The Secret Service is working to recover erased surveillance footage from the night allegedly drunk agents drove through an active bomb investigation and crashed into a White House barricade. A Secret Service vehicle escorts President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama's motorcade during the inauguration parade on Jan. During a Senate Appropriations subcommittee hearing on Thursday, Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy said agency officials have contacted the manufacturer of the surveillance equipment to see if it's possible to retrieve erased footage from that night in early March, the Washington Examiner reported.
Only a single camera angle recording was saved because of the ongoing suspicious package investigation, and all camera angles were overwritten due to agency policy, Clancy said.
In the event of an operational security incident, Secret Service policy is to only keep specific video footage for "investigative and protective intelligence purposes," Secret Service spokesman Robert Hoback told CNN in an email. All other tapes are erased 72 hours after they record, Clancy told House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz on Tuesday.
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Did the Secret Service purposefully target a congressman and expose personal information about him? The Secret Service is facing another potential scandal — or, at least, another embarrassment. The Republican in question is Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), the chair of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee and the very man who was in charge of investigating the Secret Service. Approximately 45 Secret Service agents looked at the congressman's file, which is supposed to be private. Department of Homeland Security inspector general John Roth conducted an investigation to see who leaked the information, but his investigation was inconclusive, according to the New York Times. Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, center, points toward Secret Service agent Joe Clancy as President Barack Obama's aides gather on Air Force One to make the final decision on whether to secretly head to Baghdad on April 7, 2009. Secret Service agents who have worked for Joe Clancy have described him as disciplined, levelheaded and consummately professional. From left, Clancy, Obama aide Reggie Love and President Obama walk back to the White House after a 2010 U.S. Clancy weathered one of the first tabloid-type scandals that besieged the agency in 2009, when fame-seekers Michaele and Tareq Salahi were able to slip past security into a White House dinner, where they took pictures with high-profile leaders including Vice President Joe Biden.
Clancy will need to draw upon every relationship he built during his time with the agency to be able to apply his reputation as a no-nonsense leader.
The reputation of the Secret Service was already on the ropes when the latest incidents occurred.
Clancy, left, stays with the president as he greets the audience after a speech at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va., on March 19, 2010.

Hill remained on the presidential detail as special agent in charge for President Lyndon B.
Secret Service members flank each side of President Theodore Roosevelt's inauguration carriage on March 4, 1905. Secret Service men surround British statesman Winston Churchill on March 24, 1949, as he arrives at Pennsylvania Station in New York. A Secret Service agent brandishes a submachine gun while agents and police subdue a gunman on March 30, 1981, after John Hinckley Jr.
A Secret Service agent pulls on the pants of the falling Vice President-elect Al Gore after he leaned into the crowd to embrace Jim Carville on Nov. Then-presidential candidate Bill Clinton is escorted away from a crowd by Secret Service agents on July 20, 1992, after an anti-abortion protester moved towards the Arkansas governor in Columbus, Ohio.
Uniformed Secret Service agents search the grounds behind the White House for evidence on Dec. The body of Secret Service Agent Mickey Mulroney passes an honor guard after a service on April 25, 1995, at the Council Road Baptist Church in Bethany, Okla. A critical piece may be missing from America's most elite agency, which has been rocked by yet another scandal. The Secret Service agents sent home from the Netherlands this week marked the latest in a string of bad press for the agency.
The storied Americans with dark glasses and an earpiece have yet another scandal to deal with, a hard hit for an agency defined by its clean-cut and commanding appearance.Reports this week that three Secret Service agents were sent home from the Netherlands is the latest in a string of blemishes for the elite agency in the last few years. Emerging Leaders Seminar, a 40-hour classroom based program," Secret Service spokesman Brian Leary tells U.S. On Wednesday, it became public knowledge that agents accessed the personnel file of one of the House Republicans, according to New York magazine. Not only did agents access the file, they may have done so with the intention of using the information they found. Just days later, an article appeared in The Daily Beast that said Chaffetz applied to the Secret Service in 2003.
He faces daunting challenges and a string of missteps that took down his predecessor, Julia Pierson, who was hired expressly to accomplish the same mission.
In April 2012, agents working on an advance team in Colombia ahead of Obama's trip were accused of cavorting with prostitutes. Kennedy Jr., the son of President Kennedy, is guarded by three Secret Service members on May 30, 1963, before leaving Arlington National Cemetery. Edward Starling, chief of the Secret Service, has his headshot taken by agent Charles Marx on March 21, 1939, after President Franklin D. Mulroney, an agent for 19 years, was killed in the bombing of the Oklahoma City Federal Building.
In 2012, a Secret Service agent was found passed out drunk on a sidewalk in Miami, shortly after President Barack Obama concluded a trip to South Florida.
It's scary to think about all the possible dangers in having your personal information exposed," said Chaffetz in a statement, reported New York magazine.

They also are indicative of the man President Barack Obama picked to resurrect the battered agency after a string of scandals and public failures.
Later that year in Miami, an agent was found passed out drunk on a sidewalk shortly after the conclusion of Obama's visit. But the difficulty also highlights why Obama would turn to Clancy and his experience working with Congress and other federal agencies.
He and others who have held his elite position, including Clancy, get together once a year to discuss their work and meet with the current president. The group began protecting American presidents, vice presidents and presidential candidates in 1901, after the assassination of President William McKinley. It is not uncommon for Secret Service members to be assigned to presidential guests or family members. Dan Emmett, a member of the agencya€™s elite counter assault team a€“ often referred to as CAT a€“ had put himself and his squad into an observation position when Clancya€™s voice came over the radio.
The demilitarized zone on the 38th parallel has remained an active war zone since 1953, fueling tensions among troops stationed on both sides there.
Military Academy and graduated from Villanova University in the Philadelphia area, according to his Secret Service bio.
He began his agency career in the Philadelphia field office in 1984, before joining the Presidential Protective Division in 1989 and serving for eight years. The troubled veteran was able to overpower an on-duty agent and run to the East Room, before an off-duty agent tackled him outside the Green Room. Pierson told Congress last week the agency was 550 employees under full strength, according to NPR.Morale in the agency also is apparently low. Kennedya€™s open-top limousine seconds after the president was shot in the head in 1963. But Clancy remained cool and collected as Clinton arrived, visited the crossing and left none the wiser. He returned to the protective division in 1999 after a stint with the New York field office. The original Secret Service report said only that Gonzalez had been stopped after entering the front door. The nonprofit Partnership for Public Service ranked the Secret Service as the 226th best place to work out of 300 ranked federal agencies, with the department receiving similarly low rankings in categories like leadership and training and development.
The transition from Pierson to Clancy additionally comes at a time when congressional opposition is looking for any way to stifle the presidenta€™s political agenda.
Hea€™s not emotional, other than the fact that he was a little bit louder than normal that day when he told me the guys were coming up with AKs.a€? a€?At the same time, as a leader, his people on CAT liked him a lot because he led in a quiet manner, by example. He documented his experiences in a book, a€?Within Arma€™s Length.a€? a€?Hea€™s a very serious man.

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