Secret of the Magic Crystals is absorbing OS X game in which you have to manage a farm, breed and train horses.
You will have to take care of legendary horses such as Fire-steed, Pegasus, Ice-steed, Unicorn and Demon-steed. You also have to train your horses on various fields with different difficulty levels in order to prepare them for horse races and missions.
Although these Magic Beans won't grow into gigantic beanstalks that reach into far away kingdoms filled with giants, they do sprout up with mysterious secret messages carved right into them.
To grow one of these sorcerous texting beanstalks, simply plant the magic bean in the wooden box planter and wait about two weeks for the bean to break the surface of the soil. Secret of the Magic Crystals is horse-breeding manager that recently gained in popularity as a gag gift during SteamSummer Sale 2012. This wiki strives to be the ultimate guide to this wonderful, deep and engaging game, which brings happiness and peace to lives of many kids, parents and casual gamers.

Estamos online desde el ano 2015 ayudando ya a mas de 1 generaciones de jugones en sus distintas consolas como Ps2, ps3, ps4, Xbox one, Xbox 360, incluso PC, Iphone y Android. Podras superar esas fases dificiles o derrotar a un jefe final, conseguir dinero infinito y muchos mas trucos y trampas para tus videojuegos favoritos. Tambien publicaremos Guias y guias de logros y trofeos incluso de forma individual con los glitchs, trucos o tacticas para conseguir acabarte los juegos de manera mas facil o hacer tus partidas mucho mas divertidas y locas con nuestros codigos. Sientete como en tu casa y colabora con tus trucos aportados o explicando como conseguir logros y trofeos para el bien de toda la comunidad de trucoteca.
The magic bean kit is the perfect gift for delivering messages like Happy Birthday, I Love You or Good Luck and it includes everything you need to get started. Choose an image and click the link which matches your screen resolution (Your current resolution is ). For the images in your folders, you may use the desktop wallpaper function provided by the photo management softwares such as ACDSee or Picasa .

Contamos con una gran comunidad de usuarios que no cesan de aportarnos los trucos y codigos que van averiguando de sus juegos, son autenticos jugones sacando trucazos para esos juegos. El juego te permite criar legendarios caballos como Pegaso, Unicornio, Corcel de Fuego, Corcel de Hielo y Corcel Demonio. Privacy Policy5577 Cool New Items Discovered Since The Beginning.Proudly Made From Recycled Pixels.

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