Instead of using Facebook who nobody trusts anyway, Secret uses your contact list but it never gets sent to the server. Good idea in theory, but if you do the inviting, it doesn't guarantee that once a friend joins, that they'll have other friends in their circle besides you. A social network that effectively creates an underground, social channel with your friends using anonymity to avoid judgement. Found the fix on twitter: go to Settings -> general -> international -> region and format -> United States.
This is a beautifully crafted app with a wonderful community and I can't wait to see how it blossoms. If Twitter were anonymous and restricted to your friends (and their friends), you'd have Secret. The basic theory from my POV is that people want to share their more personal thoughts, moments, etc but are restricted by the necessity to keep a politically correct public persona walled off.
Can you imagine a Facebook friend posting a status like, "I feel like a fraud at my job and am terrified that I'll be discovered"? I'd recommend giving it a try, though it will only be as interesting as your friend circles are.
First of all to even see any of ur "friends" secrets you MUST invite 3 ppl in ur address book to use the app..
It's not really a secret when you have to give them your phone number, email and share your contacts. It's a good idea for an app, but I'd think people would want to select who gets to see what they're sharing.
Since a friend recommended this, I visited the web site and "trustingly" entered my phone numbeR -- something I generally NEVER do.
Make beautiful secrets without too much fear of your friends figuring out who it came from. I call the internet the real 'permanent record' and have had a lot of frustration trying to share with friends while being a very publicly private person (regardless of how much my name and face have to be promoted). Keep in mind, results will vary- the level of fascination with your feed will depend on the company that you keep.
It doesn't take long to fall in love with it - share a few thoughts secretly and you'll understand.
Content on secret is a mix of silly poop stories to more serious topics like thoughts about suicide.
Exclusive to the Android app is the Friends-only feed, giving you the most relevant secrets. We've talked about anonymous social network Secret before, but when it first landed in the UK, it was only available on iOS.

Lifehacker UK is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Social networking app ringID has officially launched on iOS and Android devices, bringing with it a ‘secret chat’ feature for sending messages which disappear from the recipient’s phone. The ringID app allows users to enter custom status messages on their profile, and once they connect with friends, friends’ statuses are viewed on the app’s home feed. Users can invite friends to ringID in a variety of ways, including through Facebook, Twitter or email. Users can call their friends for free within the app, or send text messages which support the inclusion of free stickers.
Nowadays people are constantly sending messages back and forth with friends and loved ones. In future updates, ringID plans to introduce multiple features to the app, including image, contact and data clouds for storing one’s images, contacts and data files, as well as the ability to create polls and surveys and gather responses from other ringID users. More young people here are committing suicide or harbouring suicidal thoughts, according to a report released by the Samaritans of S'pore. Aug 10, 2014 6:00amBy JUDITH TANMore young people here are committing suicide or harbouring thoughts of suicide, according to a report released by the Samaritans of Singapore a fortnight ago. Depression, alienation from the family unit and a dependence on social media for validation have all been fingered as contributing factors.
Young Singaporeans are hopping onto new social networks that can be conduits for severe and dangerous cyberbullying, and parents are none the wiser. Would be nice to have more activity from the world feed or the ability to choose how many circles you want to see.
Where I don't need to worry about managing my online profile, and I can just be the real, honest and genuine me. So far I've seen inspiration stuff, words of encouragement, and yes, the occasional confession of sorts. Love viewing it occasionally and can't wait for people in my circle to start sharing their secrets. You definitely don't want to post any real secrets or they might send it to everyone you know. Except I can't, because the app doesn't have that capability and there's no website to accomplish this.
This not only scratches the itch to share with only those who I closely know (having my mobile number) but I'm discovering some very interesting things about those in my circle.
I was confused at first about who could see what but these guys did a great job at keeping everyone anonymous. You'll also need to sign up using your phone number and email address so the app knows who to share your secrets with.

The feature will come to iOS eventually but there's no solid date yet, according to The Verge. This includes to personalise ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic.
Now, the popular app has come to Android as well, and it looks like the wait might have been worth it. Or, if they’re trying to find a user who has already downloaded the app, they can search by their name, real phone number, unique ringID number and more. When users wish to activate the secret chat feature, they send the text, image, audio note or video message, but set a timer for that specific content to disappear after a designated amount of time. Sometimes you just want to send a message and have it be read quickly and then disappear, leaving no trace. The creators of this app are ex Google and Square engineers who have engineered it for security.
What results is intensely real, unfiltered, braggarts, self-doubters, cynics, and romantics sharing their thoughts, complaints, and accomplishments. Not to mention for an anonymous app u need to give them ur phone number, email, and access to ur entire address book.. After trading email with Secret, Inc staff, it turns out the only way to delete my account is for me to give them explicit, written permission to do so.
We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. With ringID’s new secret chat option, the sender decides how long their message will appear on their friends’ phone. This is made all the more interesting because the app restricts its reach to your friends and eventually their friends (similar to LinkedIn's 1st, 2nd, 3rd degree connections).
The "Friend" feed will populate content based on your contact list, while "Explore" lets you browse through anonymous rants from all around the world. It's unclear if these features will be part of the app's next iOS update (it seems likely). Just follow the link below to check it out and start sharing what you actually think as opposed to what your boss wants to see.

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