Syd Lexia: You know, you can't bring up this game without someone lecturing you about how it's not sequel to Secret of Mana. Douche McCallister: Shame on you Square for making me think this game was going to be as awesome as Secret of Mana. Wood Mites are typical spiders in that they move quickly and may inflict poison on the player. 30 years later, an adolescent boy and his dog stumble upon the professor's mansion and accidentally activate his equipment, sending them into the virtual world of Evermore. The player should at this point be familiar with the methods required to deal with spiders, and the Wood Mite won't pose much of a problem for them. You will control the boy and his dog, explore the four worlds that comprise Evermore, and try to find a way back home. It takes an hour to build your Bone up to Level 3 and your alchemy abilities cost in the millions to max out.

C'est dans ce premier niveau que l'on apprend A  maA®triser l'alchimie, le fameux systA?me de magie de Secret of Evermore.
Along the way, you'll master alchemy, fight monsters, and discover what happened to the Professor and his pals.
The game's still kinda fun after you get past the part where you need to build up an insane amount of money to move on. And since the game was developed by Square USA, its sharpy, witty dialogue doesn't suffer from any of the occasional awkwardness that RPGs translated from Japanese have.
Son rA?le est alors de suivre les ordres du joueur, un peu A  son bon vouloir (A§a reste une bA?te !).
Mais voila, puisque les magies sont faibles lorsqu'on les obtient pour la premiA?re fois, peu de joueurs auront envie de les utiliser pour les monter en level.
On se retrouve alors au final avec deux magies sur lesquelles on compte durant tout le jeu, en ignorant totalement les autres.

Il est d'ailleurs crucial de le faire passer au niv2, puis 3, le plus rapidement possible ! Surtout du niv1 A  2, et encore plus du niv2 A  3 !Donc il n'est pas concevable de booster chaque arme. L'humour prend de faA§on inattendue le rA?le principal et permet A  Secret of Evermore de taquiner les conventions du genre, de prendre de l'engagement et surtout de la confiance.

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