Until you try and order something off-menu during the lunch time rush with a line of people out the door. And, remember, just because your local location doesn't have a secret menu doesn't mean you can't help make one.
Courtesy Umami BurgerWest Coast favorite, Umami Burger, just opened its first NYC location.In the most highly anticipated New York foodie news since the cronut's debut, beloved West Coast gourmet burger chain Umami BurgerA has finally opened its first New York outpost in Greenwich Village. Since its doorsA opened Monday, the lines have been down the block, with wait times up to three and a half hours.

The menu has something for everyone, from sweet and savory toppings to vegetarian options for non-meat eaters.
A fan of Umami Burger from my days living in Los Angeles, I knew I had to try the New York location the moment it opened. Not everyone restaurant is in the know, you might have to try visiting a few to get what you want.
Not for the restaurant employees who are slammed with orders, not for the people behind you trying to feed their pie holes during the 30 mins they have for lunch, and not for you when they make you wait an hour to get what you asked for.

There's no guarantee that your order-taker will know what a "Flying Dutchman" or a "White Gummie Bear" is (although the guy behind him might).
Whatever you're asking for isn't something the employees are used to making, so mistakes have a tendency to crop up.

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