There are more than 20 unique racing vehicles in Jeep Thrills with Racing Wheel game which are based form the classic World War II to action-oriented concept cars.
In the game there are various outstanding racing vehicles designed which I have never seen in any other games.
Jeep Thrills with Racing Wheel is a different kind of racing game on Wii platform which offers new racing tracks, car models and many more. I have played all levels and tracks with my friends and they are really superb… With help of some features I can make my gameplay more interesting.
There are various features included in the game by which I can easily upgrade my vehicles to make it more powerful in different races. I even excluded games that only had Gameboy versions released at the same time, and that list is still huge. Incidentally, I didn't count how many 1992 NES releases were cross-platform, but it seemed to be close in number to the 43 exclusives listed above. The Wizard's House is up in the northwest, but there's a lotta monsters on the rather narrow path between here and there.
Marsh's Blunt Spear raises Attack by 4 and has a range of two panels, while Gill is stuck with a crummy Blunt Sword that only raises Attack by 3.
Fighters will act as meat shields and can definitely bring the pain, but mostly they'll be softening up enemies for Archers to pick off.
Bows can't attack panels directly beside the Archer, but the Wooden Bow has a really low range (pictured above), it makes it difficult to get into a position to target enemies, particularly in this first battle. Just Breed is a Famicom game, so it doesn't have the sophisticated SRPG stuff we're used to like highlighting the areas within your attack range or places you can move. Once everyone on a team moves, their round is automatically concluded and you can select a new team, or if all your teams have moved it switches to the enemy's turn.
When a character kills an enemy or enemies, their whole squad is awarded the experience after their turn is concluded. When the battle is concluded, you're treated to a little victory screen of the Sapphire Salamanders (+1) scrambling across a black screen to strike a pose.
I'm pretty sure you technically don't need to kill all the enemies, you just have to move Oxide to the house and end the turn. When it subsides, he moves on, only to see that a FuSoYa clone is in the yard practicing his fire breathing. Another man is waiting at the front door and invites Oxide in while they wait on the Master to finish practicing his party tricks.
Unlike the folks in town, he's actually put a bit of thought into the town's future: If the Priestess, Sapphire and Town Guard are gone, it kinda leaves the people of Astholm really, really vulnerable, and he is quite literally the town's last line of defense, so maybe he shouldn't go on an awesome globe-trotting adventure, you know?
Master induces Isaac to show off his mad magical skills for Oxide, and the trio head out into the yard. The Master also apologizes for Isaac's incompetence, and then gets distracted by a shiny thing. Anyway, Isaac follows Oxide around on the screen until he leaves the Wizard's House, which sort of implies he'll be an actual character in the storyline. We could use the Book of Strim to automatically go back to Astholm, or we could slaughter more monsters for experience and cash money. Magicians have unique equipment compared to all other units: Staves for weapons and Robes as armor.

Robes tend to have far less physical defense than regular armor, but compensate for it by having higher elemental defenses. The second battle yielded enough experience to boost the Sapphire Salamanders up to level 2.
In the game there are more than 36 different racing tracks and each track are created in various locations such as frozen tundra, mountain, hilled jungles and more. Now I can take advantage of playing this game with my friends and make fun… Rocking Game!!!
Locations of each level are created in different places, so that it gives experience of a real racing match. Clue is back with a modern twist: a soiree at a millionaire mogul's mansion turned deadly, and you must find out who is responsible for murdering the host.
Although the action in Just Breed takes place on the map rather than in cutaways, all of the enemies in the game have more detailed portraits on the status screen.
His base stats are higher, his starting equipment is better, his stat growth is well above average and he can use magic. It costs 3 MP and can technically hit anywhere on the screen, but sometimes the game is a bit finicky about what counts as on the screen.
Both are wearing Linen Clothes, which is pretty much the bottom of the barrel as far as equipment goes: +2 Defense, +2 Fire Defense, +2 Ice Defense and +12 Instant Death Defense.
Their stats are worse than Fighters, as are their growth rates, they can only wear light armor, and can't equip shields. Later maps will be more friendly to Archers, as will later Bows, which'll have larger ranges.
To begin, you have to select the Squad's Captain, which will highlight their whole squad and begin their turn. I mentioned that the camera locks to the Captain, and that means the characters on that team can't move off screen, even if it would technically be within their movement range. However, the map is so tightly packed that would be difficult to do without killing all the enemies and plus you'd miss out on all the experience and cash. Oxide doesn't really have a choice what with Isaac having a unique sprite and also already appearing on the victory screen anyway. The 108 Stars of Destiny36 Stars of Heaven will be united under Captain Oxide's Sapphire Tiara! The Book of Strim is a consumable item that's analogous to your Chimera Wings in Dragon Quest: It allows you to teleport to any town you've visited before.
We don't have to backtrack like this often since most of our destinations from here on out will be forward rather than off to the side. The Cotton Robe isn't a great example, but it raises Defense by 2, while raising Fire and Ice Defense by 4 and Instant Death Defense by 6.
Just Breed is like Dragon Quest in that spell damage is constant and unmodified by the caster's stats. Antique Armor can be worn by Fighters and Archers raises Defense by 4 and has the same elemental defense breakdown as other armors in this class: Fire Defense + 2, Ice Defense + 4 and Instant Death Defense + 12. Oxide would get it, but his Captain's Uniform can't be worn by anyone else, so it would be kind of a waste. There's no Revolver or Billiard Room this time but could it have been Scarlet with the Barbell in the Spa?

There's not much to say about these particular monsters: MushEyes are the bottom-tier scrub enemies, while Ratachus are just a bit hardier but don't hit as hard. I, uh, actually don't remember what happens if he dies, but you lose the battle you're fighting. He's also wearing a unique piece of equipment called the Captain's Uniform, which only he can wear. Anyway, the Sapphire Tiara can only be worn by Oxide and raises Ice Defense by 57 and Instant Death Defense by 48. Gill has slightly higher HP and Stamina growth, while Marsh has slightly higher Power growth, but the difference is so negligible you are unlikely to notice a difference.
On paper they're pretty bad and the first battle really doesn't give a good impression of what they can do.
The camera will lock on to the Squad's Captain, and you'll be free to move the characters in this squad. Likewise, the Captain can't move to a position that would take one of his teammates off the screen. Later ones will have a longer range, but it's not like you'll be using a Magician for physical attacks that often.
Magicians themselves have innate elemental defense (Isaac naturally has 10 for Fire and Ice) and a tendency toward high Wisdom stats (magic defense), so they're pretty well protected against enemy spells compared to the rest of the army.
It's a weak, single-target fire spell (the weakest damage spell in the game, even) that costs 2 MP to cast.
From this point on, unless otherwise noted, assume that all non-Robe armors have these stats for elemental defense. Open up the tabloid-style instructions to get the scoop on the updated rooms, weapons, and guests. Stingers can fly, which means they don't have to worry about terrain slowing them down, as well as cross over bodies of water. It raises Defense by 3 (Defense or DP is the calculated by adding your armor's Defense value to the character's Stamina stat), Fire Defense by 2, Ice Defense by 4, and Instant Death Defense by 12. A deck of Intrigue Cards adds suspense to your game with cards that can help you solve the crime faster or result in a second victim! That last one is kind of pointless, since I believe he's naturally immune to instant death magic. One of the Stingers will start coming at the party earlier in the battle, but the other two will hang around the Wizard's House and wait for you to get close. Narrow down which rumors are true and which are just hearsay-and get caught up in the scandal of the century! But if you do get into trouble, you can retreat back to Astholm by moving Oxide over the town graphic and ending the turn.

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