Shirley Jones, Stella Stevens, Honor Blackman, James Booth, Lionel Jeffries Directed by: Stone, Andrew L. On September 11th 2001, after a terroristic attack on New York took place, the once tall and proud buildings that overlooked their city came crumbling down. As a collector of movie posters, I feel that movies as well as the poster that promote them, tell our story.
When Zoolander came out in late September 2001, the filmmakers and studio had gone back and removed any images of The Twin Towers from the NY skyline. Perhaps the most notable of the Twin Towers movie posters, Columbia recalled this advance poster to be destroyed, because of the reflection of the Twin Towers in Spider-Man’s eye. Intended to be an offshoot to the popular Superman franchise, and even though my 6 year old sister loved it at the time, Supergirl really amounted to be somewhat of a dud for audiences and executive producer Ilyia Salkind. Also in 1987, the Bonanza loving Michael Keaton is feeling the big city crunch as an artist who unwittingly gets pulled into crime ring trying to pull off a scam that involves the NY Lottery.
Director Larry Cohen takes us an a B Movie odyssey with his tale of an ancient demonic dragon that is let loose in modern day New York.
Bringing director John Carpenter and actor Kurt Russell together for the 2nd time in their 5 film collaboration, Escape sets New York in the future of 1997, where all of humanity and technology have been disconnected, leaving NY to be a giant prison island run by Isaac Hayes’ The Duke.
Much in the way Crocodile Dundee showed New Yorkers what it was like to be Australian, Kiefer Sutherland and Woody Harrelson show NY what it’s like to be cowboys. One of the more campy installments in the whole Friday the 13th franchise, Part 8 has Kane Hodder taking a stab at New York this time around.

Matthew Dowling, a native Philadelphian, now residing in Los Angeles, is an actor, writer and film maker. Gangs of Film: Nathan Strack's Top 10 Gang Films (part II)Charlie Sheen: Why We Still Love Him!Atomic Monster Movies of the 1950s! In the aftermath, upwards of 3,000 plus people lost their lives, and on that fateful day, the skyline of New York was changed forever.
In fact, Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man was in early promotion and the original teaser movie poster along with the trailer was pulled from theaters on September 12th by Columbia Pictures. Most theaters complied, but obviously not all the posters were sent back to Columbia Pictures, and there are some still in circulation.
And the original movie poster features the King of Kong’s standing on both of the Twin Towers as he prepares to fight city hall.
The film’s star Helen Slater (no relation to Christian) would later go on to have much success with her career. Fox at the height of his fame and popularity (with a top rated TV show and 2 previous box office hits including Back to the Future) and sent him down a long string of romantic comedies.
Even though Keaton spends a lot more time in the Hudson River, its pop-singer Meat Loaf he should really be afraid of.
Leave it to Cohen to partner David Carradine and Richard Roundtree together as bickering cops who must confront the fowl beast and bring it to justice. So when you see a hockey wearing maniac running loose in NY, he’s not trying out for the Rangers!

They provide insight to our society and to our history, and a good poster will often tell a story. The movie shows us how hard as well as how fun life can be when climbing the corporate ladder in the Big Apple. And of course Keaton and Loaf would later join forces again for Tim Burton’s Beetle Juice. This is true to the spirit of the 1980’s action flick made popular by the now bankrupt Cannon Films.
Carradine appeared in the film as a favor to Larry Cohen and went straight from the airport to the set and went directly in front of the cameras to film his part. Escape From New York would become a milestone for all involved and is considered to be a definitive example of Sci-fi exploitation.
If I get enough recommendations for more posters, I may be able to do a follow up post in the future. Much of the film was shot in the Chrysler building, and to this day is the only film to have that distinguished honor. The photo below shows the World Trade Center on the rare advance poster for Escape from New York.

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