While the Apple App Store and Android Market host hundreds of thousands of apps, getting in is not necessarily easy. About that last item, the Financial Times, how do they get pinched, while the Wall Street Journal app operates the same way?
Spiare il cellulare, le conversazioni e gli SMS di una persona e illegale almeno che quella persona non ne sia a conoscenza, in questo caso pero non e piu spiare.
Installare una applicazione del genere sul cellulare di un minore sul quale si ha la patria potesta o installarla sul cellulare aziendale di un dipendente e legale. Nessuno e in grado di rilevare, disattivare o disinstallare questa applicazione da telefono cellulare Android senza inserire una password segreta che viene impostata durante l’installazione.
Invece per Android c’e Cimic Android App che fa tante cose oltre a inoltrarmi via mail gli Sms inviati e ricevuti (anche se sono stati cancellati). Poi sul market ho provato Cerberus che fa cose simili anche se la versione full e a pagamento.
Un altro che si trova ancora sul market e Android Parental Control ma in molti si lamentano che per alcune versioni di Android non funziona bene.
Lo uso da quasi 4 anni su vari dispositivi e non ho mai trovato una pecca, tre euro ben spesi. RealTime AntiSPY detects and removes even legacy apps banned from google playstore such as Secret SMS Replicator and Spy Phone PRO+ as well as apps that are hosted on other app stores and sites where they are not regulated. This is a product of years of research in mobile phone spyware detection and removal with the largest spyware database definition ever to exist and regularly updated. Note that this is not an ANTIVIRUS, it is much more than an AntiVirus, it protects you from privacy intruders using Spy apps to monitor you and doesn’t just protect your phone. Added beta support for the following languages; German, Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Dutch,Polish and Russian. Apps do get tested prior to publication, and failure to meet any of the corresponding company' requirements could result in a denial.However, sometimes apps get accepted only to be kicked out at a later time. Sure, it was just an unofficial app, yet half of the revenue that it generated was reportedly going towards funding the WikiLeaks project itself.

Installare una appicazione android che permette di spiare gli sms su un cellulare se il proprietario non ne e a conoscenza e illegale.
Basta installarla su qualsiasi telefono cellulare Android abilitato ed inserire il numero di telefono sul quale si desidera ricevere i messaggi; fatto questo ogni volta che il cellulare Android riceve un messaggio di testo che verra automaticamente inoltrato al numero inserito. For $2, the app provided every iPhone owner with access to the controversial database of secret documents. 8 idiots who want to prove they are rich with an app instead of, say, buying 3 unbranded smartphones all at the same time. Ricevi un messaggio e-mail dallo staff che ti comunica di essere stato bannato perche monitorare un cellulare e illegale. The mobile app, however, first got removed from the Apple App Store, and a removal from the Android Market followed in April of last year. It allows you to use a fake Caller ID a€“ a number that you are free to specify yourself, in order to protect your privacy or to pull a prank on someone. Google, however, didn't mind, which is why SpoofApp was available on the Android Market for about two and a half years. However, it was banned from there last year as it allegedly was in conflict with The Truth in Caller ID Act of 2009. It was an app with an innovative concept behind it a€“ providing a way for users to share their secrets anonymously with others. And PostSecret was pretty popular too, judging by how quickly it landed among the most purchased apps in the App Store. The overwhelming amount of inappropriate content made it increasingly difficult for the app to be supported, which is why the entire project was killed on January 2 of this year.Prohibition: The Dope Wars 2Have you tried Mafia Wars on Facebook?
The controversial game was removed the very instant when Apple found out about it, but that didn't stop its developers from releasing a follow-up of sorts. Appropriately titled CandyWars, the game is pretty much identical to its predecessor, but instead of drugs, you sell candy.
Well,  not a real physical one, of course a€“ just an image that the user could share with their buddies online for grins and giggles.

It offered realistically looking templates of licenses from every state and allowed for all the personal information to be edited too. Perhaps he didn't like the way his turned out.I Am RichWould you ever download an app that does not do anything? That is the astronomical price one had to pay to own the said app, which only displayed an image of a glowing red gem. Oh, and it also flashed a specific mantra on the phone's display, which was probably intended to bring riches to the owner.
And PSX4droid was intended to do just that by letting one play some classic PSOne games on their Android smartphone. Unfortunately, many hearts were broken when Google pulled the app from the Android Market without prior warning. PSX4droid is now open source and available for download free of charge.Download Secret SMS ReplicatorSpying on people?
Priced at $4.99, Secret SMS Replicator landed on the Android Market only to be banned in a matter of hours after its release. And rightfully so, as it could allow a jealous boyfriend or girlfriend to read their significant other's incoming text messages.
All that had to be done was to install the app on the victim's Android phone where it would run unnoticed, with no icon or any indication of its existence, and forward received texts to a predefined number. You won't find it in the Android Market anymore, yet Secret SMS Replicator can be obtained directly from the developer's web page. In a nutshell, while Financial Times made its revenue through user subscriptions, all of which it handled directly, Apple last year announced a change in its policies, which made it mandatory for all subscriptions to be processed through Apple.

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