In fact, ghost hunter Harry Price already knew the answer to that shortly after Evans’ presentations.
But the rest is history, or that is, so many people reproducing those images originally made famous by the Daily Mirror, which were in fact explained away as the hoax they were less than a year later. One may think Evans’ case is a particularly bad example, and remind of how a psychic investigator correctly noted the hoax immediately after the event, and that is very well true.
Forgetomori has a good blog post exposing jackasses through the ages who pretend to levitate as a way of bilking deluded suckers. Note the final body shape appearing in close up at the end of the clip, you can see the movements show the characteristic smoothness of CGI animation.
Actually, yours is a worthy historical examination of the fact that responsible parapsychology investigators were aware of what was occurring back then, and exposed such things publicly. When confronted with the real explanation, it’s their rejection of reality that simply reinforces belief that the woo-woos will grasp at any straw whatsoever in their pathological need to believe in fantasy. I know it’s an illusion using photography, but please explain how Cris angel does this on the street in broad daylight ? On Blaine’s levitation without strings, for instance, apparently he did use the Balducci effect (which involves going up with one feet while hiding it with another) and that surprised some real people in the streets.
Those are not exactly hoaxes, as illusionism, mentalism and all have always involved the blurring of illusion and reality, though one can certainly question if what they do is ethical. Indeed, Loren, I must admit I was surprised to find that a psi investigator of the time obviously knew what was going on, and that some sitters also seem to have realized it too. I never paid much attention to this photo, having seen it many times, as I simply assumed it was a crude hoax and the “medium” appeared to be suspended by an invisible string.

It is a flash-illuminated picture of a seance held at Wortley Hall in Finsburg Park, London, showing the attendees holding hands and medium Colin Evans ‘levitating’. His movement was freezed by the flash, which he himself activated with that cord, but not entirely, as his feet are blurred.
Colin Evans managed to fill a room with a crowd, but he could only “levitate” in complete darkness! Unfortunately, not that serious “investigators” and many other cases of crudely hoaxed levitations are everywhere to be found in popular resources. The Enfield case does not consist solely of that photo, but that photo alone hardly is evidence of anything out of the ordinary. Among the many suggestions, one of the most interesting involves a Pepper’s Ghost effect, the same one used at the Haunted Mansion.
Home effect, he probably prepared a video clip which he would playback on a LCD screen which is attached to the outside of the window. It also reinforces the ancient proverb that new nickels have a way of traveling around to the same old hands.
He carefully controls the distance between himself and the onlookers, as well as the angle from which the trick is viewed.
The photos taken from the side also reveal the awkward position of his body, and all of them (which record at least two different levitations) show some kind of cord in his left hand. A cord leading from a device in Evan’s hand indicates it was he who triggered the flash-photograph – a critical act since the evidence of the photo itself reveals the mechanism of ‘levitation’ and thus indicates its momentary nature: Evan’s feet are a blur above the seat of his chair, his body is in a partially crouched position, and his hair is in disarray.
Nickel criticizes the photo being presented as “incontrovertible proof that the pull of gravity can be defied” in Joyce Robins’s The World’s Greatest Mysteries (1989).

Home would have appeared to be floating outside the window when in fact it was just his reflection.
The multiple layers of glass reflecting room light and the fact its captured by camera hide the flat nature of the image, convincing the observer that they see actual 3D shapes moving around outside. There are many pages on the internet which discuss this trick, as well as numerous others that he and various other magicians perform. But what was shown on TV also included a short take of Blaine being elevated around a few feet high, which was actually done with cables. If springing into the air from a crouched position is levitating[…]”, writes skeptic Joe Nickell in Camera Clues: A Handbook for Photographic Investigation.
The Internet didn’t make things that much better, but at least and long last you are now reading this expose! One would assume he probably didn’t, but we can also concede it probably looked like he did. It’s amazing when one realizes how far you can go with a bit of misdirection and controlled perspective.

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