Secret Recipe, a lifestyle café chain has become a household name following its debut in 1997. A leading and largest café chain in Malaysia, with Halal certification awarded by Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM), Secret Recipe is committed to continue to adhere to the standards of preparation of all food in the restaurant in accordance to the regulatory guidelines.
To share this with friends, copy and paste this permalink into an email or instant message. Dearest readers, this week I’d like to share with you my secret recipe for BROWNIES that I sell on my stall. The first brownie recipe was published by Fannie Merrit Farmer in 1896, which calls for a nut tobe embedded in the centre.
200g of nuts of your choice (pistachio, walnuts, hazelnuts, pecans – You can use just one type or use all four types like I do.
I’ve just returned home from an hour in the gym and would kill (had I the energy spare), for a slab of that brown joy right now. It would be a joy to experince your boundless hospitality once more, so consider your invitation accepted.
No call again from you or Claire this week so I thought I’d try your recipe out to see me through next week. It shouldn’t be a problem wether it is a fan oven I think – mine is also a fan oven too!
I also have a problem with oven temperature and keep forgetting to buy myself an oven thermometer.
I’m a newcomer to your blog and I love that you are sharing your tried and true recipes. I’ve tried this brownie recipe many times and it never fails to impress others and myself with the gooey texture! The only thing that happens all the time is that even after leaving the baked brownies to rest for the whole day, the centre comes out as very soft and seems uncooked.
Kudos to you for being such a nice and generous lady who share your very detailed recipes even though you are selling your bakes! Im Brazilian have lived in London and now back to Brazil growing Cocoa Beans and now producing organiz cocoa powder so will try your brownie recipe with my own “chocolate”! Next time Im in London will give you some of my cocoa raw beans and also powder so you can try on your delicious recipes!!
Just a quick note to say that I made these brownies for a weekend with some friends, and they were absolutely delicious (proof: they were gone in no time).
By the way your blog is very nice also and I hope that one day I will visit London and your stall of course!
I just tried your Luxury Brownies Recipe and I used cashew nut as it is easy to find in Thailand. I’m a South African and i just dicovered your blog by accident really but i will chcking again. Ages ago I go, I made your fantastic brownies for a go at a summer market here in Australia and I said I would let you know how it went! I was craving for brownies and googled for a recipe…and found yours–I just had to try it!! That was really fabulous and great to note how you have shared the guarded secret of this wonderful recipe, now i knew why it looks so delicious, thank you very much for sharing the recipe and the little known secret too.
RE: Banana cake recipe, you simply caramelize some bananas (split lengthways), align them beautifully on the bottom of the pan like you say (leave aside some to incoporate in the cake batter). I will be in London from 10 – 26 April, so I am definitely coming to visit you at the Market. My boss LOVES my first attempt using your brownie recipe – the one where I thought I over-whisked the eggs – which goes to show how different everyones tastebuds are! I should be popping by either on 10 April or 17 April, but will confirm with you closer to the date. Okay, nearly 3 years later I finally got round to making these – and I swear I will never use another brownie recipe again. Yes, after 35 minutes (in a glass dish) they were moist and fudgy, just the way I remember the ones from your stall! I just tried the recipe and it’s WAY too much butter, pretty much ruined the consistency. Also, my brownie was quite crumbly ie it kindda falls apart easily and I need to eat it with a spoon. Hm…, not quite sure why it is bubbling nor so crumbly… I wish I was there to see you do it!
I see… Well, yes, try using an oven thermometer, & then let me know how it goes!
Dont quit running a blog now, I’ll be again for more of it, just had had to say thank you yet again!
We had a holiday weekend (Independence Day here in New York) dinner with family, and I served these luscious brownies with a fresh homemade strawberry sorbet. I am trained in the Graphic Design field too but now I am teaching Art to secondary students in Malaysia.

If I do the double boiling where I put butter, sugar, and chocolate together, will the result become different?? Now, thanks to you and your generosity in sharing the recipe, I have had my first ever baking success. How absolutely wonderful of you to report back about how this recipe was so successful for you!!
Hello, i have this amazing good chocolate that I use for brownies but it is big as a hole piece and would take me forever to chop it all down. I have made countless number of brownies recipes all over the internet and for me yours is the best in this world, and I stop searching for better rec. What would you do if you stumbled upon that finger-lickin' recipe for Kentucky Fried Chicken? Photo: Roger Eaton, president of KFC USA, holds a commemorative representation of KFC's 11 secret herbs and spices.
A delicate menu of 6 ready-to-serve set Bento which includes Grilled Cod Fish, Sashimi, Fried Tempura, Vinegared Octupus, Mackarel & Prawn, Boiled White Radish even a fresh Salad. Secret Recipe has successfully established its brand name in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, China and Philippines by virtue of its fine quality cakes, fusion food and distinctive service. Customers can always enjoy in confidence from more than 20 types of fusion food, 40 cake creations and pastries, with a flavourful range of ice cream and beverages offered in all Secret Recipe outlets. In a short period of ten years, Secret Recipe has experienced a rapid growth of over 150 cafes throughout the region. Leave aside some nuts to decorate the surface of the brownies with (in my opinion, walnuts look best). I’m a baker (muffins mainly) in my hometown in Ireland and when I started a blog I was unsure about posting my recipes too. Like Michelle, I also found your blog (and by extension the recipe) through Chocolate + Zucchini. I made the brownies last sunday, and shared them with my coworkers in the office on monday – they all raved about it and it was gone by the end of the day. I am studying for exams right now and these brownies helped me through times of frustration :) My co-students felt the same I think, as the brownies were gone in one session. I changed the recipe a tiny bit putting a little of the chocolate into the butter and suger mixture to cool it of a bit before adding the eggs. I made 1,5 the batch, but using only 250g butter altogether (I feared I’d get greasy brownies again as with other recipes). I reduced the amount of sugar (200 g.) and I decorated the surface with walnuts and a few chocolate chunks as well. Wish I was in London cos I’d love to drop by and say hi and buy your delicious cakes!!! Do you put them on the bottom of your cake pan and do you put some inside the batter as well? Were you aware that your recipe, meant for a single 8″ x 8″ pan, calls for an entire cup of butter? And again thank you for sharing a totally legendary recipe which has become a regular part of my repertoire – every time I make them they are perfect, delicious and last about 4 minutes! It’s me the girl from Indonesia who failed your lemon drizzle cake twice last year(and still a bit traumatized with any genoise recipe).
Just wondering mine were really gooey in the centre the kids loved them but I wasn’t sure if that was the way they should have been To what consistency do you whisk the eggs? Over the net I learned doing truffles, and I am still learning.Also, like you, I send them as gifts to my friends. There is no double-boiling involved, you just have to pour very hot melted butter+sugar mixture on top of the solid chocolate+eggs. If the chocolate is in a block, unfortunately for you, you would still need to chop it to a pellet size for it to melt when the piping hot mixture is poured in on step 4. That way, you’d get a very glossy looking mixture, which contributes to the shiny surface when baked. Our recipe calls for a special blend of six herbs and spices, including Hungarian paprika, crushed garlic, kosher salt, rosemary, cayenne pepper and thyme.
Secret Recipe continuously strives to surpass its own accomplishments and to be recognized as a leader in the industry. But I figured if someone wanted to get up half an hour before they went to bed to bake for a living then they have my blessing. I’ll be popping to the shop to stock up on a variety of nuts, then will have all I need to give your recipe a try. I’m glad a proffesional photographer like youself think that my brownies look good in my picture. I’m baking for the first time, and am really grateful that the recipe turned out so well. I ran out of cocoa powder when making, so I used drinking chocolate from Bonnat for the missing amount. But you know, so many of you are adding it later, I think it is slowly making me shift my camp to that methodology too!

It seems that my 16 squares were more chunky than yours, and I did use a 20 cm square mould! I guess, just go with your instincts, think about how much you’d like to pay for one.
Is it possible to have your banana bread recipe because it looked so yummy on the pictures, merci. I made them for two different parties in 8 days and both times there wasn’t a crumb left.
Today I baked this brownies, although I have to admit that I reduce the butter a bit(I used 200gr), and reduce almost half of the sugar(I use 180gr). But then again, these roles are not that vital in a brownie I guess, it is mostly for sponge. If you like the taste, it may be worthwhile doing it once more but with longer period in the oven to test what’s best for you?
I took it out of the oven after 18 minutes but I could see many bubbles on the surface bubbling away. At first I thought there was a mistake with the amount of butter, as the bottom of the pan was very greasy (alot more than usual with other recipes). I think that you could do with some pics to drive the message home a little bit, but other than that, this is excellent blog.
And from Cyprus too – I still get a buzz that this blog is being read in other countries, let alone anyone.
Add to that, most of the recipes I see on the net call for ingredients which are unheard of in India, where I stay.. I was recommended your site by a friend just a couple of days back and the occasion was perfect to try them.
Oh my God it came out divine, melt in mouth, even the texture is perfect and so tasty that for the next 2 days i’ve only ate brownies and drank water.
Yeah, getting the temperature right in the oven is pretty much the most vital part of the baking process – if you wanna see the fruits of your labour – so it really is important to get an oven thermometer! They look great with the different nuts (in the past I would just have used one kind, but you have definately convinced me that a mix is better). I had a handfull of each pistacios, almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts – turned out to be the perfect combination! Also, sometimes, pricing it cheap to attract customers can be the solution, & then sell more that way… Anyway, good luck! The first time I did them with mixed nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, pecans and brazil nuts) and the second time I did them with walnuts and dried cherries, which I think is my favourite. Only thing was it was a bit too oozy in the middle when cut, although it was really firm when I took it out of the oven.
Would you try to improve upon it -- and then open up your own chain to rival the fried-chicken king? If only these brownies had wings, to fly to you in the States, so that you can take a picture instead of me! I was afraid of adding the eggs to the hot butter-sugar mixture, so I added the eggs after combining with the chocolate. If I may, I would like to ask you a question about prices, could you help me for a sale at a friend’s house next Thursday? No one seemed to mind though that some of the squares had to be eaten with a spoon cos the taste was awesome!
I was so happy when I came across your site and this recipe yesterday…the process looked simple, the ingredients were all locally available. Like you said, my mixture was really shiny and glossy even before baking and tasted so good that I was almost tempted to eat it raw. Because of my experimantation, I hope I will be able to reproduce these again, because they’re the best brownies ever! But please do drop me a message when you know which weekend, so that I’ll double make sure that I be there!! I did not have time to wait for a whole day but the brownies were pretty awesome nonetheless. KFC's original secret blend -- handwritten by the colonel himself, on a now-yellowed piece of paper -- was moved temporarily to an undisclosed location to make way for security improvements. Xx And remember it tastes better when baked a day in advance, and very slightly under cooked for the gooey-ness!!
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