Can someone tell me the name of the book Yoo-Jung reads to Min-Hyuk in episode 15 after the day they spend together please.
I hope to see Ji Sung and Hwang Jun Eum in another drama playing a couple again, they have great chemistry together. Sinopsis the heirs episode 17 - 1 ditinggal berdua saja, young do memuji tan yang berhasil menyingkirkan eun sang.. Sinopsis episode 19 sudah lengkap di kutudrama ya^^ berbeda dengan keramaian mobil yang lalu lalang dan meriahnya lampu berwarna-warni yang menghiasi kota yang ada di.
Tadinya nonton drama ini iseng aja, sempet males jg gara2 ssk, tapi nonton ep 1 eh malah suka.

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Her boyfriend is the one that actually committed the hit-and-run accident, but Yoo-Jung took the blame. And the whole story progression (except the end, which was rather incomplete, like gazillion other kdramas imo). That's why it earned a lot of awards since it's INDEED one of the best dramas I'VE EVER watched. Also, I love it that the leads have also done their best, they didn't just bank on their good looks like other actors are doing.
Ji Sung carried KMHM but if you want to see why both Ji Sung and HJE are so loved together, watch this drama!
I also loved the supporting cast, mainly the main female leads' ex-con crew and Ji-Sung's CUTE secretary.
I myself vowed I would NEVER support their being together but ended up falling for the two of them. Honestly I think the chemistry in Secret is better than KMHL, because the relation(ship) the two leads have overall has way more attraction and hotness because of the personalities. So I looked up for more dramas from Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum, and I found out that they played on this drama together. The storyline kept me interested, the acting was just right, the characters and everything else was great! But I don't understand the scene on ep 16 where Do Hoon borrowed the car key of his father.
You just have to keep on going because the plot is fast paced despite the typical kdrama formula i.e chaebol, unrequited love and such. Though am still watching it, the story of ji sung & jung was very touching that I can't stop watching it. 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "Looking Forward to Romance" and will be followed by "Bel Ami" November 20, 2013. I loved how the relationship developed from wanting to have a revenge to the point of willing to leave everything for love. I even liked the side characters the stoic assistant of Jisung's character - Choi Woong, the ruthless but kind "eonni" of HJE's character - Jung SooYoung, the flawed character of Lee Da Hee's etc. I haven start to watch kill me heal me becus a lot of ppl say the drama is very nice, is a must watch Blablabla so I'm waiting to finish my current drama and start to focus on watching kill me heal me, so excited, I hope is really as good as this !!!
So I just decided to watch it and now I am finished watching this drama and there is no word to describe it.
This drama was the first "explosion" between JSxHJE, the reason why they're currently the fastest and most memorable recurring couple in K Dramas record. I especially love the on screen chemistry between the two main leads and the second leads were pretty convincing as well.

Watch them again in Kill me, Heal me, in this new drama their acting is just as much if not more the best. There's something about the way their love story goes and ends, that doesn't feel right to me. Beside, after falling for him for difference characters in HMKM, this character is nothing compared to what he did in HMKM. Not only they bring great different characters and chemistry in vastly different Secret and KMHM, but they also bring both dramas successful ratings winners and popularity, which other recurring pairs in K Dramas couldn't achieve. We, all your fans, are expecting the same sizzling and rocking chemistry for the next dramas if you work together!
Great performance by the cast and a very compelling plot line, I even shed a bucketful of tears during the drama. I watched it for the second time because i love the chemistry between jung eum and ji sung, gonna watch kill me heal me after I finish this one.. The songs, the acting, the drama, the story line, the script GOD the script is unbelievable and totally heart-aching. The tragedy that the heroine suffered at the beginning five episodes made me shed tears for her.
I also recommend the epic drama Empress Ki another well written drama; Warrior Baek Dong Soo, Hong Gil Dong, and Lie to Me.
JiSung oppa is so handsome and charming oh God <33333 I bet im gonna watch this over and over again in the next few days!
She said that she is afraid of forgetting what happened to the other woman, that she one day would stop regretting and get over it. Overall, this drama is one of the dramas that truly touched me in terms of thoughts and emotions. Great acting from all the actors and actresses, and shout out to the writer of this drama..
JS and HJE are the best Korean drama couple, their chemistry in both Secret and Kill Me, Heal Me are just so convincing and felt so real. I went on for months not watching new dramas because I still was so in love with Secret and nothing, nothing was even close to being as good as Secret. I'm glad to say though, that Kill Me Heal Me, with all its mystery and suspense and genius performances with the hilarious adlibs, is the first drama that I am truly loving since Secret.

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