Miranda Kerr confirms ending Victoria's Secret contract, slams rumors of 'difficult reputation' Australian supermodel said that she's juggling too many projects to be a full-time Angel, and isn't renewing her contract with the lingerie brand. The supermodel and former face of Victoria's Secret, 29, confirmed to The Sydney Morning Herald that she is not renewing her contract with the lingerie company.
Just because she's handing up her wings doesn't mean that Kerr won't have any involvement with the iconic underwear company. New York Daily News Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2013 It's the most wonderful time of the year! New York Daily News Victoria's Secret Angels land in Paris for sexy holiday photo shoot Victoria's Secret models land in Paris Paris, the city of love, lights and beauty -- it is a fitting setting for a Victoria's Secret photo shoot. Victoria's Secret models strip down as they gear up for Valentine's Day in new adsA  Victoria's Secret models are ready for the romantic holiday is these steamy promotional shots.

The very sexy supermodels take it off to celebrate Valentine's Day for the new Victoria's secret ads.
Candice Swanpoel and Lily Aldridge even stopped by the Victoria's Secret Herald Square store in New York City on Wednesday to chat about the eye-popping collection. They dished about their gift and lingerie picks from the Very Sexy collections and talked about the intimate limited-edition Valentine's Day lace and the Bombshell push-up bra.
Victoria's Secret has a limited -edition Very Sexy Temptation fragrance that has a mix of fruity and floral notes, with Passion Flower, Moroccan Jasmine and Blushing Orchid. In the behind-the-scenes video promoting all these sultry items, the beauties talk about what they are wearing and why it's perfect to spice up Feb.
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This year's Fantasy Bra is encrusted with diamonds, rubies and yellow sapphires, and retails to the tune of $10 million. Barts Victoria's Secret sirens (from left) Magdalena Frackowiak, Monika (Jac) Jagaciak, and Kelly Gale prove it's lovely this time of year in St.

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