We asked some of our 'Power Users' how they got involved in music and how they use FL Studio.
When I was a teenager, back in the 70's (when music was made exclusively with sticks and animal hides) there was plenty of music which I loved floating about, but absolutely none of it was ever played on the radio. I'll try to make this story as short as possible, which is something of a miracle for me: A few years back I switched over to a PC with a 64 bit operating system and DAW I was using just couldn't cut it on that platform.
So I downloaded the free version - this was either version 7 or 8, and I've gradually upgraded to the Producer Edition (XXL Bundle) - and started to play around with it, and it just felt right. On our new CD, The King in Yellow, that lovely flute sound on "Melora Says", the horns on "Can't Relax", and the cello on "Cold Hard Ground" are all courtesy of DirectWave. Also, since the Milken had just reunited and I knew I'd be doing some song writing and playing live gigs I needed a DAW that with a just the right feel to its workflow and that would allow me access to some cool VSTs.
They were OK (a few were less-than-OK), but they just didn't have, for lack of a better word, personality. While I'm at it, the main riff on "She's Affected" is from FL Slayer's distorted tremolo guitar combined a distortion pedal from Hardcore, as is one of the guitars on "Solvents (For Home and Industry)".

I like to stay up late on Friday nights with a couple of glasses of wine and experiment with it. I used to collect keyboards; I owned a Vox Continental and a bunch of strange synths, but I have the bizarre and expensive habit of hurling my keyboards off the stage and into the audience, so I stick with controllers and VSTs these days.
An LPK25, which is perfect for distracting Katy the cat who shares my home studio space with me. You could not have paid any of the Rock stations in our area to play The Ramones or The Clash, so - apart from our record collections - my friend (and Dead Milkmen guitarist) Joe and I had nothing to listen to. I like to pick my instruments, work on each section of a song, and then string the bits together. It was like having my old DX11 back (last seen in Austin TX, in 2008), but now it was chewing human pituitary gland! The growling synth on "Caitlin Childs" is PoiZone's Rave Noise patch resampled through DirectWave (It has a certain VNV Nation quality). The other day, Dean, our drummer, sent me a demo of song he was working on (everybody in the Dead Milkmen writes music and lyrics) and I put a keyboard part on it using a couple of Harmor patches.

Rather than surrender to the idea that music made for people like us would be forever marginalized, we decided to form a band and fight back. One of the synths on "Passport to Depravity" is the Organ Transplant patch from Harmless (as are the bells on "Quality of Death"). I loved Fruity Loops, back in the day - I still consider Fruity Loops the most addictive substance I've ever been exposed to. Then I opened up DirectWave and saw that library I could download from and I was like a kid in a very load candy shop. The other synth patch on that song is from a synth I built in the version of Synthmaker for FL Studio. We were lucky enough to meet two other fellows, Dave & Dean, who were just as bored as we were.

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