I know you have all been waiting for this post, when the Secret Squirrel shows you how he designed his mid priced team. Gibbs, Goddard, Deledio and Gram – Having DP links into the midfield has helped with these selections, as you can see they can all be swapped with Heppell in the midfield, this should help reduce the bye issues.
Laidler, Broadbent and Otten – Most people had Otten, but I liked the discounted price of Laidler and he was named on the wing.
This is a section I potentially cheated a little with regards to a mid priced strategy, I considered Harris as a mature body who has played AFL before and hence is more than just a rookie. Swan, Boyd, Stanton and Jack – Saved a little coin by selecting both Stanton and Jack, but I have a feeling these two players will potentially push into the 105+ category.
Heppell, Harris, Prestia, Swallow – These were rather obvious picks and Prestia is basically in the team to provide the DP link into the forwards. Cox and Ryder – Two gun rucks who can both drift forward, also both have proven to be durable over the course of many years.
Fyfe, Knights, Petrie – Fyfe is dual listed and has massive upside, loving this pick at the moment. Scoring 2110 is a nice start to the league, considering there is some solid depth on the bench and plenty of scope to alter this team quickly to maximise the cash generations of the rookies and increase the scoring power. This trade can simply wait until next week, Foley also gets another chance in the team to see how he can perform when he does not have the runs. Hopefully you enjoy watching the progress of this team and I look forward to smashing all those GnR styled teams out there. End of the day a mid priced team just attempts to not start any rookies on the field, I cannot help it if the salary cap allows names like Swan and Goddard to be included.
Fyfe will comfortably outscore gram and cost $50K less – you van take that to the bank. Im with you leroy – i haven’t read so much crap since i had to read Mein Kampf at uni!!

I appreciate that SS side is a lab experiment but if you haven’t started with ANY of Tapscott, Lower, Curnow, Krakouer, or Big Sandi you will be still walking to school next year.
Yeah you could auto-fill your side with Richmond players and still have heaps of cash left. If the article (which clearly SS worked pretty hard on) isn’t to your liking, how bout you get of your lazy arse and post something yourself.
No doubt i’ll give your bunch of novices a smashing for the entire year, interested in a little side wager or are you gonna go hide behind my momma’s skirt, AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At no time do i support a mid-priced team, why because i’ve played DT for 3 years and last year i tried and loaded up on mid-priced at it failed big time, i had Ziebell, Hall, Dangerfield, Kennelly, just to name a few, you can get a score of 2200 one week and 1800 the next. If you want to see your spastic strategy fail, you should start your own segment though I doubt you have the mental faculties to formulate any coherent ideas over a few hundred characters in length.
Secret Squirrel, or Agent 000 and his side Kick, Morrocco Mole, Would use all sorts diffrent Gadgets to stop Evil Villians. Create a free ShareTV account to make a personalized schedule of your favorite TV shows, keep track of what you've watched, earn points and more. Enter the email address you used to create the account and your password will be emailed to you.
Firstly, due to the massive amounts of hatred for this style of team, it inspired me to go away from my beloved GnR team.  I will include a link so you can all follow the progress of this amazing team throughout the year. Okay, so I may have had to alter the concept a little due to suspensions.  There are also some bye risks along the way, but RISK is my middle name.
Gram is the only potentially unique player, but he seemed underpriced and was worth the risk. Broadbent was underpriced in my eyes and also is DP linked with a very late bye, so hopefully you can skip some of the bye chaos. No massive complaints at the moment and with a range of potential bargains to be had in this section, I am looking forward to turning the likes of Knights, Fyfe, Darling and Matera into names like Harvey, SJ, Goodes and the many other failed premium forwards.

Mid price doesn’t mean picking every mid priced player that you or other any dickhead can think of.
Guns and rookies are the way to go as it allows you to get the best possible team with the least trades and worries. Last year the person who won went midprice, GnR is good but there is always going to be someone that risks it and gets lucky.
It’s simply spreading the cash over a few more players instead of going pure GnR, you cannot pick all midpricers as there is rookies you have to pick and as a result spare cash to buy players like Swan and Goddard. The way i see it i want every player in my team to rise by atleast 100k or to be a keeper.I myself have gone for a hard core guns and rookies team and have NO players between 160k (swallow) and 330k (jolly) and only have to upgrade 6 players between now and round 21.
The magic number this year was about 4150 from memory, so subsequently (once again position dependent), certified guns are about 370 000+. And before you all tell me that i need unique players i have gone with Rockliff in the mids for something different. I don’t think SS has picked those midpricers but your GnR team is likely to be about as original as a lime-green falcon and as likely to win you the car as me dancing in red undies chanting praise to the gods of DT.
A rookie is essentially someone priced under D Swallow (less than 160 000), so a mid pricer is really anyone between the 160 000 and 370 000 mark.
I mean the way half the faggots in this site carry on, there will be noone left who’s game enough to post anything (good or bad) because of cunts like you.

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