Two months after their wedding, Yeon-i?s (Yoon Jin-seo) husband Jin-wu (Yoo Ji-tae) gets into an accident and falls into a coma. Two months after their wedding, Yeon-Yi (Yoon Jin-Seo)'s husband Jin-woo (Yoo Ji-Tae)gets into an accident and falls into a coma. Then Yeon-Yi waits at the airport for Jin-Woo's brother Jin-Ho (Yoo Ji-Tae), whom she has never met before. When Jin-wo and Jin-ho chat, Jin-wo told Jin-ho that they somewhat play a game (to swap their identity) and it was Jin-ho who went for mountain climbing. The whole thing is really quite confusing, and the fact that the twins are played by the same actor doesn't help things.
It's all really convoluted and bothersome, but it boiled down to me not really understanding the motivations of anybody. I feel compelled to elaborate on the sex that I mentioned before, because it plays a pretty significant role in the film.
I may sound like I'm being all negative and whatnot, but I actually liked Secret Love.
If you hate romance and romantic films, Secret Love has nothing to offer you, but if romance is your cup of tea, I think you'll find a lot to like. One day, Jin-woo?s identical twin brother Jin-ho (also played by Yoo) returns to Korea, and his striking resemblance to Ji-wu surprises Yeon-i. She is stunned when she meets him, because Yeon-Yi never knew Jin-Woo and Jin-Ho are identical twin brothers. The scene involved Yeon-yi picking up her brother-in-law at the airport and becomes stunned to see Ji-ho - who looks exactly like her husband.
The final scene filmed involved Jin-ho (Yu Ji-Tae) laying in a hospital bed, with Yeon-yi (Yun Jin-Seo) sitting nearby. WHEN JIN HO AND JIN WOO ARE ON THE BRIDGE FIGHTING JIN WOO ADK JIN HO WHY HE AS TO LIE ABOUT WHO RESCUE HER BUT YES IT WAS WHEN THEY WHERE SWITCHING IDENTITIES IT WAS JIN WOO AS JIN HO AND JIN HO AS JIN WOO THATS WHY THE STRANGE WOMAN THINK SHE MET AND LOVE JIN WOO. I concluded it remembering the part when Jin-woo disguised Jin-ho,wherein Jin-woo almost killed her wife, Yeon, knowing how his wife misses Jin-ho.

When Yeon received a post card it was stamped and came from Montana (a place in Canada) meaning after what happen he have move back to Canada. At first, Jin-woo and Jin-ho have different hair styles, and that made it relatively simple to tell which was which, but Jin-woo gets a haircut to match Jin-ho's post-coma, and then things got really disorienting.
There was way too little backstory for all of the emotional turmoil that Secret Love seems desperate to present. The characters are pretty interesting and I was honestly surprised by where the story went.
Hell, maybe all serious romantic films are like this, and I'm just not used to the confusing plots they attempt to tell.
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Yeon-yi is playing with tarot cards at that moment and pulls out a card which implies she will become involved in a risky and dangerous relationship. Also the part wherein Yeon called Jin-woo, as Jin-ho, after Jin-woo and Yeon made love in the tub.
It doesn't help that the title "Secret Love" is very vague, and could apply to either a dramatic or a comedic story. Yeon-Yi, who didn't know her husband had a twin brother, is understandably upset to have a man who looks identical to her husband walking around her house, and it causes her a fair amount of stress. For those of you who don't know, Yoon Jin-seo was in many ways the catalyst for the events of Oldboy.
I could usually tell by the darkness of the hair (and which one was using the cane), but there were times when that wasn't enough. Part of the problem is that at the end there is a big moment that seems like a twist (and with presented with montages and someone making an "Oh my god!" face), but it only served to confuse me further. I had a series of beats I expected it to hit, and it hit a few of them at first, and then went somewhere completely different.

If that is the case, though, Secret Love certainly isn't the film that will convince me to the genre another shot. It was from Canada and by judging the scenery, it must be Canada (place where Jin-ho study). But fortunately for her, sex is a stress relief of some kind, so she starts having all kinds of sex. The fact that I wasn't sure which character Yeon-Yi actually wanted to be having sex with at any given time didn't help matters. I thought I had understood the nature of a relationship, but I no longer have any idea if I did. All four-and-a-half scenes are important narratively, which is rare and appreciated, but that doesn't mean they needed to be so drawn out. Her feelings toward both of them seem to have started with a thing that happened in the mountains long before the start of the film, but that's not ever really explained, and is actually a point of confusion amongst the characters themselves. I have no clue what that montage was supposed to reveal, but hopefully it made more sense to the character than it did to me. It was pretty clear that Yeon-Yi was never really going to fight it, so having her make wimpy little protestations doesn't really do anything.
It almost ended with something that could best be described as "Ballsy" (even if it was hurt by some terrible green screen work), but it didn't end up doing so. Given that it was a secret incestuous relationship that led to both of their characters's downfalls in Oldboy, their casting together here as secret, verging-on-incestuous (do in-laws count? Yeon-Yi thought that Jin-woo was the guy who saved her (from something), but Jin-ho says he did it, but Jin-woo has no idea, because he knows Jin-ho saved someone else, but he's not sure about Yeon-Yi. It certainly doesn't clear her of any wrong-doing, because by the end she always seemed even more ready and willing that her lover.

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