Seat42f and The Cartoon Network have teamed up to give THREE lucky winners a copy of The Secret Saturdays Volume 2 on DVD. This October, children will set out on new adventures when Cartoon Network brings the action-packed world of The Secret Saturdays to DVD with the release of The Secret Saturdays – Volume 2. BBC AMERICA announced Pearl Mackie will join the Doctor Who cast as The Doctor’s new companion. The Secret Saturdays is about Doc, Drew, and Zak who are part of a network of scientists who work together to save the world by keeping hazardous secrets!
Legal US links to watch War of the Cryptids now online Watch War of the Cryptids on iTunes.

The Secret Saturdays is the adventurous animated action series about the Saturdays, a family of cryptozoologists dedicated to protecting the secrets and mysteries of the world. Please be sure to ask questions before buying so you are completely satisfied with your purchase.
This listing includes free shipping to USA by USPS First Class Mail with delivery confirmation. They must fulfill their duties while trying to not get on each other's nerves with the usual and plain family squabbles!
Winners will be notified on November 11th via email so make sure to use a valid email address when you post your comment.

The new DVD contains four action-packed cryptid encounters and a host of cool bonus features including drawings, deleted scenes and a cryptid catalog.

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