If, for some reason, we could not send an email to one or more of your participants, it will be noted on this screen with further instructions on how to continue.
Secret Santa Supreme by peapod apps is the best looking Secret Santa app in the iPhone app store.
You can create a separate group for each gift exchange, so you can have one for family, the workplace or your students. Add participants to a group either by entering each person's name, or directly from your iPhone's address book. If you choose to reveal the draw results using email, each participant will receive an email with a link to their very own online wish list center. Here they will be able to create a wish list of gifts they'd like to receive which will help their Secret Santa choose the perfect present. The elves will carefully read each wish list and search the Internet for the best gifts to buy!

If you have any problems using "Secret Santa" or would like to suggest a feature, Mike and Fiona would love to hear from you.
Then I will email you asking you for your home adress (it won’t be shared, I will only tell your secret santa (aka the person who will send you a parcel), and dietary restrictions. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Reveal each participant's lucky person in a secret email or get everyone together and simply pass the phone around! Gather everyone together and pass the phone around, or ask the elves to send each poerson an email!
I was thinking it would be such a lovely idea to organise one of those secret santa games between foodie instagramers. Next, I will email you with the name, instagram account and home adress of the person you’ll have to ship the goodies to so you can put together a lovely little parcel for them!

Sorry to all of you who are from America, Oceania, Asia and Africa, but worldwide shipping can get crazy!!
It would be such a terrible thing to so to your partner :'( If you can, get your parcel tracked, so it doesn’t get lost! If you want to take part, simply leave your email adress below in the comments or below MY SECRET SANTA PICTURE ON INSTAGRAM. Create unlimited groups and impress everyone with our unique pass around feature, or simply ask the elves to send a secert email to everyone!
Yes, you may regram it to help get people get on board, but make sure you write your details BELOW MINE.

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