Adele is known for bringing fans to tears with her emotional music, but the singer has admitted her songs often make her cry too. The 27-year-old may have broken records with her comeback single Hello, but she also admitted to being unsure of her ability to write a strong follow up to her second album 21.
Adele had no reason to be concerned about her new music; she has broken records with her latest single, which topped the charts in over 100 countries, while her upcoming album 25 topped the iTunes pre-order chart in 93 countries.
Netizens have sent in their votes for 2016's prettiest girl group visual members!The results seem based on the most well-known, visual member of each group whom also often acts as the group's center. SISTARis returning with a new album!On April 23, various media outlets reported that SISTAR is planning to make a comeback this summer, some time in June or July. SISTAR'sBoralooked both ridiculous and cute in the February 19 episode ofSBS's 'Laws of the Jungle in Panama'! That new Apple Watch commercial featuring three women on rowing machines, has probably got your attention if you’ve seen it on TV recently.
Xbox recently released a slick commercial for their new game Quantum Break, starring actor Shawn Ashmore as Jack Joyce. Fashion Concert: Secret Service will tour with Alphaville in Lithuania and Latvia in the end of December. Ulf Wahlberg: For this event we have picked up some new songs into our show and this will be the first opportunity to perform them live on stage.
Ulf Wahlberg: Well, 30 years is a long time and there has been many “main things” happening through the years. Fashion Concert: What would you like to change in Secret Service’s history, songs or lyrics? Ulf Wahlberg: History is history and sometimes it?s best not to change anything, but we could certainly have been touring more live during the 80-ies than what we actually did.
Ulf Wahlberg: During 2013 we have had around 50 gigs all around, especially in Russia all the way from Yuzhno-Sachalinsk to Kaliningrad. Ulf Wahlberg: Since we always produced our albums by our selves, the need of an outside producer is not the first on the list of dreams. Fashion Concert: Secret Service was well-known in 80-s when your music was playing all over world.
Ulf Wahlberg: Of course, we will hopefully continue touring next year and have already some good options in our calendar. Beautiful Secret is the sequel to the highly successful 2013 Hunan TV drama Shining Days (????), which also starred Peter Ho. Besides highlighting the challenges of being in a high profile romantic relationship, Beautiful Secret will also portray love rivalries, career rivalries, and the relationship between stepsisters.

Marketing preparations for Beautiful Secret has already begun, and industry insiders are hoping that the show will achieve a similar TV rating success like Sunny Days.
Filming for Beautiful Secret will begin early next year, with an expected air date in mid-2015. A news blog about Korea-related artists working in China, and the effects of Hallyu on the country’s rising entertainment industry. To avoid slow to load pages only the first page is displayed, in these cases you will need to DOWNLOAD the PDF file to see all the song pages. During an interview with New York Times to promote her new 25, Adele admitted she knows she has written a good song when she is moved by her own lyrics. However since finding happiness with boyfriend Simon Konecki and their son Angelo, Adele has no intention of letting herself fall apart again. The Someone Like You will cement her comeback with a one-off special interview and performance, due to air on BBC One in November.
Some of that might be because of the actual watch, but we have a feeling it’s the song that really got you wanting to know more. From the album “Night City” we have added “When the Night Closes In”, “How I Want You”, “Fell You Near Me” and “Do You Remember” and from the album “The Lost Box” we have added “Someone Can Open Your Heart” and “I Want You, I Want You, I Want You”.
One to mention is when our first world-wide hit “Oh Susie” went up the charts all over and was number 1 in 29 countries, which was awesome! There are lots of new songs written that we would like to chare with our fans and hopefully get some new fans too. For example were we asked to go to China as one of the first west oriented artists in the mid 80-ies.
We started as one of the first bands to use synthesizers which also led to the curiosity to use new sounds and effects to blend into a regular rock band. We can see that today when we have gigs and see an audience consisting of a blend from all generations.
From juggling a film shoot for My New Sassy Girl with Cha Taehyun, to attending promotion events for designer labels, Victoria has made a name for herself as one of the most sought after actresses in both China and Korea. Victoria will co-star next to popular Taiwanese actor Peter Ho in a story about an up-and-coming singer who becomes romantically entangled with her music producer. In Beautiful Secret, Victoria Song plays the role of a young woman who was abandoned by her mother as a child. Described as an urban romantic drama, the drama is said to be produced to depict a stylish entertainment industry. We have not yet decided exactly the repertoire for the concerts but we will certainly try to squeeze in as many of them as possible.

Also a lot of fun during the tours all over, of which some stories maybe are better not to tell.
We have always liked to work in the studio and this time will certainly not be an exception. That would have been interesting and maybe opened up a big market for us that we of course missed when we turned the offer down.
And we were so to say “child of our time” and listened with big ears to what was going on in other bands similar to us. I believe a good song still is the best receipt for success and during the 80-s & 90-s most hits had that receipt. When she grows older, she participates in a singing competition and quickly becomes an overnight sensation when she wins the contest. Release will hopefully be next autumn or if we manage to get it ready in time already in the beginning of the summer. And of course there might be some other surprises, but I can?t let you know them now, it would not be a surprise if I did!
Another big thing is that we decided to reform the group in December2006 to join the big event “Retro FM” in Moscow. But I don?t want to give any samples in order to not offend those who like these songs anyway.
In the band we have hard rockers, retro pop listeners, classical fans and even some jazz diggers. Some of us have side projects in the studio and spend quite a bit of time there when we?re at home.
But as their two characters work together, their feelings change, and the media starts to take notice of their budding romance. After some silent years we went back on stage and meet an audience of 40 000 that new the lyrics of our songs better than we did.
Personally I?m not a fan of today’s pop music, which I often find to main streamed for my taste.
It's encouraging [to have their support] while promoting, and we exchange advice about our music. A musical based on Secret Service music with a story based in early 80-ies Russia, before the wall went down.

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