Interviews We interview various game developers to get to know the team behind our favorite games. 397053Share on Pinterest32014 is coming to a close and we would like to thank the developers who provided us with their finest role-playing games for Android. Blazing Griffin acquired 2 intellectual properties from Lucky Frame, including this difficult game.
Developed by Rocketcat Games and published by Noodlecake Studios on Android, this game is a mix of action, adventure, and dungeon crawler with randomized stages and permadeath. Aspyr’s deep RPG was recently launched on Android, hence, I missed it on our original list. Square Enix’s JRPG first launched in 1994, where you have the ability to play all the main heroes as the game’s central character.
Stoic Studio, an indie developer, and Versus Evil, a publisher, worked together to give us, Android gamers, The Banner Saga.
Harebrained Schemes releases a standalone game from their highly-acclaimed Dragonfall series. Although SquareSoft never really rose to mainstream prominence until the PlayStation era, their SNES titles hold a special place in the hearts of many. Square would eventually become known for some more adventurous stories, but Secret of Mana is more or less a Greatest Hits of Japanese RPG tropes. What’s immediately striking is just how fast and nimble your character moves compared to other 2D action-RPGs. Secret of Mana has become a bit of a sacred cow, but the original was not without its flaws. Summary: The 16-bit visuals don’t want for an upgrade as badly as you’d think, but touch controls and the absence of co-op don’t do this aging game any favors. Travis Fahs has been a game journalist since 2006, writing for IGN, Gamasutra, and Cheat Code Central. Mana Pools Canoe TrailThe Mana Pools Canoe Trail traverses the Mana Pools National Park, through the heart of Mana Pools and along the Zambezi’s shoreline, canoeing past more than a thousand hippo on the way! This Exploration is perfect for adventurous travellers, allowing guests the closest possible encounters with wildlife on one of the greatest rivers in Africa. After breakfast by the river, guests will either be transferred by Land Rover or a walk to the nearby Chikwenya airstrip for the flight out (the flight is at an additional cost). Private safari options: Tailored Explorations are available on flexible dates, accommodation and itineraries, for groups of up to eight guests.
Exclusive experience: Each campsite within the Mana Pools National Park is reserved for the exclusive use of our guests and while on the river or on foot on its banks we enjoy the wild expanse mostly to ourselves. Local air connection onto the safari: If arrival is planned for the day of the safari’s departure, please ensure that arrival is around noon and no later than 13h00. Private air charters: Guests can charter from Kariba, Harare etc to Ruckomechi airstrip from where they will be transferred to the river for the start of the Trail.
International air connections leaving the safari: Please ensure that if you have an early departure flight that your scheduled light aircraft transfer is booked to depart from Chikwenya airstrip.
Camera battery charging facilities: Unfortunately no charging facilities are available on the canoe safari, due to the remoteness of the area. Dietary requirements and special occasions: Due to remote locality of Explorations camps, please ensure that full dietary requirements and special occasions are advised at the time of your booking confirmation. Secret of Mana was the name that translators gave to Seiken Densetsu 2, but that's now how it translates. Exactly, so why did you fucking act like Seiken Densetsu translates into Secret of Mana when it doesn't?
Seiken Densetsu III is not Secret of Mana 2, because Secret of Mana was a game given to Seiken Densetsu II.
Well now we’ve got Secret of Mana magnets, another great SNES RPG, from the same creator of that glorious Chrono Trigger set. Eric spends most of his time writing, reading, and hanging out with his chinchilla and bunny. You can find here upcoming releases, new and noteworthy games, or you can share your favorite titles. We have selected the cream of the crop whether they are classified as Western and Japanese, Role-Playing Choices, Fantasy, Sandbox, Action, MMORPGs, Rogue-like, and Tactical.
It may be considered more of a puzzler but since it has rogue-like RPG elements, we decided to include it on our list. As you jump between platforms there will never be a boring moment especially when you slash your sword against a glut of opponents. It offers a fast, twitch-based battle system where positioning, tactics, and timing are really important. Originally launched in 2000, Icewind Dale was part of the Dungeons & Dragons game set in the classic Forgotten Realms of Wizards of the Coasts.
For those interested in the Star Wars world, you should give Knights of the Old Republic a try. In this sequel to Battleheart, you will go into an in-depth fantasy realm where you can customize your characters with potent skills, fight it out with hordes of opponents, come across strange heroes, and find out the story of the world you’re in.
The launch on Android comes with addictive and slick new battle system with eye-popping visuals. This cyberpunk turn-based RPG offers tons of new content, and improvements to the original. If you believe that we have missed one of the best RPG games on Android, let us know in the comments section below. Some of this is sincere nostalgia, and some of it is a bit of mythologizing by those that never experienced them when they were new. The sequel to the Game Boy-based Final Fantasy Adventure (related to FF only in title), it was perhaps the pinnacle of the action-RPG genre at the time.

Big sprites, brimming with personality, explore colorful, richly detailed environments that eschew the grid-like construction of so many similar games of the time. A presumed orphan teenager finds a legendary sword in a stone, and is forced to leave his village in order to restore this weapon’s power and, um… save the world. Perhaps as a result of being moved from CD to cartridge mid-development, it suffers from a ton of filler, both in story and content.
Secret of Mana remains a classic, but it’s far from perfect, and its treatment here not only does little to address this, but even makes things worse in a few ways.
Each night is spent camping on the banks of the Zambezi River, finishing 65km downstream and many adventures away from the start. This thrilling experience traverses the Mana Pools National Park, through the heart of Mana Pools and along the Zambezi’s shoreline, canoeing past countless hippos on the way! At approximately 14h00, after meeting the guide and going through a thorough safety briefing, canoeists start paddling downstream in sturdy Canadian canoes to our mobile camp in the Mana Pools National Park. This is a magical time on the river as the water is usually calm and the peace and tranquility is amazing. We normally rest up in the shade for a while or take another short walk before moving on and arriving at the next camp at dusk. We highly recommend that you drive back to Ruckomechi for an additional few nights, where guests can enjoy the wonderful Zambezi Valley by extensive game drive, adding significantly to the overall experience. Cotton linen and bedrolls (with duvets) with a lantern complement the atmosphere in this pristine and wild area. An over-night at Ruckomechi camp either before or after the three night canoe trail we will most likely meet other independent travellers. We would love to assist you, simply fill in this simple contact form and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours! It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. It does not translate to Secret of Mana, it was just a name given by the localization team.
By day he can be found working at Quirk Books, promoting awesome books, and by night, he can be found writing them. As RPGs of the 90s go, it was one of the more accessible RPGs from the Far East and was just a hell of a lot of fun to play. If you’re a fan of the genre, you will love that this game is full of warriors, wizards, dangers, and loot. In this engaging strategic adventure, you will lead a team to overcome tough circumstances. It stands out among the other action RPGs because of its beautifully rendered world and smooth gameplay which allows any player, whether a curious novice or an old expert, to enjoy. It is a challenging adventure where you will delve into a mysterious realm of towns, dungeons, loots, and competent monsters.
It features: party talk where you can chat with your companions, 360-degree views to view everything, wagon quest where you could call on a team of up to 10 buddies, and AI Battles wherein your friend can fight automatically.
The premise is that your special someone’s grave has been dishonored and you will battle it out to bring peace to her spirit. Manage the game with touch-screen controls designed for quick sessions yet packs a ton of replay value. With this Enhanced Edition, new players are given a chance to experience this legendary adventure. This game is customizable, enjoyable, and full of features like a re-imagined real-time battle system, animation and VFX beyond compare, hundreds of unique skills and equipment, dozens of classes to chooses from, and mind-blowing boss battles that will test you. There are plenty of abilities you could use and the magic system for managing summons and spells allow players to improve their characters based on their preferences. Decide wisely as your choices will influence your personal tale, including the result of battles faced during your fight for survival.
There are 5 new missions, music, a revamped interface, alternate endings, customization options, a redesigned battle system, and a whole lot more.
Either way, Secret of Mana is one of the more interesting games from that era, and its long-overdue arrival on Android is a welcome one. Abandoning the Zelda-like trappings of its predecessor, it was more of an answer to rival Enix’s Soul Blazer, with large, free-scrolling environments and a greater emphasis on combat. Square’s new Android port is essentially identical to the older iOS version, and alas this means precious little had been updated visually. The general dullness of the broad strokes are saved somewhat by occasionally entertaining characters, but it’s the gameplay that carries the experience. You have an attack meter that takes a few seconds to charge, and only when fully charged will your attacks do their full damage.
If you’ve never experienced this game, I’d recommend giving it a try in one form or another, but for those who have already experienced it, this pricey port might not be the best place to relive old memories. Each night is spent camping on the banks of the Zambezi River, ultimately finishing 65km downstream with many adventures to recall.
After paddling for usually about 2 hours, we beach the canoes on the bank of the Zambezi River and set out for a game walk.
The camp and guest luggage is moved each day by the camp staff and all that is required to be done by participants is to enjoy a hot shower under the stars, and a cold drink, followed by dinner. Separate short-drop toilet and shower ‘bathrooms’ with old-style bucket showers create simple serviced comfort. The Mana series of games pretty much started with Secret of Mana here in the West, which was known in Japan as Seiken Densetsu 2. For us Western gamers though, it’s a sign that we might be able to play this classic once again.
Generally, it is a fun game to play as it comes with a lot of out of the ordinary concepts.

What I like about the port, even though it’s far from perfect, is that everything that made it famous back then was carried over.
Also, you can position characters to execute a chain attack in one go together with your allies. This Android game is exciting right from the start thanks to its unstoppable, action-packed pace. It’s one of the top Star Wars games you could play and one of the best RPGs I’ve personally played.
Set in the futuristic world of Shadowrun, you will take part in a story-driven, classic RPG. Unlike the recent 2D treatments of Final Fantasy V and VI, the graphics are largely untouched. You can still strike without letting this bar charge and chip away stunned enemies, which can sometimes be useful in keeping stunned enemies from getting back up.
This element, which was one of the distinguishing features of the original, is gone entirely.
With any luck, maybe Square will finally bring over its never-localized sequel, and we’ll have something to really be excited about. This is a relatively easy distance to cover in the time available (partly because we always paddle downstream) and gives canoeists a chance to familiarize themselves with the canoes and the various paddle strokes required.
The guide chooses a suitable area, based on his knowledge of the area and game movements and we take a few hours to explore on foot, and unravel some of the intricacies of the bush.
Is Secret of Mana a game you’d like to see hit Android, hit us up in the comments below! Though it may not be as well-polished as the big-budgeted games, it still offers depth including a funny tone. Secret of Mana is worth every penny if you like a classic role-playing game with an excellent presentation. If you’re looking for a complex RPG yet simple enough to play, bit Dungeon II has that satisfying gameplay, excellent soundtrack, and good sound effects. Wayward Souls is a must-have for hack and slash fans, who love loads of action with easy to pick up yet challenging gameplay. Also, KOTOR offers a vintage, role-playing gaming experience with unique creatures, characters, planets, and vehicles.
Every graphics was re-created, the controls are user-friendly, the combat are fast-paced, the world you’ll explore is vast, the characters are fascinating, and the original story is present.
Immersed yourself in a 20-plus hours of campaign, experience a dystopian future, guide your small team to complete missions, and each turn in the tactical battle matters.
Lettering, menus, and UI elements have been redrawn and look much sharper, but the same blocky sprites that graced the original appear here as well, with a handful of new effects to remind you that you aren’t playing an emulator. You’ll still have to work together with your other party-members, of course, each of which has unique weapons abilities, but they’ll be controlled by the game’s feeble AI.
Luckily the gameplay itself is fairly engaging, because there are times when there’s very little in the way of narrative or new sights to keep you going.
After returning to the canoes, and a light snack, we continue canoeing to a suitable lunch spot, arriving around mid-day.
However, Secret of Mana is definitely up there in my top three, along with Final Fantasy III. Tabletop and RPG fans must download Tiny Dice Dungeon, a free-to-play, dice-based, dungeon crawler, on the Play Store today. It combines a slide-based puzzler brilliantly and smoothly with rogue-like RPG gameplay mechanics. It is a delightful adventure filled with unforgettable characters, gameplay, and scenarios. The developer has worked hard to design this role-playing game and loaded it with plenty of action.
The absence of co-op is a serious missed opportunity for Square to add value over the readily available emulators that litter the Android store.
Although the touch screen controls may not be as great as I hoped for, Square Enix still has one of the best RPGs in the Play Store. It has a high replay value as you can deal with other areas, utilize alternative spells and weapons, and allocate experience points (XP) in a different way. Its price may be considered a premium but you will be entertained with this fantasy adventure that will keep you glued for a long time. Though this real-time rogue-like side-scroller could frustrate you, you will surely play it again the next time. You will carve your own path whether you are going to save the Republic or get lured to the dark side. The developer has retained the innovative combat system, making it a solid game that will leave a lasting impact to gamers. Price tag may not be affordable but The World Ends With You is an incomparable role-playing game that is charming right from the get go. Even though there are some minor control issues and old-school graphics, this is still not your ordinary RPG. It has a deep replay value where you could unlock a funny bonus chapter as soon as you complete the main story.

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