Antes do novo CD chegar (prometido para breve) e de conferir os novos episodios de Two And a Half Men, poderemos ver Miley Cyrus em um novo filme! A estrela e a protagonista de “So Undercover“, uma comedia cheia de acao onde Miley vira uma detetive particular do FBI infiltrada em sua propria escola! Couples in long-distance relationships have stronger relationships in many ways than those who live closer together, new research shows.A  The study in the Journal of Communication found that couples who lived further apart reported feeling closer emotionally to their partners - and sharing more - than those nearer each other geographically. Though Jiang points out that American culture puts a high value on being in close proximity to our partner,A  the 63 heterosexual dating couples from the study who had been separated for an average of 17 seemed to suggest otherwise. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. It seems like they are willing to do anything to get its rights back for those two franchises. Below are the past few years of Marvel lineup posters with the above being this year’s poster. Geldof - who lives in the property in Kent, South East England, with her husband Thomas Cohen, Astala, and their other son, eight-month-old Phaedra - said: 'The house was built in the 1920s by a rich man and his pregnant wife.
A fan, Amber Micki, commented saying: 'You should totally look up the history of your house and it's grounds!'Paranormal activity is clearly an interest to Geldof, who went on her own ghost hunting expedition with BBC Radio 1's Aled Jones for her short-lived TV series OMG!
Ghost hunter: The socialite went on a paranormal search as part of her short-lived TV series OMG!
As designers and high street alike release the final wave of their winter collections, now is the perfect time to be investing in an iconic coat to stay ahead of the game. There's an old-time Disney character who makes his way into "Frozen" who doesn't appear in a lot of films these days. Look closely when Anna (Kristen Bell) ventures into Wandering Oaken's Trading Post and Sauna.
Lisa Keene's copy of "The Swing," before putting in the "Frozen" character (bottom) and after (above). One of Anna's big numbers is "For the First Time in Forever." As she sings this, she leaps into a swing in a painting. As an aside, Lisa Keene won an Annie Award for her work in "Frozen" in the category "Production Design in an Animated Feature Production," an award which she shared with Michael Giaimo and David Womersley.
Thus, there's a huge, hidden connection between "Tangled" and "Frozen," two of Disney's best recent films.
Notice by comparing the animated version to the original painting how, in her version, artist Lisa Keene emphasized the flying shoe (carefree joi de vivre) but dropped the hidden lover (infidelity) in the bushes, and also retained the drone pushing her (commitment). As background, Jean-Honore Fragonard was a French painter and printmaker who lived from 1732 to 1806 in Paris.
According to Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, that is Eugene and Rapunzel over there on the left, directly in front of Anna. The fairly obvious reference to "Wreck-It Ralph" probably got noticed by a few people, though it wasn't exactly emphasized.

Anybody who saw "Wreck-It Ralph" and was looking for insider stuff instantly would have recognized the tasty treats that Anna likes so much.
Below is the introduction of the racers in the "Sugar Rush" game in "Wreck-It Ralph" for comparison. Now we come to one of the most subtle references you'll ever find in a Disney movie (and actually find out about). During the song "Love Is an Open Door," when Prince Hans proposes to Anna, there is a moment where Prince Hans belts out a high note under a waterfall. Now, why would Disney put a reference to Donny Osmond of the famous Osmonds in a film that had absolutely nothing to do with him?
Hyrum Osmond (now there's a name you don't hear everyday) has been at Disney since 2008's "Bolt." On "Frozen," Hyrum was the supervising animator for Olaf, the lovable snowman. Kleurplaten zeemeermin arielHieronder vind je 19 zeemeermin ariel kleurplaten.Heb je zelf een zeemeermin-ariel kleurplaat die niet op deze pagina mag ontbreken? Molly Morris (Miley) vai passar alguns apertos para chegar ao final de seus planos e vai fazer todo mundo cair na risada tentando disfarcar sua verdadeira identidade ou quando tiver que resistir as tentacoes de uma festa!
In their newest Marvel character lineup poster, it is obvious that two of Marvel’s well-known teams are missing, and those teams are the X-Men and Fantastic Four. They even went as far as to cancel the comic book for Fantastic Four and also told writers not to create any more mutants for the X-Men books. Unfortunately, we are a little too big for the latter, but Peachesa€™ classic check coat gave us some serious sartorial inspiration. Checks are huge for AW13 too, with the likes of Sandro, Jil Sander and Celine all sending cosy tartans sauntering down the runways. Peachesa€™ box version is made from a cosy combination of mohair, alpaca and wool, meaning that it will take her through the winter without the risk of catching a chill. So, if youa€™re keen to emulate her look, click on the link to the right to invest in a similar D&G coat, available at Matches. We'll try to give a little background to each, just skip over those parts if they bore you. This isn't just any painting, it is the Rococo-era French painting "The Swing" by Jean-Honore Fragonard. When Disney was making "Tangled," the animators took as their inspiration the Fragonard painting "The Swing" (strangely enough, Lisa Keene isn't credited on "Tangled" at all). The original painting is about the guy watching in the bushes, a voyeuristic quality that puts him and you the viewer in the same position, both watching the naughty but happy girl. The man worked like a madman, painting some 550 quality paintings during the final years of the French Monarchy. People usually don't go into films watching for clues to previous films, but some do because they know there are usually things slipped in by animators on the sly.
As he does so, he closes his eyes and raises his arm in an exact copy of a signature move by Donny.

George isn't very well known because he never sang with the Osmonds due to a hearing impairment. It hardly seemed worth asking permission to put in, because, well, you can barely see it even after you are told it is there. It includes a wonderful performance by a 9-year-old singing it - the film version is there at the bottom of the page, animation included. Nam th?m thich m?t h?c sinh l?p tren ten Chon, m?t trong nh?ng h?c sinh nam n?i ti?ng trong tru?ng.
She is a background artist who also does character design, and she does a lot of other work at Disney as well. The makes you - the viewer - part of the illicit transaction, with the oblivious gentleman pushing the swing unaware of both the hidden lover and you. Some of those easter eggs have been intentional, some have been misinterpreted (clouds forming the word sex?), some have been put in maliciously by disgruntled animators (phallic symbols in ornate castle designs) - but there's usually something. This cannot be stressed enough - nothing (at least these days) makes it into a Disney film by accident.
Chon d?p trai, thong minh, lem l?nh da lam dien d?o cac co gai trong tru?ng va Nam cung khong ngo?i l?.
Clearly, it wasn't intended to be any kind of duplicate, not least because the original has some, er, connotations that don't really fit into a Disney animated feature film. The free-spirited girl in the swing is what Disney has been shooting for recently in its portrayal of female leads, a carefree, joyous spirit. Without the guy in the bushes, the painting is just about a free-spirited young girl having fun with her (inconsequential) boyfriend.
And sometimes Disney just re-uses old material - they were still using work done for "Sleeping Beauty" decades later, and some of the designs for "The Little Mermaid" derived from unused treatments from the 1930s.
Nhung khong vi v? ngoai c?a minh ma Nam b? cu?c, co be c? g?ng thay d?i m?i th? th? b? ngoai cho d?n h?c l?c d? hy v?ng m?t ngay nao do Chon s? chu y d?n minh. There probably was the added benefit to Keene using it that the animation studio already had dissected the Fragonard painting and had plenty of worked-up, unreleased treatments of it for Keen to work with. Its focus shifts completely so that it's all about the princess in a Disney Princess animated film.
Second, Donny has a sort of reputation (perhaps from Weird Al Yankovich calling him that once) of being the "white-est guy," and "Frozen" is all about the white stuff.
This kind of ribaldry was frowned upon in serious paintings back in the day, but Fragonard earned a good commission for it anyway. Fragonard clearly was pushing the limits with "The Swing" during that puritanical age, but Keene managed to tone it back down again.

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