In order to perform this Scottish Necromantic spell, one must arrange to have a room with total and complete privacy. Slog is not well educated, making him more vulnerable to the other disgustoids manipulating or taking advantage of him. Despite not being the brightest bulb in the box, he has his moments where he is just as smart as everyone else in Secret Mountain Fort Awesome. A strange man who is the uncle and grandfather of everyone in the world must do battle with a gang of mutants, after an attempt to gain the appreciation and love of a nerdy teenager goes awry. Secret Mountain Fort Awesome, and check out Secret Mountain Fort Awesome on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet. Secret Mountain Fort Awesome is an American animated television series created by Peter Browngardt that debuted in 2011 on Cartoon Network.
The show premiered as a sneak peek on Cartoon Network on August 1, 2011, and had a formal premiere September 26, 2011.
A fivesome of monsters known as the Disgustoids are banished from society due to their unruly behavior and ghastly appearances. The show borrows elements and its design style from his Uncle Grandpa short, which was pitched to the network as a pilot. In the United States, the show is rated TV-PG.[2] Referring to his encounters with the network regarding content, Browngardt learned to let go and find the "right balance", as well as to ask himself, "Is my grandma going to notice this?"[6] For the music, Mike Conte of the heavy metal band Early Man was employed as composer. After Secret Mountain Fort Awesome got axed, the original Uncle Grandpa short that Browngardt produced was adapted as a full series of the same name,[3] developed as part of Cartoon Network's shorts development initiative. But then you made the series Secret Mountain Fort Awesome, which was based on a gag in the pilot.
Created by Peter Browngardt (Secret Mountain Fort Awesome), the show centers on everyone in the whole world's uncle and grandpa: Uncle Grandpa!
This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file. He walks around with his arms hanging over his head and his tongue sticking out and his eyes sticking out of his head and he only speaks in a strange kind of gibberish that all of the other Disgustoids have the ability to understand.
Using a compass, cast a circle in the middle of the room, large enough for you, a table and chair.

He's usually quick to follow along with whatever Festro tells him to do, though he sometimes questions the morality of the actions (IE in The Bet) and even tries to encourage Festro to do the right thing (IE in Secret Mountain Fart Awesome) even if that encouragement falls on deaf ears.
A good example of this would be in Festro Gets Glasses where Slog insisted the correct answer to a "3 + 3 =" math problem was "6" to Festro, despite Festro not listening to him or the others. Uncle Grandpa attempts to make a super computer by nailing garbage to Ham Sandwiches toilet. The watch is thought to have the ability to connect to the internet, because it has been proven to be able to print out many things.
The show revolves around a fraternity of five monsters who unleash wild stunts upon the public from their eponymous mountain fort. The show has been well received, and designers Robertryan Cory and Chris Tsirgiotis both won awards for "Outstanding Individual in Animation" at the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony. According to Browngardt, they were unsure about having a series centered around the titular character, and felt the monster characters from the pilot had more potential.
The score, which incorporates heavy metal elements and "lots of riffage",[8] was originally added to the animatics as a rough draft. The series revolves around the titular character, who is simultaneously the grandfather and uncle of everyone in the world.[23] Browngardt explained that while the new series would retain some aspects of Secret Mountain, it would be a more lighthearted adaption for children. The viewers of the show can not understand him but in conversations with him, the Disgustoids tend to respond in ways that translate what he is saying to the viewers of the show. Another example of this would be in Funstro where Slog decides to take charge and develop a plan to get the old Festro back from his sadistic counterpart Funstro. All the other disgustoids are wondering about broad topics or selfish needs, but Slog was concerned about Dingle being turned into a basketball. They always seem to hate him at first but in the end of the episode he goes on a crazy wild adventure with them and they like him. The show is loosely based on the antagonists that appeared in Browngardt's animated short, Uncle Grandpa, and employs Mike Conte of the heavy metal band Early Man as composer.
The Uncle Grandpa short that Browngardt had produced was eventually adapted as a full series of the same name, which he felt was a more lighthearted adaptation for children. Their leader, a purple, tusked creature named Festro (voiced by Peter Browngardt), is a macho party animal willing to do anything to help out his group, even when his help is less than desired. The other disgustoids do not like Party Slog and will try to prevent him from coming out as much as possible.

The watch is helpful on adventures and Gweelok seems to have many uses for it since, hes usually seen fiddling with it in the background. Dingle (also voiced by Browngardt), scrawny and blue, acts as their faithful pet, intelligible only to the group.
Smith (a director and storyboard artist on Dexter's Laboratory and The Powerpuff Girls) were brought on board to help shape the project's development. While running around on fire, he stops mid scream to come up to the screen and warn children that he is a cartoon and fire doesn't actually hurt him, but the kids who are viewing the show are real and shouldn't ever play with fire. Slog (Steve Little), a black-furred monster, is likewise blindly loyal, but lacks critical judgement skillsa€”the more hazardous something is, the more likely he will be to follow it.
First, Peter Browngardt had an idea for this show called "Uncle Grandpa" it had a good run for 3 years and then it ended. When Festro first comes out he cant speak English and can only speak some sort of Disgustoid Language. Gweelok (Paul Rugg), an acned green ball, has a demanding attitude and an obsession with technology. Another example of Slog breaking the 4th wall would be in Labyrinth when he acknowledges the fact that if Gweelok doesn't complete the maze in 10 minutes, him and the others will be stuck with the Troll King forever with commericials. Then many more Disgustoids come out, including a green disgustoid most likely related to Dingle. The Fart (Pat Duke)a€”a monster made of buttocks who flatulates when toucheda€”is the most sensitive and levelheaded of the group. The Bros didnt go into the toilet and couldnt make it in before Uncle Grandpa destroyed it. Dingle couldnt learn English for some reason, and still speaks a Disgustoid language. Then probably found their few articles of clothing from a dumpster, a thrift shop, or even a human. Since the humans hated them, they forced them to live underground where they found Secret Mountain Fort Awesome.

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