The short features Remy & Emile as they guide viewers through the history of the rat and attempt to correct some common misperceptions of this furry and misunderstood friend.
Released 20 months ago (more than one year and a half!) in Japan, it is one of the two references in arcade racing games (the other being Initial D Arcade Stage 8 Infinity).
The big difference of these two titles when compared with most other arcade racing games is that they offer the players the ability to improve their car and save their progress on a save game card.
Add to that regular updates, online leaderboards and tournaments organized frequently and you'll quickly understand why communities of pilots form around these games. Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5 location tests were discovered at Camelot Golfland in Anaheim, California and at Dave & Buster's in Denver, Colorado (by almightytora and Sam Porcaro respectively). The offer consists of 4 linked-up arcade cabinets and a terminal to customize your car and check the rankings without occupying the cabinets unnecessarily. This is the latest English version available that includes Extreme VS mode, the Fukuoka Urban Expressway course and the Subaru BRZ and Toyota 86 cars. Despite the fact that it's the international version, the speed shifter is on the left as on the Japanese version. The game is connected to the internet but only the ghosts of American players appear on the network. The other limitation is that the Banapassport card can currently accommodate 5 cars only instead of the usual 100.
The initial location test is planned to run for four months, other places hosting the game will surely be discovered soon. It ends the arc of the story of Ragna, story mode therefore promises to be exciting: after the events of the previous episodes, Ragna wakes up in Kagutsuchi and he has lost his memory.
The North American Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune community has just put online a Youtube channel dedicated to the game. New characters make their appearance: Naoto Kurogane, Hibiki Kohaku and Nine the Phantom (Konoe A. The absence of large arcade chains on the old continent and the dumbed down version of Mario Kart Arcade GP DX to which we were entitled to let us fear that it won't be the case. Hibiki Kohaku can make appear a clone which damages taken will not affect the player life bar and uses the teleportation.
The Exceed Accel, a special type of Distortion Drive inflicting heavy damage which is activated by pressing the 4 buttons in Overdrive mode. The Navy blue T-shirt has the Technos Japan Corporation writing in Japanese within the blue star composing the Technõs logo printed on the front.

The second is the Active Flow: it is activated when the player performs active actives continuously (as hit the opponent), once activated, the damage of attacks increase and the regeneration of the Burst Gauge is accelerated.
Technõs was a video game development studio created in 1981 by three former employees of Data East. The game inferface has also some changes: when the Overdrive is active, a countdown timer appears below the Burst gauge, when a character takes damage, his portrait shakes, at beginning of the 1st round, the emblem of each fighter appears and when a character is close to enter Active Flow, a pink circle surrounds the Overdrive gauge. During their career, Technõs explored various genres in arcade games including wrestling (Exciting Hour, Big Pro Wrestling, WWF WrestleFest and WWF WrestleMania), adventure (Mysterious Stones), air combat (Acrobatic Dog-Fight) and platform (Bogey Manor).
But they owe their popularity to their scrolling fighters with the Double Dragon series and other games in the genre: Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-Kun (Renegade), The Combatribes and Shadow Force. The character of Kunio-Kun (named in reference to Kunio Taki, the President of Technõs) appeared in many of their games (including Super Dodge Ball) and quickly became the mascot of the company.
The last three arcade productions by Technõs were released in NEOGEO MVS cartridge format. The good news is that Arc System Works holds the intellectual property of Technõs since June 11th, 2015. Meanwhile, you can proudly wear the colors of Technõs Japan Corporation by ordering this T-shirt. With over 300 exhibitors including Sega Amusements International and Bandai Namco Entertainment, it is the unmissable European event for discovering what's new this season.
Since July 2015, foreign customers can order on the international website of Game Glorious.
An after show party will be organized on Wednesday evening where 1,000 guests will meet in a friendly atmosphere. As every year since the creation of the show, we will publish a photo report with videos and detailed comments about all new video games (see our EAG International 2015 report). As part of the 30th anniversary celebration of the series, this jacket is available in 2 colours: a blue model that will be released in late November and a grey model that will be released in December. The good idea was to use a LaserDisc as storage medium to provide a true interactive cartoon.
Obviously, it was also necessary that the quality of sequences was up to par and that was the case thanks to the talent of Don Bluth, who had previously worked on major productions such as Sleeping Beauty, Robin Hood, Pete's Dragon and The Secret of NIMH. Despite its significant production cost ($1.3 million for the 22 minutes of animation that compose the game), Dragon's Lair was a huge success as it brought more than $32 million in revenue in the first eight months of operation. Songs are composed by artists from the beatnation Records label and by promising young composers from the new beatnation RHYZE label.

The work began on a follow-up but the collapse of the North American video game market caused the bankruptcy of the animation studio and the sequel would finally be released in 1991. Regarding gameplay, some new features are introduced; a new challenge is offered to advanced players with the new "Hell load Note".
Beginners are not forgotten with the new "Assisted Easy" option, they will be able to play beatmania without being put off by the difficulty.
A script exists since 2003, it's an humorous prequel to the game, telling the life of Dirk from his birth until the time he becomes a knight. The new "Step Up" mode offers to progress in the game following a story based on the train that is the theme of the game. Some story boards have been made to sell the idea to production houses, many of them were interested but wanted to make a sequel in computer graphics while Don Bluth absolutely wanted to use traditional cell-based animation. On October 26th, Don Bluth and Gary Goldman launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of a short presentation film that would allow them to convince producers and investors. The goal is to find the right people whom would let them retain full control over their work. This update adds two new characters (customizable like the old ones), new mechas, new weapons as well as new maps. Since this time, many location tests were held, the game was released on PC and consoles but the arcade version was still in development.
Since yesterday, japanese players can enjoy the latest version of the game named Skullgirls 2nd Encore for NESiCAxLive. The game is in high-res, it features 6 buttons (3 punchs and 3 kicks) and a Tag Battle system. The music is composed by Michiru Yamana (Castlevania: Symphony of the Night) and the game takes place in a "Dark Deco" universe (a mix of gothic and '20s style). There are 14 characters to choose from including the additionnal crowdfunded characters: Fukua, Big Band, Eliza, Beowulf and Robo-Fortune.

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