Seo Young Ji (Han Ji Hye) was from a poor upbringing and worked as hard as she could to better herself. Add to the equation Choi Do Kyeong (Kwon Oh Joong), a poor but ambitious social climber, who would do anything to marry rich. Secret Lovers is the latest K-drama from MBC, which addresses the most important questions of all – is love reason enough to marry someone, or should you be looking for an equal in both social status and knowledge? Earlier this month, we were telling you that other tabs blamed Mendes for the split saying, shortly after the separation announcement, that it was his relationship to actress Rebecca Hall that made his marriage to Winslet crumble to pieces. She went to see a plastic surgeon, hoping that by changing her appearance she would have a better future. They always insisted their bond was like that between siblings, but the tabs have sources (as usual, unnamed but admittedly reliable) that claim otherwise.

Leo was there for Kate when her marriage started to go south two years ago, around the time they reunited on screen in Revolutionary Road. Kate and Leo talk on the phone all of the time, and she opens up to him about absolutely everything.
The surgeon, a beautfiul young woman called Jeong Ah Mi (Song Seon Mi), asked SYJ for a favor. Magazine and the National Enquirer (story via here) that partly responsible for the decision was Kate’s relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio. In fact, the two are actually secret lovers, which is why Kate’s marriage fell apart. The film was directed by Sam, who, an insider says, became uncomfortable with how cozy the co-stars were on set.

JAM had been set up on a blind date with Kim Jun Woo (Kim Suk Hoon), but she really had no interest in going.
Kate knew her husband always sensed her closeness to Leo, which turned him off and made him think about where the marriage was headed. SYJ agreed to help out with the intention to turn the guy off but the blind date was a hit and the two started dating.

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