However, as time goes by Sky also falls in love with Jay, who wins her heart with his extraordinaty piano skills.
The movie plays at the Tan Jiang High School, at which Jay Chou actually got his degree in music. Interestingly enough, there are also some special effects, that are all executed very well. As already mentioned Jay Chou really doesn't refrain from showing us how much of a grand virtuoso he is at the piano.
After two thirds of this rather ordinary romantic tale have passed, the big twist suddenly kicks in.

Taiwan pop idol Jay Chou has kicked off shooting his first movie Secret Could Not Tell in Taiwan. The crew picked some scenes in Tamkang Middle School on Wednesday, where Jay used to attend as a student. Jay denied the movie is based on his own true first love story, describing it as a story more lovely than his own.
As a new director, the 28-year-old super star admitted that he felt more pressure than ever. Jay explained that he chose Taiwan actress Guey Lun-mei to star as the lead actress because her appearance and character perfectly matched her student-lover character.

Veteran Hong Kong actor Anthony Wong has also been invited to cooperate with Jay in this movie. He said that the most difficult thing for him is that time is not enough, because he has a lot to learn and to consider in a very limited time of shooting. Their last cooperation - starring as a father and a son in the car-drift movie Initial D was widely applauded.

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