Description: An MMORPG set in a current-day world, albeit with magic and secret organizations. Much like Star Wars: The Old Republic, character creation is accompanied by optional videos that set the stage and give a bit of background info on each faction.
One of TSW’s main marketing points is its focus on puzzle-based quests, and in-game browser to help the player solve these riddles. Travel between major areas is done via an underground world-tree whose individual branches represent unique, traversable paths. Crafting is done via a Minecraft-like interface where ingredients are physically placed on a grid in a rough representation of the desired item. In addition to the global currency, factions hand out unique coins for completing quests that are then used to trade with their vendors.
So, basically, this is just another ho-hum MMO that hasn’t put much initial effort into the few good ideas it brought to the genre, right? Well, obviously a lot of effort went into the game, but it’s not nearly as unique and offbeat an MMO as the reviews make it sound. Hi, my name's Radek Koncewicz and I'm the Creative Lead of Incubator Games, a small development studio I started with a few former coworkers.
I think a lot about videogames, and write a lot of it down too, so I figured why not make it public?

O verao tem destas coisas… como e uma altura em que mesmo os mais viciados abrandam nos jogos de computador (esta bom tempo la fora, ne?), surgem as promocoes de verao para cativar o pessoal a jogar! Mit der Nutzung unserer Webseite erklarst du dich damit einverstanden, dass wir Cookies verwenden. The Secret War ist ein Browsergame fur soziale Netzwerke, in dem sich alles um den Konflikt zwischen den Drachen, den Templern und den Illuminaten dreht, den drei Geheimgesellschaften aus The Secret World.
Anschlie?end hast du die Moglichkeit Freunde zu rekrutieren und diese als Agenten auf der Weltkarte zu platzieren. Da The Secret War auf den Netzwerkfunktionen von Facebook basiert, benotigst du einen Facebook-Zugang, um am Spiel teilnehmen zu konnen. Deal: Xbox One Quantum Break Bundle + Star Wars - Das Erwachen der Macht (Blu-ray) jetzt fur nur 269 € inkl.
However, in practice they are quite obtuse, recalling the silly, overcomplicated, and illogical mysteries of The Da Vinci Code. These are fully voiced and do a good job of world-building, but unfortunately their completion does not result in any permanent changes to the world itself. It’s a clever way of magically connecting the entire world, and a suitably modular system for introducing new locations.
Crafting in general plays a large part in the game as item-drops are relatively rare and many items are not easily purchasable.

Dein Hauptziel im Spiel ist es, deine Geheimgesellschaft im Kampf um die Weltherrschaft zu unterstutzen. Fur diese und weitere Aktionen erhaltst du Punkte und Einfluss in deiner Geheimgesellschaft. The puzzles do help to add variety, but they’re not that frequent and the in-game browser is better suited to directly looking up their solutions rather than trying to piece together misspelled bits of Latin scripture.
The crafting and disassembling is a bit clunky, though, as it involves various prerequisites that are not always clear.
Welche Gesellschaft dabei am besten zu dir passt, findest du uber einen Personlichkeitstest zu Beginn des Spiels heraus.
Mit jedem neuen Rang erwarten dich exklusive Belohnungen wie Bekleidung oder Waffen, die dann in The Secret World verwendet werden konnen.
Weitere Infos findest du im offiziellen FAQ zu The Secret War, direkt zum Spiel gelangst du uber die offizielle TSW-Webseite.
Erreichst du den hochstmoglichen Rang, erhaltst du zudem garantierten Zugang zu den Beta-Wochenenden des MMOs.

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