Hello guys, today I'd like to share you with the secret cards in Hearthstone, hoping that this post can help you to learn the secret cards better.
Secret is an ability where a spell card is played face down and a stated effect triggers upon a specific condition occurring. Now check out all the secret cards of these 3 classes below, and as we can see, all secret cards of Paladin are 1 mana cost, all secrets cards of Hunter are 2 mana cost, and all secret cards of Mage are 3 mana cost. Noble Sacrifice -- The Noble Sacrifice sometimes can help you to turn the tables when you're losing, check out the screenshot below. The Ice Block can keep Mage alive for one more turn when it's about to be killed, so that Mage might turn the table in the next turn.
Hunter’s secrets can be quite powerful and take a lot of tempo away from their opponent. I think StrifeCro deck is very good and I was very disappointed when he lost against Kolento. I changed a bit Strifecro deck, cutting one Flamestrike and Azure Drakes + shades and adding Alextrasza + MCT.Right now MCT is close to useless vs hunter but Alextrasza saved me just from 2 hp In like 8 games moved from 16 to 12. Was hoping to see some buffs to secrets mage in goblins vs gnomes ( wasn't that kind of implied that secrets would become more in depth when they said they would nerf flare?) but I guess not. Hmm this week should be named a nostalgia period.Yesterday I scrapped my miracle rogue deck.
Guys, this week (up to when GVG releases) may be good for us, as Flare and Soulfire have been both nerfed while the neutral anti-secret minion is not online yet. On February 09 2014 02:56 Ovid wrote:Could you please cut out the deck so we can have a nice big picture? I've been thinking about building a mage deck around secrets as well, but WITH Ethereal Arcanist.
Well my plan with an early ice block was to play it for free with a kirin tor mage, thus not getting behind.
As poster nwillard points out, it carries a bit of a "noob stigma," given Jaina's position as the game's first playable character. However, the Mage is also a surprisingly deep class that can help keep opponents and their minions at bay.
Frost Nova (a 3-mana spell that freezes all minions on the field) and Blizzard (same effect, but all opposing minions receive 2 damage) can help a player buy precious time before coming up with a strategy that can further clear the field.
And of course, woe to the opponent that has to deal with a Mage packing Pyroblast, a 10-mana Epic card that deals 10 damage to any target. The Mage also has some potent Secret cards that can either be used to neutralize opponent summons. An opponent will likely try to counter this onslaught with a Legendary minion, at which point skinlab133 can chuckle as Jaina unleashes the Mirror Entity card.
The Reynad(hyped) deck is pretty strong i hit legend with it post hunter patch, although mine was more modified against a slightly more aggro ladder.
I altered this deck to be more defensive to possibly have a better chance against aggro decks and zoo. I've been playing a variation of secret mage for the last week or so and ended up finishing around legend 150 in NA last month. Don't miss our guide to getting around the Mage's secrets, avoiding the class's most powerful removal spells and playing a powerful free deck.
The Mage is extremely effective at dealing with the popular rush approach to play, where players flood a steady stream of low health minions on the board.
Polymorph will ruin your day all day long if you let it, and it's the quickest way to lose that awesome Legendary card you just knew was about to win you the game. If you're the one wielding this card, think very carefully before you spend the Polymorph in your hand during the early to mid game.
This expensive but brutal spell is a staple of every Mage's arsenal, and its potential to change the fate of a match cannot be underestimated. If you're playing against a Mage, simply assume that you will lose everything on the next turn once turn seven has been reached, and field your minions accordingly. Fireball's not just a great finisher for when you reach the late-game, it's just as useful for killing some seriously meaty minions. If you're on the other side of the Fireball, the good news is that you can at least assume your opponent is going to make use of these cards at some point. The Water Elemental may not pack a huge amount of firepower, but that's not really why it's such a useful card to have in your Mage deck.
If using a weapon is an absolutely critical part of your deck strategy, it goes without saying that you need to prioritise taking down the Water Elemental at any cost. Unlike the Hunter's Secrets, which cause huge disruption to an opponent's strategy, the Mage's Secrets are typically concentrated on self-preservation.
If you've still not triggered the Mage's Secret, avoid casting a spell to buff your minion up.
Instead, fire the weakest spell you have at an enemy minion, assuming the Mage has one out.
If you still haven't triggered the Mage's Secret, it means your killing blow against the Hero won't land, and they'll instead get a free turn to try and win the match or nullify your board threat. The key to succeeding with this deck is to keep your opponent's side of the board clear for as long as possible, so you can start making use of your meatier minions later on.
Your early minions won't do a great deal of damage, but you should be able to handle many early threats by combining their individual attacks with your hero power.
Like most of the free decks in this guide, you'll likely need to Mulligan your starting hand quite aggressively.
To stay on top of all the latest Hearthstone developments, take a look through our dedicated Hearthstone site MetaBomb. Follow the games you're interested in and we'll send you an email the instant we publish new articles about them. John is Eurogamer's Guides Editor, responsible for walkthroughs, tips, buyer's guides and other resources. Good stuff Royard,Do you still find value in the mad scientist while running only 1 single secret? On January 23 2015 22:06 Scops wrote:Good stuff Royard,Do you still find value in the mad scientist while running only 1 single secret?
I've been running Counterspell in place of Mirror Entity in a decklist somewhat similar and I gotta say, on Turn ten place the Archmage and Counterspell is a strong strong play and if you have ANY taunt alive, its almost unremovable. Hello everybody, I want to share my secrets Mage deck, which works very well when play against T7 Hunter. Secondly, as you can see, I got 2*Acidic Swamp Ooze, so Hunter’s weapons will no longer be a threat. Thirdly, secrets – Counterspell is mainly used to counter Unleash the Hounds and Kill Command, so you’d better judge the situations on board before play this secret.
About the defense, I got 2*Ice Barrier, Alexstrasza and a Defender of Argus, the reason why I don’t take the Mirror Image is: it can be wiped out easily by the Explosive Trap.
Given aggro Hunter will not take taunt minions, so that Leeroy Jenkins is here to be another Fireball.
This deck also works very well to counter aggro Warrior and Paladin, but you might consider replace one cqiard with a Flamestrike. The playing of a secret is revealed to the other player, but the name and details of the secret are not.

Why bother with that when you can just bring up an image and save your memory for important things, like remembering where you parked your car. The matchup vs warrior should be very easy in theory.Anyway I think his deck cannot work in ladder.
Mana Wyrm and Undertaker provide ample threats, and you want to put your opponent on the defensive. Are those ranks that bad that I can get away with such decks?Facing 75% of hunters or more.
It seems like mages generally don't benefit much from this expansion in general though. Valeera was doing poorly for me in last month after allowing me to break into legendary in October. I tried for quite a while to make it work, but it's a pretty awful deck no matter how you look at it.Also, Pagle not popular? With new players joining the battle each day, Shacknews is closely examining each of the game's nine classes and learning how to play with all of them from the perspective of Chatty.
That's because of her ability to keep minion crowds under control, thanks to some powerful cards and easy combos. But that's not necessarily a bad thing, given that for many people, Hearthstone is their first exposure to a collectible card game. Chatty users, like brickmatt, are among those that have observed that the Mage has several spells centered around crowd control.
These cards are brutal when combined with one of Jaina's most powerful cards, a 7-mana spell called Flamestrike, which does 4 damage to all opposing minions.
Chatty's f4lln is packing his deck with Fireball and Pyroblast cards, which should strike fear in the hearts of any Hero with low HP. Spells like Vaporize and Ice Barrier can keep Jaina alive at crucial moments and buy some precious time. This Secret will automatically summon the exact same opposing minion onto the field, which could potentially add a free Legendary to your ranks. I don't actually think the matchup is terrible but what makes it very difficult is the muligan phase because you have very different muligans for handlock and zoo. Like the Priest, the Mage used to be one of the most powerful classes in the game, but underwent a round of balancing that pushed it some way down the rankings.
The class's Fireblast Hero Power may only deal a single point of damage for the cost of two mana, but it's great for stalling an opponent's early game - that extra point of damage can often make the difference between finishing off an enemy minion on the board, or taking an awful lot of damage to the face next turn.
No minion is immune to its transformative effect, and this powerful spell reduces even the toughest minions to a mere sheep with one health and one attacking point.
Think a turn or two ahead, and instead consider developing your minions to deal with your opponent's fighting force. You should always assume a Mage has a Flamestrike not just in their deck, but in their hand right now, and if you have it you can often clear the other side of the board, even quite late into the game, thanks to its capacity to dish out four points of damage to every single enemy minion on the board.
Resist the urge to spend these spells just because they're the only option you have on a particular turn. Don't gift the Mage any hefty minions that you can't replace on the next turn, and never assume that the game's over until your opponent explodes.
The ability to freeze any opponent it touches is great for stalling big mid-game minions while you develop your own side of the board. You can very often throw the efficient minion-trading rules out of the window when it comes to dealing with this minion, as it has the potential to alter the tempo of a game drastically.
With that said, there's a sensible process of elimination that you should follow if you want to minimise the impact of these hidden effects.
That will expose either Ice Barrier or Vaporize, and if it's Vaporize then you won't have sacrificed a strong minion for nothing. This will simply give the Mage a more powerful minion if the Secret in play is Spellbender. This will either trigger Spellbender and redirect the damage, or trigger Counterspell which nullifies the spell you just tried to fire off. Your spells are great for slowing down the other Hero's board development, but try to avoid spending your Polymorphs recklessly in the early game - you'll almost certainly need them to stay ahead of the game as you start laying down your own fighting force later on. A lot of the weaker minions in this deck keep your card draw flowing too, increasing the chance you'll have the tools you need to handle the match as the board develops.
You need to start the match with as many low-cost minions and spells as possible, so don't be tempted to hang onto that Boulderfist Ogre if you draw it - you need to actually make it to turn six first! Chances of having 100% of your secrets in your hand before triggering a mad scientist grow with reducing the number of secrets in the deck (I believe)… I was personally not happy already with running only 2, which is why I went back to 3 after a bunch of games.
On one hand Duplicate makes the control matchup highly favorable the aggro and midrange aggro matchups are already less favorable and Mirror Entity sways them more in our favor. Currently three classes have secrets, I will provide you with multiple ways to preserve your memory and up your Hearthstone game by knowing all the secrets! You race against Hunter while only making the most necessary value trades; against Warrior, Duplicate is the key. Now with Gadgetzan nerf I don't see that deck being playable in the classic vanilla archetype. What world do you live in?I looked for it but didn't see something like this, can you elaborate on what you had trouble with? Having Alexstrasza as win condition is wortless when your opponent builds a bunch of armor throughout the game (which you don't burn) AND has super cheap removal for your large dudes. However, some will choose to stick with the Mage and her potent spell cards and killer combos, many of which center around her Hero Power of dealing 1 damage to any target.
The aforementioned Hero Power can keep lower health minions at bay, while it can also be combined with higher-powered spells to either take out powerful summons or finish off any Heroes on the ropes. With classes like Paladin and Shaman that can use their Hero Power to summon minions at will, it's important that Jaina use her powers to keep the numbers to her advantage. Fireball (a 4-mana starter card that deals 6 damage on a target) should not be underestimated. But he was pulled back in after spending years in QA circles for both THQ and Activision, mostly spending time helping to push forward the Guitar Hero series at its peak.
My suggestion is just to muligan for zoo because a bad hand vs zoo will lose you the game but you have time to draw into your good cards vs hand lock. Few would place it in the top tier when creating competitive decks these days, but if you enjoy dictating the pace of a match it can still be one of the most enjoyable classes to play. A rather useless creature, in other words, unless you somehow have the capacity to buff it back up to potency. Throw in the buffing effect of a card that increases spell power and you can hit enemies for even more. To avoid a complete wipeout, it's often a great idea to put down a minion that will survive Flamestrike before the Mage's next turn.
You'll win more matches in the long run by using these spells to control the board, instead of gleefully melting your opponent's face just because you can.
Unless you're playing in Arena, the Mage can only pack two Fireballs in a deck, so keep track of them as they're spent. If you opt to freeze a weapon-wielding Hero instead, they'll be incapable of dishing out their damage as long as you can maintain the effect each turn. Don't forget that you can enrage your Gurubashi Berserkers using the Mage's Hero Power too.

It's really tricky because you have to also find what works with you like, take the deathlord for example, it rarely worked in my favor. I think the deck I was running has been very successful mainly thanks to the 2x mirror entity… I was really getting huge value out of them because most opponents were guessing it would be duplicate! It feels really good to Counterspell Flamestrike and leave your opponent with no board and no manaI don't think counterspell is that good.
It also has mediocre success against control decks, so overall I don't think the mage secret deck works.
So far I've removed both Arcane missiles as I was only using them to get fireballs off Antonidas and their random factor made them unreliable over fireblast to get rid of 1 HP creatures. I still got kind of unlucky losing both my molten giants in a brawl, but it felt pretty hopeless.
Jaina's spells and minions are often straightforward with few aftereffects, making her an ideal choice for learning how Hearthstone works. It can deal serious damage to just about any minion, while Frostbolt can serve a similar function by dinging a minion for 3 damage while leaving it frozen for its next turn. However, skilled players can combine them with stat-boosting cards like Raid Leader or Stormwind Champion to suddenly add some attack power to those minions and give them a chance to chip away at the opposing Hero. Ozzie has become a big fan of platformers, puzzle games, shooters, and RPGs, just to name a few genres, but he’s also a huge sucker for anything with a good, compelling narrative behind it.
Let's not forget either that the popular streamer Trump took the class all the way to Legendary rank using only free starting cards, combined with whatever he could afford to craft for free along the way.
Your opponent will do everything possible to use their new furry friend to get at least one efficient minion trade from it before it dies. Just be aware that if you use it against a Warrior with three or more armour on, the Elemental will deliver its damage, but the freezing effect won't take hold. Just be aware that smart players try to play around this powerful area-of-effect spell by holding back around turn six. I can tell you I have mirrored a lot of Sylvanas, Tirion, all sorts of giants and the likes… Lately though, this is happening less and less… I have the feeling that now my opponents are playing around it much more than they used to. Fortunately, your assist minions have relevant Deathrattles which makes it easy to stay ahead in cards while they whittle away their life total attacking your Deathrattles with weapons. Plus we want to get the most value out of those secrets by protecting as valuable a target as possible.
I also removed both Mirror Entities since they were too much of a detriment versus aggro decks. The fact is that you will not have a 50% winrate against zoo on average across enough games. It does this by playing extremely efficient minions in conjunction with tempo advantage gained by cards such as mad scientist, Kirin tor Mage, and sorcerer's apprentice along with the threat of early one drops.
Thanx Also, if you are on the NA server you can add me, Apricot#1260Don't give up Apricot! So with scientists not being efficient and with players playing around mirrors don’t you think it would be better to take out the whole secrets story at this point? If hunter goes away suddenly secrets may become something.The mage cards especially Leviathan looks mediocre. I got rid of 1 Counterspell as it was too often procced on low cost spells making it too much of a liability to have the risk of drawing 2 of them early game.I added 1 Abomination, 1 Cone of Cold, 1 Blizzard, 1 Flamestrike.
Anyways it's more consistent than Rag, Rag is so swingy and it has a weakness Faceless+BGH get wrecked. On the other hand I really don’t like the idea of getting rid of secrets… I really like to play them!
On the other hand I really don’t like the idea of getting rid of secrets… I really like to play them!Yes, I have been considering the 1 secret setup for sometime and Thijs just confirmed my belief. I only like the Goblin that damage enemies.Paladin - extremly situational legendary, proly non playable, few good cards here and there but nothing special.
Secondly, I run 10 secrets, only leaving out Ice Barrier (which is just not good enough in comparison I think).As I described in my ramblog about Nat Pagle, randomness makes people itchy.
Your opponent expending these earlier helps you later on in the game to allow your Antinidas combo be harder to deal with. Often i felt i was playing secrets so i could somehow get some value out of the card but rarely it would work out. I don't think the mulligan is that different between handlock and zoo except maybe for the polymorph. Sometimes Flare or good starts with a bad hand on your side might give him a win but often you'll have the tools to deal with the good starts and stabilize.
Priest can be difficult, and the key there is to play around their mind control effects (Shadow Madness, Cabal Shadow Priest, and Mind Control).
Basically when you play turn 3 Kirin Tor you might not want to play Counter Spell or Spellbender because they often play a spell and proc the secret and now you don't get any value for your Arcanist next turn, even Vaporize might get triggered on that turn if they attack your face with a small dude.
You'd still want those early minions to deal damage against handlock, especially the mad scientist to look for mirror entity. Against Rogue, mulligan aggressively for Loatheb and don't be afraid to wait a turn before playing Undertaker, which will usually get Backstabbed or killed with a Deadly Poison.
You have to start accounting for the 6 possible secrets and, try to play around them or risk losing the game in a silly manner.Your average control Warlock wants to play that turn 4 Mountain Giant or Drake, but what if it's Mirror Image?
A 3 mana mirror entity is actually bad against handlock and zoo alike because there are so many small minions they play that just provides targets for mortal coil. A 3 mana mirror entity is actually bad against handlock and zoo alike because there are so many small minions they play that just provides targets for mortal coil.I totally agree.
Another card I ultimately cut was ice lance as it can be a dead card for most of the game and only really helps against already good matchups like handlock. You want to have a deck with a purpose first, then you can gather cards that synergise with that goal. The Zoo Lock matchup is played like hunter, but taking more liberty in choosing value trades. Versus Hand Lock try to save your burn for the kill - against other classes your fireballs tend to go toward midrange taunters, and your Frostbolts are cast at big and small minions; as hard removal verse small minions or weakening and freezing larger targets. Finally, I also included loatheb as it can act as a psuedo 3rd counterspell to prevent your opponent from getting back in the game.Let me know what you guys think of the deck.
It's not reliable in that you can always copy amazing minions as your opponent can account for it.
If you think you can get a kill it is OK to Polymorph aggressively, but it really shines as a defensive answer.Against all classes you mulligan for Mana Wyrm, Undertaker, Frost Bolt, Loot Hoarder, Mad Scientist, and Harvest Golem.
It does however screw up your opponent's curve if he does play around it, by playing cheaper minions first, or not playing minions at all. I've been playing the old midrange TidesOfTime 6 secret deck for a while now, and this lines up almost perfectly with my experience. It's also a great way to keep your big dudes alive in the later stages of the game by countering that pesky Syphon Soul, whoops!4. Spellbender:The neglected little sister of Counterspell, only deflecting minion targeted spells and being a level up in rarity to boot.

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