Step 3) You will be instantly emailed your shopper packet including Getting Started instructions. Two Frosty Mart employees were fired last week when a Secret Shopper caught them violating several Frosty Mart regulations.
Boog and Lenny freak out when they learn a Secret Shopper is coming to evaluate the Frosty Mart and will close it down if they fail.
The boys hide in the freezer to avoid it, and Lenny and Boog enter, wondering what happened.
Fanboy uses a lamp to thaw the Secret Shopper, but the script originally said he uses a hammer to smash the ice around him. Following "The Hard Sell", "Chicken Pox" and "The Janitor's Apprentice", this is the fourth episode where nearly the whole episode remains inside a building. After Fanboy says "Oh, I gotta chill", his and Chum Chum's tags disappear and never return. Panicking, they leave the mart unattended to avoid being fired, only to let Fanboy and Chum Chum take over the counter and drive the Secret Shopper crazy with their enthusiasm. Fanboy and Chum Chum come in and as they see the wet floor, they skate on it, as it's Wet Floor Wednesday to them!
Greg has done this service for churches of all sizes – from small church plants to churches over 17,000 in attendance. Lenny then reads the following heading: "Two Frosty Mart employees were fired last week when a secret shopper caught them violating several Frosty Mart regulations".

They do their best to impress him-they give him coffee, but it backfires when they turn it up too high and use a goat for the milk. No matter what size, denomination or style church you lead, Greg has a Kingdom heart and wants to help you do what you do better.Greg Atkinson is a writer, conference speaker and consultant who has worked with churches of all sizes, including some of the largest churches in the country.
Irritated, the Secret Shopper demands a Frosty Freezy Freeze, and the boys make one for him-with the ultimate freeze.
But the power goes out and while playing at Oz Comix, Lenny and Boog's hat signals light up for the power surge warning, and they leave.
As they see the boys out, Lenny gives himself and Boog mops to clear up the ice, but Boog goes on break.
Greg also produced several large conferences including Leadership Network’s Innovation3 Conference, Catalyst OneDay and the Rebecca St.
Back at the Frosty Mart, the boys finish making the Frosty Freezy Freeze for the Secret Shopper. He drinks it, and freezes, but the drink hits the floor and starts freezing the entire mart in pink ice.
Contact Greg for questions about pricing for consulting.Your church can have a trained professional with a heart for all kinds of churches come into your church and critique, encourage and challenge your team. Greg’s church Secret Shopper process offered us a fresh set of eyes to help us take excellence to the next level. John Jackson, Executive Director, Thriving Churches International, Executive Pastor, Bayside Church“Greg Atkinson helped us look at our weekend services with fresh eyes.

I was impressed by how insightful and accurate his insight was considering he had never previously been to our church. He not only gave his careful observations but helped us think about the right strategic questions to ask as we move forward.
We wanted an experienced, non-biased, and honest assessment of our services, staff, facilities and atmosphere. We gained great insight, and discovered some things we were doing right, and some things that needed improving. His knowledge of what is happening in churches around the country in worship and the arts, and in the church in general, is unmatched.
Greg’s creativity and ability to think outside the box are a huge asset to any organization he works with. Unless you get an expert that knows what an effective service, children’s department, and worship experience should look like, you may never find what it is that brings in and holds the community. Greg’s creative eye, relevant perspective, and technical skill enable him to provide other communicators with tools to deliver their message. McKinley, Teaching Pastor, Prestonwood Baptist Church“Greg is one of the most influential behind-the-scenes leaders to the Church for authentic worship and practical management.

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