Large families are wonderful, but purchasing gifts for brothers, sisters, cousins, nieces, nephews and their significant others can put quite a strain on the pocketbook.
Nowadays, many families opt for a “Secret Santa” gift exchange: Each person draws the name of another family member, purchasing  just that one gift.
But instead of going to the store and getting something that you ponder about forever or the other person doesn’t really need -our price limit is between $15 and $20 and the theme is food and drink. My in-laws do a ‘Yankee Swap’ (Chinese grab bag, white elephant) everyone buys a gift worth $10, we draw numbers and then the picking begins. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. With a well-rounded education and work experience on her side, Lauren takes her vast knowledge of all things fashion and delivers it to women.
People should really consider setting down their smart phone and picking up a deck of cards – designer cards. Newsletter Sign upFashion tips, advice, and insider secrets, delivered straight to your inbox!
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Use this fabulous guide to help you find some great Secret Santa gift ideas for your family members this year! CHRISTMASSECRET SANTAGIFTS GUIDEFOR THE FAMILY Use this fabulous guide to help you find some great Secret Santa gift ideas for your family members!
FOR DADBuying gifts for your Dad can be a nightmare.Instead of buying him the usual socks, whynot take a look at some unusual presents thisyear like these below? FOR BIG SISTERSHave you got one of those girly oldersisters who loves to dress up in glitzyjewellery and put on lots of makeup?

FOR LITTLE SISTERSFor those little sisters who are just gettinginto makeup and playing grown-up, funcharacter stationary and lip balms alwaysmake a nice idea for a Secret Santa gift.
FOR LITTLE BROTHERSFor little brothers that are used to playingvideo games why not buy a practical gift hecan use with his hands.
FOR GRANDDADHere are some gifts that will take yourGrandad back to when he was young…Who wouldn’t want an old fashionedtelephone again? FOR CATS & DOGSPets are always a part of the family, somake sure you don’t leave them out thisyear.
Some of my blogger friends and I got together to do a DIY Secret Santa gift for each other.
What I’m getting ready to share with you all was made for Megan over at Rhapsody in Rooms. It appears to have gone down in price by about $4 since I purchased so now might be the time to grab it up!
Be sure to take a look at all the rest of the Secret Santa gifts in the tour links below.
I know I can’t wait to go through them all to see the creative goodness everyone has come up with! Also, be sure to check back here on Friday (Black Friday) to see something I made with my Silhouette AND see some of the great Black Friday deals they’ve got going on! I usually look at my recipient’s Facebook page or Goodreads profile to see what books they have read and enjoyed over the year and then I gift them a book that is similar so I know they will enjoy it. So they can have fun, feel powerful, and become transformed into their true selves through the power of style. Most women love to spread candles out around their office or house for decoration and fragrance!

If your looking for a gift for your Mum, Dad, Brother or Sister, there is something in this guide for everyone! Take a look at these wonderfulpresent ideas and get a really nice SecretSanta present to put under the tree for herthis year!
Give a little Secret Santa gift underthe tree this year and get them happilybounding around your living room. If interested in getting the same one you can check here, *Burlap Natural Holiday Christmas Stocking.
Each holiday they sit together – each with a gift in hand – to read “Twas the Night Before Christmas.” When the word ‘the” is read, the gifts are passed to the person to the right. Each person would write their name and a couple things they wanted on the list, then each adult picked a name and we kept it a secret until Christmas day. Lucky for you, you can save that stress for another day because I’ve got some sure to please gift ideas for your next Secret Santa gift exchange. When the tale is over, the gift left in your hand is yours (special consideration is given for kids). Last night I was feeling frisky so I went ahead and turned the stocking to naughty just to see how it felt.

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