CIASecrets are hard to keep, and secrets that require a lot of real estate are even harder to keep. Last month, Google Maps revealed what looked to be secret structures in China’s Gobi Desert. At Google Maps, anyone can search for the names of military bases and zoom in to see airstrips and possibly even top-secret military drones like the RQ-170 Sentinel lost in Iran last week. The Google Maps site shows satellite images of either a Predator or Reaper drone on the airstrip, although Flight Global says the RQ-170 was tested there as well — information that’s surely of interest to the Iranian military, said Cedric Leighton, a retired Air Force colonel. Fight Global states that the image taken in early 2011 shows not only the drone, but more than 5,000 feet of runway, four hangars and details of the airfield, including ongoing construction.
Leighton told Fox News that while Google has the right to show these images, it should choose not to for national security.
Aviation website Flight Global has done just that, and claims to have found the secret airstrip at Yucca Lake, Nev., used for testing the RQ-170. Leighton also noted that the military blocked Google Earth on military bases, due to up close photography.
John Michener, chief scientist at security firm Casaba, as saying that the military should know when satellites are overhead and take action to hide equipment it may not want seen.
These are the most mysterious military airplanes, jets and space planes flying today, including the infamous Aurora black triangle, the Boeing X-37, the new Northrop Grumman unmanned RQ-180 stealth drone, the Blackstar space bomber, and stealth Black Hawk helicopters.
Rumors swirl around this base, much like the mysterious aircraft that twist and turn in the skies overhead. It is believed that the United States has captured Aliens from UFOs here.The name alone inspires thoughts of government conspiracies, secret “black” aircraft and alien technologies. Facts, myths and legends weave together in such a way that it can become difficult to separate reality from fiction.

Why is the airspace over it so restricted that even military aircraft are forbidden from flying through it? And, what does it have to do with Roswell, New Mexico?Many officials in the top rungs of the US army are denied access as well.
It is no conventional airbase and does not deploy forces during the time of military exercises.There are several theories about how Area 51 got its name. The NTS is mapped as a grid of squares that are numbered from one to 30 (with a few omissions).
It is believed that the United States has captured Aliens from UFOs and there is a myth that alien spacecrafts were reverse engineered to make the iphone and the iPad.2.
The LocationArea 51 is located on a huge tract of land, so large that it is difficult to predict the area of the secretly operating military base. Because the US government does not recognize the base officially and the base is denied access, journalists are unable to confirm such reports. But, satellite images have tried to determine the size of the base and outputs have shown the base to be extremely huge.3. The place is under intense surveillanceThe area is patrolled largely by camouflaged guards . If they spot any irregularities in human presence in and around the area, they do not hesitate to shoot them down. The entire area is under surveillance and equipped with motion sensors capable of detecting human sweat.
Unbelievable as it may sound, the security systems are monitored every second of the year and surveillance systems can detect human presence at a distance of nearly twenty kilometers from the heart of the base.4. The ExtentThe most deceptive fact is that the base as such does not have a perimeter fence and only has a vast mileage of desert land in all directions.

The Longest runwayThe base at area 51 is home to one of the largest ever runways in the world.
In fact, the runway at area 51 is believed to be the largest although individual reports cannot confirm these claims.6.
The Hydrogen BombIt is believed that area 51 houses a fusion reactor, capable of producing a hydrogen bomb. A hydrogen bomb is built on the principle of nuclear fusion rather than nuclear fission that is used to make the nuclear bomb. The Secret Document There are more than a hundred storage units for weapons at the military base. It is believed that the UFOs that were spotted in the United States were captured and housed at the secret military base.
And, the United States was able to develop stealth capabilities for its aircrafts with the help of deciphering machine code from the captured UFOs.
The Stealth aircraftsIt is believed that since the inception of Area 51 in the year 1955, the United States has been using this site to develop stealth defense capabilities and it is believed that the CIA's U2 and A14 oxcarts which were secret cold war renaissance aircrafts were built in area 51.9. The HangarsIt is largely believed that a huge hangar is housed within one of the tallest mountains and closes whenever a satellite passes overhead.
It is largely believed that the epic Lokheed Marti Stealth aircraft, the SR 71, was built and tested in area 51.
The effects of stealth aircrafts were evident during the Gulf War and it is believed that stealth capabilities were thoroughly tested at the military base in area 51.

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