I actually got my gift about a week ago, but it was delivered while I was out and I've only just picked it up from the sorting office.The first thing that caught my eye was that the parcel was sent from Singapore. Oooh, I think that alarm clock might die a very rapid death if it tried that shit on me in the morning. Die Freude am Schenken nimmt Deutschlands gro?te Lifestyle- Plattform Groupon zum Anlass, Europas gro?te Wichtelaktion – die Secret Santa Week – ins Leben zu rufen.
Der weihnachtliche Brauch des Wichtelns, Julklapp oder im Englischen „Secret Santa“ genannt, erfreut sich weltweit immer gro?erer Beliebtheit.
Hierfur wird ein Geschenk ganz einfach an einem personlichen Ort oder einem offentlichen Platz abgelegt – beispielsweise auf dem Nachttisch, Schreibtisch, einer Fensterbank, auf einem Stromkasten oder der Bank im Park. Als Deutschlands gro?te Lifestyle-Plattform ist Groupon besonders zur Weihnachtszeit der perfekte Partner fur die Geschenkesuche. Und jeder, dem nun direkt jemand einfallt, der es verdient hat, ein Wichtelgeschenk innerhalb Europas gro?ter Wichtelaktion zu erhalten, kann sich auch am aktuellen Secret Santa Gewinnspiel beteiligen. So grab some Hot Cocoa (with mini marshmallows of course), stay in your PJs and grab all of the incredible Black Friday deals from the comfort of your home with FREE Shipping.
I am so excited that I have started receiving all of your Secret Santa Donations- my poor UPS Store is getting slammed with your deliveries and it’s awesome! Don’t forget about the BEST of the BEST Black Friday List I have put together for you! If Joann’s is having a sale until Monday, do you think if I wait til next week there will be a bigger discount? My big question is if we are able to get the doorbusters online or if doorbusters are strictly in store. One good treat deserves another, and these truffles are the secret to on-the-spot, instant hot chocolately bliss.
Once upon a time, a snickerdoodle met a marshmallow, fell in love, and lo: Snickermallows everywhere. Sugar, spice and an array of OMG extras means this party mix could blow your Secret Santa cover, since it’ll be hard to keep a smug look off your face when they sing your (secret) praises. Easily the prettiest treats on the list, these soft, swirled homemade marshmallows are far superior to the store-bought version, plussed-up with minty flavor in every bite.
There’s a surprise ingredient in this candy that makes it particularly smooth and luscious. Shortcut to Santa Superstardom: Start with a bag of Chex mix, then drizzle homemade caramel all over the place. Call it a Chex Re-Mix: In just 15 minutes, you can make a party mix that every single person can enjoy, especially gluten-free folks who miss out on a lot of holiday cheer. I also own the witches 3 but i'm not a pro at that game so don't want to do a game play video of me just failing over and over again. Well i haven't been here in a bit, but decided to jump back onto this place since i've met some pretty amazing people on this site. I love reading, and even used to work at a bookstore, so my apartment looks like a small library. Each round will be up for about a week, or whenever I see no one else is voting then I will take it down. What are some of your favorite "classic" games you've found playing the newer generations and just seem to love? The Wednesdays by Julie Bourbeau: Like i said earlier i do work at a bookstore, and we can't really read at work.
Well i moved out of my parents (again, just to make a point that i haven't been living there for eternity) and have my own play, well with my adorable cat Emily of corse.
I've been wanting to get into fitness for awhile, after reading m00nstrucknight blog about starting p90x, i thoguht, hell, i'll get started on that too. It's hard when i don't have a car, or a good gym near by. It is easy to say i was looking to this day the least (tomorrow is a close second though) for two reasons.
Well todays workout went a hell of a lot better than yesterday, but that's is not saying much. Also, most of you might not know, or realize but i do have my bachelor degree in exercise science.
I've been wanting to write a blog for awhile but i have either had other things going on, didn't know what to write about or just plan to lazy.
So i have netflix (aka my parents do and i steal their password) and i have a LOT of things on my queue.
I just finished a different book and was going to pick up the next one in the series when i remembered i had this one sitting on my shelf. I am going to be holding one LAST movie night tomorrow (friday june 29 at about 6pm eastern) The time is not defiant but it will be around that time.
What i would LOVE from you all while i'm gone is to post your blogs either on my wall or in the comments here. I thought I would make a list of movies I have on my instant queue on netflix as well as movies we have already watched on the stream. One of my biggest dreams I've had since i was about 13 years old (i'm 23 now) has been to play softball for the Texas Longhorns (college Division 1 school for those who don't know). So if you want him to hold it more menacingly, you can stitch the end of the handle onto the body. But I have just been really busy and tired and hadnt done it yet.I dont want my SS to think I am not appreciative, because I am! The mailman appeared with a package this afternoon; I guess Canada Post is working weekends this holiday.
Thank you Santa!I have full unboxing photos of the awesomeness - just need to upload them and I will post back.So excited, head asplode! So ist es nicht verwunderlich, dass die Deutschen bei einer aktuellen Groupon-Umfrage* nach dem „Besten zu Weihnachten“, das Beschenken ihrer Lieben auf Platz 2 gewahlt haben – gleich hinter der gemeinsamen Zeit mit der Familie. Das bestatigt auch Trendforscherin Corinna Muhlhausen: „Wichteln nimmt dem Schenken die Ernsthaftigkeit, ist spielerisch und setzt der oft stressigen Weihnachtszeit etwas entgegen.
Beim Julklapp klopft man laut an die Tur und wirft dann das gut verpackte Geschenk einfach ins Zimmer, ohne dabei erkannt zu werden.
Ohne Stress in uberfullten Fu?gangerzonen und an ellenlangen Kassenschlangen findet jeder schnell, unkompliziert und kostenschonend das perfekte Geschenk fur seine Lieben. For a better experience, we recommend upgrading to the latest version of IE, Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari. And in other wonderful-things news, there’s also such a thing as homemade candy bars. Make your Secret Santa shift a cinch with this slow-cooker recipe, gently coaxing amazing flavor out of ever-popular Chex snackie bits.

Pop one in a mug of hot milk, and it’s hello, heavenly flavor with marshmallows on top. Deliver it to your holiday beneficiary, and don’t forget a sprinkling of sea salt for a final splash of savory. SO far I have 2 states checked off (New Hampshire and Georgia) I ran a zombie run in Atlanta and a 5k in New Hampshire.
Halloween is my favorite holiday, but i don't like those scary movies, like chucky or scream.
On some slow days or if i'm about to punch one of my co-workers (who i think the youngest is in her late 50s) i go read a book in the store.
I wanted to try and listen to a book while i ran to see if it would help me run (it's helping so-so).
According to the plan i was "supposed" to do plyometrics, but i knew i wasn't up to that yet to i choose to do Cardio X. First, of all it is the longest workout by about 40 minutes (it being 92 minutes long); and second, i don't know how many of you have done yoga, but it is fucking hard. Lincoln Burrows has been "framed" for the murder of the vice presidents brother and is now scheduled to be put to death. Not because of all the scary stuff, i actually don't like scary movies, i just like the spirit of halloween. For those of you who don't know what that is, it is a list of things you want to do before you die.
Clearly there is more to it, but i am in no more mood to write and if i keep putting this off it will never get posted. I know i am going to be missing out on some good ones, so to try and make that not happen i would love it if you guys would do that. To the pics!As is the tradition in this thread, the household pets must inspect the package.
After running through a metal list of Arsians from that part of the world and coming up with nobody, it occurred to me that the sneaky bastard who sent this could have come from anywhere.
Dezember auch ein ganz besonder Wichtel-Deal, der den Gewinn eines New-York-Trips zu einem Treffen mit dem Golden-Globe-Gewinner und diesjahrigen Oscar-Nominierten Hugh Jackman ermoglicht. I am totally looking forward to doing all my shopping from home this year, and I’m pumped to snag some more black friday deals! Which game you like more, what game you think I will suffer playing, or what game has a prettier cover. I have come to a place where i am just sitting staring at my games and can't figure out what one to play. Years later my brother got a PSone, mainly to play FF Tactics (awesome game), but he also got a couple other games too, one of them being Spyro.
Decided i'd make a what i've been up to blog, in the month of october, since i can't remember farther back than that. I knew the movie was coming out and i had heard good things from the book so i decided to check it out. The gas money i saved from moving on my own (i live directly behind where i work) i now spend on gas to go to the gym.
I tried to stay with it the best i could and ended up just going at my speed and not really paying attention to the video.
Also i think i'm getting sick so i had to keep drinking water because my mouth kept getting dry. But i am REALLY going to fucking try and push it this time, and i feel writing a weekly blog about it will hold me more accountable. Now, i fractured my elbow 2 months ago, it is healed but still can't straighten it or bend it completely; so push ups, lets just say are the funnest. So i went to a NSCA (Nation Strength and Conditioning Association) conference to get back into the swing of things for grad school (which i am still deciding about so don't ask unless you want me to get pissed. I will do my best to answer them, and if i can't i can look up the answer and get you what you need. Burrow's brother, Michael Scofield has a plan however, to get sent to the same prison and break his older brother out. If you are a fan of mystery book and have never read anything by Agatha Christie you are lying about being a fan of mysteries. I have been thinking about getting an iPad for awhile now and want your guys option if it is worth my money to get it.
Here, they include a fishie and two robot hamsters: I opened it up and found a card for me, and a pile of loot with a note on top.
If I had to guess, you put batteries in it and put it on the floor near your water heater or suspect plumbing. They might have just been passing through, or knew a third party to aid their devious plan. If you have a non-basic subscription, then go to the Open Forum Feedback and Suggestions forum and ask for them to fix it. Dezember moglichst vielen Menschen – ob Familie, Freunden, Kollegen, Fremden oder auch Menschen, von denen wir denken, sie haben dieses Jahr eine Wichteluberraschung verdient – eine Freude zu bereiten. So wird der Finder freundlich angesprochen und das eigene Geschenk ist sichtbar Teil von Europas gro?ter Wichtelaktion. Ganz nach dem kleinen Fantasiegeschopf, dem Wichtel, der dem Weihnachtsmann beim Geschenkeverteilen hilft,” so die Forscherin. And if you missed the Secret Santa Post, you can read the whole thing over here and see what it’s all about.
I know it has to do with being down and that killing my live for anything I like, but Im determined to get it back.
I played a little of it and liked it, but just didn't play much since it was my brothers console.
Yes, i'm aware it is getting a lot of hype and everyone says it is a great movie, whatever, I however did not like it. When i have the time i have been playing Kingdom Hearts HD. I love this series and am SO glad it came out on ps3. This story follows a boy named max who lives in a town where NO ONE goes outside on wednesdays. I've been trying to get into running even though i don't enjoy that, but hey, it's good for me and i truly want to be in good shape. A couple of the exercises kinda bothered my arm, but instead of stopping i either switched to my band machine thing (see picture) or picked a lighter weight. The first have is defiantly the hardest and i did struggle a little with the vinyasa's (see picture) with my elbow and wrists.

Also i do own some movies and tv shows not listed and if any movie is on netflix it is up for grabs to watch.
One them had one of the super cool round whistle type things that you blow into and they spin inside and make a loud noise- I have seen them since I was much much younger, its been great annoying everyone Now, I must tell you that I am just a bit young for JP Patches- I know who he was and that he still lives in the area. And while I liked "Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter," I am a bit that it's available on Blu-Ray.
You may want to spend your second post on getting the title 'et Subscriptor' added to your account. Everyone makes resolutions, even if you don't speak them out loud, we all know you have at least one.
Depending on the game I'll just play the story, but I'll probably try to go for 100% depending on what that initials.
So this will be a little wrap up of what i've been watching, playing, doing, listening to, pretty much anything i want, and you will all read it because, well i'm just awesome. It follows a brother and sister who find out their grandparents live on a preserve with mystical creatures. Who knows i might jump back into p90x from time to time, but how i see it, if i'm working out daily then that is good for me. I might take a couple days off of the actual "p90x" but i will do something instead, whether it be running or going to the new gym that just opened up a couple towns over. This workout takes pieces from a lot of the videos (Yoga, Plyo, Core, and Kempo) The yoga was tough because of my arm since i had to stand in a plank position (see picture) So you can see it would be tough since 1.
There is a total of 4 seasons, not sure how they made this show that long, but so far so good.
I hope you are all doing well and please don't be shy on leaving me a comment on what you have been up to.
So if you are hoping to rush online and grab a deal before it sells out, you might find that navigating the mobile version takes too long.
I don't have as many games as Chili but still a good amount of good games i haven't even touched. Luckily (well not for my wallet) i checked it out a couple weeks ago and picked up a couple games.
The humor, simple gameplay, yeah the controls are a little harsh, but its a PSone game, who can complain.
This is about to Thank the awesome MajesticMaverick aka Ollie for my AMAZING secret santa gifts. This "bad" group of people are trying to get all of the 5 artifacts to open up the demon prison where the real, REAL bad demons where kept. They are out to find this assassin and figure out why the assassin is killing these people. Since i don't enjoy running i thought this might be helpful, since i do want to run a 5K this summer. I had some trouble keeping up from time to time when they kicked up the speed, but i keep going even if it was at a slower speed.
Pretty sure i have about maybe 60 things on my bucket list, a lot are just places I want to travel to. 200 kleine Geschenke ab, die Passanten – ganz im Sinne der Aktion – einfach mitnehmen durfen. Again, i'd recommend this book to anyone who enjoyed the percy jackson books (not the movie, because we all know that sucked. I also have a very hard time calming and relaxing my mind, but when i could relax and just breath i did notice the exercises where easier. Sadly I just got Red Dead Redemption off the 'flash sale' this weekend so i feel most of my game time will go to that. I felt pretty good running today, i think this app is really helping since it tells me when to run and stop. Wasn't in love with it, so i might go get some bands or the push up assister (which is you pretty much put a band under your leg and it helps you up. I know he's from Ann Arbor, but I won't post any more personal information about him than that.
Actually the reason i even have money on my PSN account is because my brother gave it to me for a present to get Crash, so it worked out wonderfully.
The second half of the workout is some balance poises, a little ab work and then stretching. The next gift had an intriguing note on top, which was quite accurate: I am very excited to watch Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter =) featuring a gorgeous transfer from the original 16mm to HD, they say!
I would usually jog a little, grab some water, jump n jacks and like a jump um to my ceiling just jumping.
I got the stuff to make add ons to the crochet minions from eyes to a scythe for death Wow, you made like a TON of zombies.
The idea is that you have to find it before you can turn it off, but in practice it's always caught up in the big pile of clothes on the floor. Not like a cake or something, since that will just destroy what i've been working hard for (in my option) Here is hoping i keep at it.
Click the image for a video of Clocky doing his thing, which appears to be mostly trying to hump my fan heater: While I was unwrapping I hunted for clues - was the paper used for the address reused? So i get made because i know i should truly kick my ass (no pun intended, wait, is that a pun?) So i get really down on myself and shit because i don't go low of my lunges, but it still is pretty hard. I finally paused the video and did it on my own time and that seemed to work a little better. Santa has heard about my unfortunate drowned MacBook story, and seen fit to ensure that should such a thing happen again, LeakFrog will yell bloody murder.
He's seen fit to ensure that I never will, for when homesick feelings arise, I need only cast my gaze over this beautiful calendar of photos of Scotland's scenery. Needless to say, I am THRILLED TO BITS to have received such a thoughtful and humorous selection of goodies. I am bowled over by Santa's stalking skills, and would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Santa for the time and effort put into choosing my presents.Now, I shall in ernest begin to reverse-stalk my Santa in the hopes of discovering his secret identity.

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