Get an Instant Coupon TODAY by email and you willalso receive news, deals, and exclusive offers. Dean Barker, Kazuhiko Sofuku & Chris Draper from Softbank Team Japan try a Bermudan Christmas Classic: Cassava Pie! In the NC Sports Studio, Mia Ceran gets an exclusive interview with ISA President Fernando Aguerre about the future of Olympic surfing and the commercialization of the sport. What will delicious Greek delicacy will Chef Jason teach Mia to prepare in episode 3?  Find out on Sunday, December 13th at 9pm! IKA President Mirco Babini joins us in the studio & demonstrates the brand-new Kitefoiling boards and explains the "divorce" with Richard Branson and the Virgin Kitesurf World Championships. Catch all the latest in the wide world of Kite Surfing, every Wednesday at 7:30pm on Nautical Channel! Mia Ceran with a preview of the Triple Crown Hawaii, ISAF Hall of Fame, Transat Jacques Vabre and so much more! Exclusive Nautical Channel series on the preparation for the 2017 America's Cup, hosted by Rachel Sawden. Premiers Saturday, November 21 at 9pm, with new episodes once a month leading up to the 2017 America's Cup. Exclusive interview with Giancarlo Pedote from the Transat Jacques Vabre, WSL Moche Rip Curl Pro, Antoine Albeau breaks windsurf speed record & more! Exclusive Nautical Channel interview with Sea Shepherd director Paul Watson, founder of Green Peace. Big swells made for big action at The US Open of Stand Up Paddling in Huntington Beach, California. Over 500 kiters the on the Coast To Coast  connecting Germany and Denmark for a new Guinnes World Record. Dodging growlers and icebergs in the fog Guo Chuan and the Qingdao Crew cross the Bering Strait to complete the first ever North East Passage Sailing Record.
Gun blast this Saturday in France's Douarnenez for the start of the Mini Transat 2015, and Nautical Channel is already on location.
Monaco Classic Week was the talk of the town on the Riviera, as nautical heritage mingled with plain old dockside fun. Nautical Channel's Andi van Zyl is on the pitch from the PWA Slalom Classic in Alacati, Turkey. Transat Classique on the approach to the Caribbean; Martinique is ready for the party and Nautical Channel is on call. Only 16 years young, but Hawaiian super-talent  Mahina Maeda sends out a big message for this season by winning the WSL Hainan Pro qualifier in China. The Volvo Ocean Race is the world’s toughest ocean race and the 2014-2015 edition will be no different, boasting the longest route in its history.
The Barcelona World Race is the first and only double-handed (two crew per boat), non-stop, round the world regatta.

The inaugural Bart’s Bash is a sailing race that will be run by sailing clubs all around the world on behalf of the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation.
Turkmenistan opens its doors to the PWA windsurfing World Cup for the first time in Nautical history.
Team Alvimedica finally begins training for the Volvo Ocean Race, Charleston Race Week 2014, & more! American's now have complete access to the world of water sports on virtually every platform.
Dish brings you the World Pack - focused on providing you with the top news content from around the globe.
SPB TV application helps subscribers to stay tuned to the hundreds of news, sports, entertainment and live TV shows on the go using their mobile phones. I get a little confuse here, why exactly that joseph joo commiting crime after 15 years has passed, he can get revenge once he knew her mother was missing and killed maybe not right away cause he needs to do investigation first to find who the killer was, And why does he want the police to know who is the killer of her mother while he want to kill the killer himself ? OCN makes a few dramas in a year but they always take unique projects so i always wait for their upcoming projects. After each episode we will see the character development 3 of our main cast and the darker side story (past) of them. This is one of the best detective dramas I've watched so far, though Ten is at the top of my list!!
I can't get over Liar Game (Ha woo Jin hehhe), then i found this super interesting drama called Missing Noir M. If you like an exciting crime drama full of suspense, mystery and human suffering with a handsome and overly intelligent protagonist who carries some deep wounds in his heart, this will be perfect for you. Una Theresa Imogen Healy ) (born 10 October 1981) is an Irish singer-songwriter and guitarist, best known for being one fifth of girl group The Saturdays. Prior to joining the group, Healy was a solo artist in her own right and released a solo studio EP, entitled Sorry which was self-written and self-produced. Whether they're exploring ancient Aztec ruins or the depths of the Marianas Trench, they always discover the weirdest and wildest Cryptid creatures on the planet while battling the evil mastermind, Argost.
The Regatta attracts serious racing boats including state-of-the-art, high-tech racing machines along with a variety of performance cruising boats. Alinghi wins Marseille, but Percy and Outteridge hop on board Sultanate of Oman to claim the GC32 Racing Tour season.
Super-Maxi Comanche breaks the 600 nautical mile barrier in 24 hours for monohulls, at the Transatlantic Race. NC host Lucia Metzbauer meets the locals, discovers hidden gems, and checks out the best places for surfing and sailing. Follow them as they circle the planet and face the dangers of mother nature, from storms, huge waves, wild life, and even people. The windsurfers compete at Avasa, a seaside resort off the eastern coast of the Caspian sea where the racers find hazard winds bellow sea level.
This fantastic English-language package brings you 24x7 news content from India, Russia, France, as well as other various countries in Europe.

I knew too late for commenting here but~~~ i really waiting for missing noir m next season. The ending was satisfactory as well.It was a kind of open ending and still there is room left for more. The transparency of the drama (talk about the disgusting corpse which most of the director not willing to shown on screen at such detailed manner) is just deabak. This show explores the darkness of our society through a series of thrilling and excellently designed crimes. This is as close as k-dramas can get to the American tv shows I follow (CSI, Hannibal, Criminal Minds, etc.) so how this drama continues is exciting.
Kids will love the action figure assortment featuring articulated heroes and villains from the TV show. This event is followed the next day by Dockyard Day and the beating of the Retreat as the Antiguan flag is lowered to signal the close of Antigua Sailing Week for yet another year.
Follow on Nautical Channel this extreme sporting challenge and ocean adventure that puts human limits to the test. Meet the most exciting athletes, catch the biggest waves and find out what makes El Pozo Izquierdo one of the most attractive destinations for windsurfing aficionados from around the world. The Foundation and event was set up to inspire the next generation of young people through sailing. If only they can make the second season with same cast, i hope it will be as good as this one. As you get weaved deeper and deeper into the web of the brutal truth behind the deadly consequences, you will begin to see the heaviness of so called justice, and learn to love our dear characters for their bravery of choosing to walk down this righteous path. So many things mentioned at the end of season and dying to wait for answers to all of these. Another thing is that they are integrating into the dramas famous and exceptional movie actors and is just wonderful!!! The event hopes to set a Guinness World Record by being the world's largest sailing event. Watch live international sports like soccer, cricket, sailing, and surfing instantly with Sports TV. Even in American dramas, it's not a story that gets a lot of attention outside of documentaries.
The lead actors are not only eye candy but they deliver a great performance based on what I've seen so far.
In the US we have plenty of these shows but this one gives them a run for their money for sure.

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