Be sure to check out the McDonalds Secret Menu as well as visiting our home page to check out the complete list of All the Secret Menus from all your favorite restaurants! To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. The "Pratos Executivos" (or "The Businessman's Special") is a secret menu item World Cup revellers can order at any McDonald's in Brazil. Although Orchidhibiscus denied the existence of an official secret menu, the manager said customers have the option to make special requests. The Poor Man’s Big Mac, which is also rated as highly popular, is a modification of the McDouble. The McDonald’s secret menu items generally cost more, as they include extra ingredients. Recently, a Redditor claiming to be a McDonald's shift manager in Scotland confirmed that the long-rumored McDonald's secret menu is, in fact, real. Still, when I set out to order everything on the McDonald's secret menu (with items collected from Twitter, Instagram, and #Hackthemenu), I started with the names to see if the employees recognized them. How to get it: This was one of the aforementioned DIY items that couldn't be put together for me.
Verdict: This was the secret item I was most excited about, and it was the biggest letdown.

How to get it: I asked for a Monster Mac, but was met with blank stares, so I asked for eight patties inside of a Big Mac.
Verdict: The pie was just placed into the McFlurry (which is so thick, the pie could barely even get in there).
Add a round egg, folded egg, scrambled egg, or scrambled egg whites to any sandwich or burger that doesn't already have it! You can add an egg to any burger or sandwich, but don't try to cheat the system by "adding an egg to a Sausage McMuffin". Although the fast-food giant vehemently denies the existence of a secret menu, a spokesperson confirmed customers have the option to modify official menu items. During the conversation, the manager was asked whether the McDonald’s secret menu actually exists. For an estimated $8.49, customers can combine a Big Mac, Filet-O-Fish, and McChicken to create the ultimate fast-food feast. And it's simpler than we thought -- though the Internet has popularized countless "secret menu" names (like the unfortunate "McGangBang"), the manager said names aren't necessary, and it's as easy as swapping ingredients in and out to customize your "secret" order. Four separate employees came by to check whether or not I was of sound mind and body, but still, it was put together for me! Now the color of your mouth indicates that you've been eating a bowl of tar for lunch, and you will be judged as such until the end of time.

They actually have Four (4) kinds of eggs: round eggs, folded eggs, scrambled eggs, and scrambled egg whites. There has never been any reason to eat food blackened with squid ink and bamboo charcoal, but for some reason this is not the first time BK Japan fiddled with the production of a black burger. I'm sure there are some, but there are so few that it's pretty hard to think of one right now. I may never eat bread again (this is a gross exaggeration, but I just want to emphasize again that bread is ABUNDANT).
Thankfully, McDonalds has finally resolved to give us access to an All Day Breakfast Menu complete with our McDonalds All Day Breakfast Menu Hacks. We don't want any ludicrous $3.50 price hikes like Chipotle did with their Quesarito when it became popular. Moreover, if you ever thought a soggy fish patty would not pair well with beef and chicken, you, sir, would be correct. This was messy and there was no pie-flavor (just weird, mushy texture), so I just avoided the pie and ate a McFlurry.

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