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Here are eight things to organize now that will help you stick to (or even come in under) your holiday budget. Who says you have to wait for the holiday season to pick up gifts (unless it’s something to be eaten)? Sales can be quite hectic because all the good stuff is picked up in the blink of an eye and you can’t be in multiple parts of the store at once. Although it is tempting, there is absolutely no need to go overboard in decorating the house.
Homemade gifts are a wonderful alternative to expensive, store-bought goods…if you organize yourself and aren’t rushing around at the last minute. Large families are wonderful, but purchasing gifts for brothers, sisters, cousins, nieces, nephews and their significant others can put quite a strain on the pocketbook.
Nowadays, many families opt for a “Secret Santa” gift exchange: Each person draws the name of another family member, purchasing  just that one gift.
But instead of going to the store and getting something that you ponder about forever or the other person doesn’t really need -our price limit is between $15 and $20 and the theme is food and drink. My in-laws do a ‘Yankee Swap’ (Chinese grab bag, white elephant) everyone buys a gift worth $10, we draw numbers and then the picking begins.

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What does every Christmas tree need (apart from lots of baubles, tinsel and a magnificent star on top)… presents! Roll on, Secret Santa.
We feature HR  professionals who are making a real difference in their organisations and showcase the fantastic work they’re doing. We unearth inspiring role models and showcase practical and achievable solutions from employers and employees. In most people’s minds, John and Sam significantly lowered the bar and took a bit of the spirit out of the tradition. Or are those complaining, simply being cheap?  How would you handle the situation so it’s fair and fun for everyone?
Overextending yourself is very easy to do, and almost guaranteed if you approach them wielding plastic but lacking a plan.
The average American budgets about $710 for Holiday spending, but nearly half will blow past that budget by about $100 because they don’t have, well, a clear budget. This month, sell those items on Craigslist or eBay and allocate the additional income to your Holiday budget. Give up on luxuries that you enjoy on a regular basis, like going to the movies or eating out. Whenever you come across some item that is perfect for one of the people on your list and reasonably priced, pick it up and store it carefully. If none of them have mentioned a gift swap before, be bold and put forth the idea yourself.
Not every room needs to look fancy and festive; just concentrate on areas that guests are most likely to see and leave the rest of the house untouched. In early October, take a few minutes to peruse Pinterest (if you need an invitation, email Sarah at GetButtonedUp dot com) and make a short list of potential gifts you can make. I usually look at my recipient’s Facebook page or Goodreads profile to see what books they have read and enjoyed over the year and then I gift them a book that is similar so I know they will enjoy it.
Now she has people saying that $20 is too much, and while it’s okay to have a maximum, a minimum is not fair to those on a budget. Use a tool like Buttoned Up’s free printable holiday budget sheets or create a worksheet of your own.
Every little bit counts; cutting out a $3-a-day latte habit will yield an additional $120 for your Holiday kitty. We recommend using Evernote to keep track of your early bird gift purchases and where you’ve stored them.

Each person will receive only one gift and will have to buy only one gift as well, not necessarily for the same person. Get organized by reviewing your lists in advance, so that each of you can cover a different area of the store and get your hands on the sale goodies before they are gone. Experts place the amount wasted on unused gift cards at $2 Billion this year (yes, that’s Billion).
Then, before the month is out, make a list of the base items you need to get, go purchase them, and – most importantly, schedule the time to whip up your creations. Each holiday they sit together – each with a gift in hand – to read “Twas the Night Before Christmas.” When the word ‘the” is read, the gifts are passed to the person to the right.
Each person would write their name and a couple things they wanted on the list, then each adult picked a name and we kept it a secret until Christmas day.
From picking out my colleague’s name (BIG secret, shhh) to thinking what can I possibly buy for them with the ?10 budget.
Many people also feel that the quality of a gift has nothing to do with how much you spend on it (think homemade).
I know, October may seem a tad bit early to start thinking about the season, but if you organize some essentials now, you increase the likelihood of getting through October, November and December without overspending.
Write down every holiday expense that you’re likely to incur and place a reasonable amount of money next to each item. Give it a try, we bet you’ll be surprised at the total amount saved up by the end of the month.
Arranging a gift swap takes good organization and co-ordination skills to ensure that no one is left out. When the tale is over, the gift left in your hand is yours (special consideration is given for kids).
Sarah’s very large family has been doing this for decades and everyone prefers giving and getting one nice gift to giving and getting lots of junk. Set aside 20 minutes on one Saturday this month to empty all the wallets and handbags you own and go through the drawers in the house and organize any gift or loyalty cards in one spot and put together a plan to use them. If you’re over your budget, now is the time to brainstorm some ways to spoil the people you love without digging yourself into a hole. As the holidays go by, track your actual spending against this plan and adjust the budget allocations to stick to the target.

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