When people step foot into my funky home, one of the first things they ask is, "Where do you find all of this stuff?" After I tell them that most of what we own has been found at thrift stores, they then beg me to take them with me next time I go. The whole place is no bigger than a Manhattan studio apartment and seating is pretty hard to come by. My no-fail method for a seat is simple but takes some practice and some New York City guile. As soon as you walk through the doorway take notice of who’s at least halfway through their meal. When you get there, you walk to the front, tell them your name and you get to skip the entire line. I’d consider passing on the soda in lieu of a $5 Sam Adams Boston Lager on Tap, served in an appropriately casual plastic cup. I consider myself a burger aficionado, since I have been eating (and preparing) gourmet-style burgers for just about 60 years now. But, as a laid-back-Southerner, I can never remember needing (wanting?) a burger so bad as to go through a NYC ritual of standing in line, eating elbow-to-elbow, or suffering any sarcasm or discourtesy whatsoever from the establishment or from its employees. I’m glad to hear we like Burger Joint for the same reasons, before Brooklyn Diner came along and blew my socks off, it was my top burger too. I can identify with your laid-back-Southerner demeanor especially since I’m a break-the-mold laid-back-New Yorker.
Gotta weigh in on the burger conversation, especially with a member of the medical fraternity in the room.
As for homemade, try Worcestershire sauce and garlic powder, along with the salt and pepper, in the prep. Drinks were in order for us weary travelers, Amaretto Sour for the lady, and a cold, draft Coors Lite ($1.50) for myself. Like always, when confronted with an extensive seafood menu, my wife had a great deal of difficulty making a decision. One note: Our appetizers cost one-half of the prices noted above because we had “coupons” from our “Water Taxi” tickets.
My wife and I are both highly educated and well-read, we make fine salaries and have invested wisely. As I have stated, however, we demand VALUE above else in everything we pay for, whether it be dining or anything else.
Shuckers (in Fells Point, Baltimore, if that excites you), affords us such value, which is why we (my wife and I) rate it so highly. Taking water taxis and using coupons allows us to spend more money on other things, like golf vactations and our wine cellar. While I am no match for the Guy, as I am relegated to a middle-aged and sedentary life on Long Island, my faves for ORyan remain JG Melon and Goodburger, although I have not yet savored the delights of Brooklyn Diner, nor even Peter Luger, where there is a Great Neck outpost. DickChock (the PhDs and younger wife guy) doesn’t seem to have class nor taste, both needed to even dare commenting on food. Speedy Romeo, One of My Favorite Brooklyn Restaurants, Opens in Manhattan’s Lower East Side TONIGHT!
Let’s start with a still from the 1987 film Campus Man, in which a college student (John Dye) attempts to raise much-needed tuition money by featuring athletic male students in a campus calendar. I have set days where I head to the local thrift stores, and usually have a route that I travel, so I can efficiently get the most shopping done in one day. If you have a busy schedule and can't arrange your time around arriving at the thrift store on certain days or when the doors open, then try to find gaps in your day where you will have time to stop in and quickly browse on your way to your next destination. If you're in a hurry, or are worried other shoppers might find treasures before you do, quickly browse the shop upon entering, and if you have a cart, throw anything that strikes your fancy inside. Momma always said, "If in doubt, don't." But I can't tell you how many trips I've taken to the thrift store where I have found something I loved, only to talk myself out of it. So of course, that was the first place I turned when coming up with inspiration for my apartment decor. She’s got a very calm, neutral bedspread and some nice sunny curtains, probably there since she was a small girl.

But she loves music, so she’s got some of her favorite records hanging on the wall, as well as artwork inspired by her favorite bands and albums. You need my secrets to success, however, if you want to enjoy these flame-broiled cheeseburgers without waiting on the long line.
These tender, crumbly patties draped in yellow and white cheddar are always cooked to order and come with the works: Lettuce, tomato, sliced red onion, pickles, mayo, ketchup, and dijon mustard. Been going here for a little and has yet to let me down…except for milk shake prices – $5? Agree on Ruth on JG Melon’s, despite common complaints that the clientele is too upscale yuppie for many denizens of the FoodGuy website.
Im not a big mussels fan either especially after reading Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential. My friend Eric Cook, who turned me on to the BK Diner burger, also raves about the chicken soup. My (much younger) wife and I visited Shuckers for an early dinner (about 4:00 PM) on or about Sunday, August 27.
I do not allow foreign brands to cross my lips (I can trace my heritage back to the Mayflower, if that bit of personal information excites you). I realize the cost puts this meal out of reach of most of your blog (so-called) readers, but you must realize that a gentleman of my wealth and education can easily afford the finest life has to offer.
I agree with you that the management has probably erred in selecting names for their dishes. You must admit that the pasta in question bears a very marked resemblance to insects or insect larvae. I can honestly say you’re one of the more intriguing commenters on my site and I look forward to your honest and sometimes contrarian commentary.
To me, this is the best char-grilled burger you can find in this neighborhood, especially for the price.
I’ve made a review od Burger Joint myself in my blog, why don’t you check it out? WLNY Ch 55 around 9:45PM talking ??crazy? ??baseball? stadium food that I made from scratch!
In this scene he disappoints businesswoman Katherine Van Buren (Morgan Fairchild), but on the bright side, his office has never looked better!
I have map searched all of the thrift stores within a 50 mile radius of my home, and if I have some extra time between appointments, I always pop in and see if there are any treasures to be purchased. Then, after you've covered the whole store, look through your cart and narrow down your findings to things you really truly love. So here is some room inspiration inspired by some of my favorite fictional apartments and bedrooms!
But since I saw the movie twice and have a freakish eye for detail, I pretty much know what I’m dealing with.
I love her wall of mirrors hanging next to her bed, and that bedspread is absolutely beautiful, even if it is a bit pricey. I’ll also reveal my no-fail method to secure a hard-to-get seat in addition to some other essential information. Burger Joint is not a transcendant experience but it is a simple and delicious burger with a great flavor. Hamburger America is amazing btw, how about those butter burgers at Culver’s in Wisconsin?
Nothing like someone with some burger perspective to help keep things, well, in perspective for us.
Yes, it’s a big burger, and the bowl of cole slaw on the table for starters is tasty and free. My wife’s dip was served in a hollowed-out round loaf of bread (photos are scattered around the internet). I myself do not find that REMOTELY appetizing, but often one is able to overcome a sight or smell or taste that repulses them at first … only to realize they actually like the item in question.

You’re absolutely right about the cavatelli, I thought it looked like little worms too. I was able to circumvent the smallish line (which, when I have a 30 minute break, does make a big difference). If someone really wanted to go there, I might go with them, but I wouldn’t be the first one to suggest it.
Burger Joint used to much better but I’ve seen their quality decline dramatically over the past 3 years. So en route we called over to Burger Joint to order 2 orders of the works with shakes and fries. So my rule of thumb is that if I am really tickled with an item, and it is only a few dollars, I will buy it. This is so cheap, we should get it!" I gently ask them if they have room for the item, what they would do with it, if they really like it, and then I remind them to be selective in what they bring into their home. Overwhelming selection however I always go classic with American, lettuce tomato raw onion. I just can’t justify spending $8 on a bowl of soup, especially when I want to leave as much room as possible for the burger. Would you eat a burger if it costs $175 dollars and was topped with foie gras and gold flakes? We walked inside spotted the little burger neon light and saw the line coming out the door at like 10pm. When I set a schedule for myself, it keeps me motivated to head out and see what there is to find.
Anyone can go thrifting and fill their home with stuff, and believe me, it's a slippery slope.
Plus she’s got adorable tree decals on her walls, probably from childhood as well, but cute anyway.
Shake Shack is also very good and probably in the top 5 or top 10… no offense intended towards anyone by that.
Moreover, are you the same DocChuck who commented on my Frankie’s Spuntino 17 Clinton Street post, saying the cavatelli doesn’t look appetizing? It’s really just a glorified grill burger, something someone with good skills could make in their backyard.
So I waited on line while my gf made a b-line straight to the front to check on our order which was ready in 2 minutes!
Unfortunately, the fries take a big hit if you don’t eat them immediately, so get to work.
A 5 minute walk in the bag didn’t harm them and they were still quite crispy and someone used a judicious hand with the salt shaker (thankfully). Regardless, I’ve never been unsatisfied with a burger and fries although I usually go big and get two burgers and fries. If you have extra time, really dig through the bins and study the shelves, because you never know what kind of treasure you will miss by quickly browsing.
I finally asked someone inside as there seemed to be many velvet curtain around and I found it at last. As we sat down and gazed upon our success we could hear the murmurs of profanity being uttered due to our Burger Victory!
Don't keep something in your home just because you used to like it or once spent money on it.
But when I search for "1980s wallpaper" on etsy or ebay, I can find a small selection!
I'm Kate, and I enjoy exploring the look and feel of the "recent retro", with a focus on the late '70s through the early '90s.

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