You’ll need to wait a little longer for your first taste of Western action on the PlayStation 4, as developer Switchblade Monkeys has confirmed that its next-gen shooter Secret Ponchos is taking a siesta for the time being.
For those out of the rootin’-tootin’ loop, the isometric shooter will see you pick a cowboy and battle in snazzy Spaghetti Western-inspired deathmatches. A true PlayStation veteran, Sammy's covered the world of PS gaming for years, with an enormous Trophy count to prove it. Switchblade Monkeys has announced that its stylish PvP shooter, Secret Ponchos, will be releasing for the PS4 on December 2, 2014. What’s even better about this release date announcement is the fact that Switchblade Monkeys will be offering the game for free to PlayStation Plus subscribers during the month of December! The lineup of titles that are coming to the PlayStation Plus instant game collection in December has just been revealed for both North America and Europe, confirming that plenty of impressive experiences will debut for free on PS4, PS3, and PS Vita.
Sony has gotten its PlayStation Plus subscribers used to many impressive deals, and last month saw the release of quite a few free games for the program, not to mention several confirmations about the major titles that will be released for free in December and January. Now, the next month is almost upon us and Sony has released a timely announcement on the PS blog about the different free titles that will soon join the Instant Game Collection next week, starting on December 2. Secondly, there's Secret Ponchos, an indie Wild West-themed multiplayer title that tasks players with surviving anything from 1 vs.

Last but not least, PS Vita owners will also receive two great titles, in the form of Final Horizon, which delivers an intense action strategy experience, as well as Titan Attacks that's also available, via the Crossbuy system, for the PS3 and PS4.
All these new titles will go free when the PlayStation Store updates next week, on December 2 in North America and on December 3 in Europe. Check out a video and a few screenshots with the new games joining the PS Plus collection below. Full hip measurement is measured taking into account belly protuberance and is always more than hip measurement. Printing widthcm This file format is intended for printed as a continuous wide sheet of paper. Originally expected to be part of April’s recently announced PlayStation Plus lineup, the studio confirmed on Twitter that the gunslinger isn’t quite ready for a showdown with the PlayStation Store just yet.
Filling your opponents full of lead will reward you with reputation points, which can then be invested into customising your character’s looks and abilities.
To celebrate this announcement a batch of new PS4 screens have been released and they look fantastic. If you enjoy fast paced arcade stye twin stick shooting action, you will most definitely appreciate Secret Ponchos.

Players will be able to control some of the most famous and infamous heroes and villains from the DC Comics universe in some intense battles.
You can take the full hip measurement while holding something vertically next to your tummy (e.g. We recommend ordering a free pattern in Dxf format first to make sure your software is compatible with DXF files.
It’s being powered by Sony’s proprietary PhyreEngine, but sadly there’s no word on a new date.
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