Chicago, IL a€“ What at first appeared to be a sincere attempt at bringing light to the problem of child sexual abuse has turned out to be a massive joke by perhaps the most powerful and influential broadcaster in the world. The message was supposedly posted by a member of anonymous, a secret groups that revolves around sites such as 4chan and Encyclopedia Dramatica. While viewers of the show and users of the Oprah Winfrey show message board have taken the comments seriously, it now appears that Winfrey was participating in a Rick Roll of her own.
That is of course the official line, but several staffers from the Winfrey show have reportedly been told to collect their belongings from the Chicago offices.

Some though are disputing the official line, saying instead that this is damage control designed at preventing backlash and a great deal of embarrassment that could be caused by such a powerful figure falling for such an old joke. We tried to contact Harpo productions for further comment but our calls were not returned. The over 9000 remark is part of the meme creation that has also spawned mainstream hits such as Rick Rolling and Tay Zonday.
Officials for Harpo productions are maintaining that the entire incident is a joke and that no one is being terminated as a result.

There was no word as to whether or not Winfrey would be revealing the nature of the joke on her show.

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