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Episode Summary: While in Mexico, the Saturdays visit an ancient Aztec ruin, where they come across a magical smoke mirror. The Secret Saturdays is about Doc, Drew and Zak Saturday who are part of a network of scientists who work together to save the world by keeping dangerous cryptids at bay. The Secret Saturdays premiered on Friday October 3rd, 2008 at 8:00pm (ET) with two back-to-back episodes. I don't really hate the show but its not really that interesting, i think it was kind of boring ever sense i first saw it. Please bring back this show it was great and how come whenever we have a great show people make it end?

Zak's cryptid-influencing powers are put to their final test as Argost unleashes an army of cryptids on the entire world. The characters all had something cool about them plus some good episodes but it really could've used some more development and perhaps more humor. I mean it has a great idea behind it and such and it just looks fabulous!I have a feeling this will be a trendsetter! Read up Marvel's latest and other upcoming movies in our Coming Soon section, where you can watch trailers, buy tickets, and more. Now it's up to the real Saturdays to imprison their doppelgangers in the smoke mirror once again. I just cant wait for it to premiere!!!It is like scooby doo meets indiana Jones meets Johnny Quest!
On June 27th, 2009 new episodes were abruptly changed to a new timeslot of Saturday mornings at 8:30am (ET).

THE FAN BASE IS HUGE LOOK EVERYWHERE, FAN FICTION, FORUMS STILL GOING ON TO THIS DAY THIS SHOW HAS SO MUCH POTENTIAL IT IS AMAZING. It just looks awesome!Man i cant wait till it come out so i can show my real review with real feelings and knowledge! People stick around this show is gonna be so awesome that ur gonna be sad if u miss it!Man i just cant wait!

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