Google has been accused of compromising US national security as its online Maps allows aerial shots of secret military bases to be viewed by the general public in the name of better mapping technology. Aviation website Flight Global’s claim that it discovered a hidden airstrip at Yucca Lake in Nevada, which is used for testing the R-170drones similar to the one lost in Iran last week, has raised further concern.
Cedric Leighton, a retired Air Force colonel, said that the Google Maps site shows satellite imagesof either a Predator or Reaper drone on the airstrip, although Flight Global said the RQ-170 was tested there as well, information that is surely of interest to the Iranian military.
Other Nevada military bases at the Tonopah Test Range like the Creech Air Force Base are also viewable at Google Maps. Leighton pointed out that Google has the right to show these images to the public, but they should decide not to because they comprise military operations.
Meanwhile, Dr John Michener, chief scientist at security firm Casaba, doesn’t see a problem with Google Maps showing spy plane imagery, as he believes that national laws do not apply above the atmosphere, and the mass public now has access to the same satellite images used by governments for decades.
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Campbell Barracks in Swanbourne has been the base of the Australian Special Air Service Australian Special Air Service (SAS) since it was established in 1957.
Swan Island is believed to home to Australia Special Forces carrying out counterterrorism training and shared with the Secret Intelligence Service, but the Australian government doesn't talk about it. The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, which is similar to the UK's M15 Security Service, will be housed in this new Canberra headquarters. Christmas Island, which is home to 1500 Australian citizens, also has an offshore detention centre in the Indian Ocean that contains about 800 beds. This site in Maralinga, Southern Australia, hosted seven secret British nuclear tests — four fission bomb tests followed by three tests of triggering mechanisms — in the 1950s. Woomera Test Range, operated by Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF), is the largest weapons testing range in the world and is currently leased to foreign militaries.
A prohibited area off-limits to the public, the range was set up by Britain and Australia in 1946 and as well as tests for a wide range of conventional weapons before the Australian-Anglo joint project ended in 1980. RAAF Tindal, an airstrip near Katherine in the Northern Territory, houses some of the RAAF's fastest jets and is rumoured to host U.S.
Nurrungar, a ballistic missile control site near Woomera, Southern Australia, was run by the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and the U.S. The Australian government built Nauru offshore detention centre in the Pacific Ocean to house 1200 asylum seekers. This Naval Communication Station in North West Cape is the most powerful transmission station in the Southern Hemisphere and provides very low frequency (VLF) radio transmission to U.S.

The Australian Defence Satellite Communications Ground Station near Kojarena, Western Australia, is linked to a worldwide satellite communication signals interception system operated by the U.S. Pine Gap, one of the biggest ECHELON signals intelligence facilities in the world, controls American spy satellites as they fly over China, North Korea, Afghanistan and the Middle East. Louisiana: Camp Minden is the site of the former Louisiana Army Ammunition Plant, once the major area employer. Holland: It was believed that since the early 1960s, USAF nuclear weapons were stored at Volkel Air Base, to be used by the host nation's aircraft. Western Australia: Naval Communication Station Holt - This is the most powerful transmission station in the Southern Hemisphere. Nebraska: Greenlief Training Site - Current footprint of the Nebraska National Guard Training Site. Minnesota: Camp Ripley has a winter warfare training course and is the primary facility used by the National Guard for winter combat exercises. Mississippi: Naval Air Station Meridian or NAS Meridian is a military airport and is one of the Navy's two jet strike pilot training facilities. North Carolina: Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point is located in Havelock, North Carolina, USA, in the eastern part of the state.
New York: The Military Academy at West Point is a four-year coeducational federal service academy.
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With this information, anyone, including foreign military, can look up satellite images to inspect secret US spy planes. After a long period when it was effectively abandoned, the range is currently used for ADF trials and leased to foreign militaries.
Air Force from 1969 to 1999 to provide early detection of missile launches and nuclear detonations via US satellites.
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It also was the stage for several nuclear tests, and later the facility was used as a dumping ground for nuclear and chemical waste.In 2003, the site was handed back over to the Fish and Wildlife Department, and is now part of the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument. Located only three miles from Roswell, New Mexico’s central business district, it is the closest military facility to the infamous, and alleged, UFO crash of 1947.The Air force base closed in 1967 as part of the military’s attempt to pay for the expenses accrued during the Vietnam War.
The Soviets would then launch them from the base for operations during the Cold War.The base also consisted of tunnels that ran deep into the mountain.
The entire base, along with the entire town of Balaklava, was considered to be classified information by the Soviets. However, the facility was finally decommissioned in 1993 and is currently a museum.Fuchu Communications Station.
Used primarily during the Vietnam and Korean Wars, the Fuchu Communications Station was built shortly after World War II ended. Prior to its abandonment in the 1980’s, the communications station was a vital hub for American troops.
So much so, that the base often took in wounded men from Korea and Vietnam.Since its abandonment, much of the complex has been either refurbished or destroyed. A portion of the old base was refurbished, and now houses the Japan Self-Defense Forces base, and another portion of the old base was converted into a public park. However, much of the original facility remains intact and abandoned.There is definitely no shortage of abandoned military bases around the world. These structures are ruins of a bygone era that provide a unique glimpse into the world’s military history.However, much of that history is destined to be lost, since these facilities are often left to crumble and decay.
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