Video da Gala Final da Casa dos Segredos - Secret Story 4 com Luis vencedor com 47% tal como a sondagem deste blog ja o indicava. Dia 61: Erica faz strip tease a Diogo, despe-se e Diogo segura-lhe os seios com Sofia a observar. GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WORK THEIR ASSES OFF There are all kinds of love in this world but never the same love twice.
Aqui vao encontrar toda a informacao sobre a Casa dos Segredos - Secret Story - Luta pelo poder. I'm not joking lolThe Iberian Peninsula does not like blonde foreigners, first Tracy, then Giuls, then Yana. There's no doubt about it.When he was a woman her name was IvoneHow do you know that ?
Saiba as percentagens como favoritos da 11? semana e aproveite para votar na nova sondagem.
Lourenco would be my first answer, but it could also be the other 3, Ruben got a strange voice and body, Juliana has had work on her face and Yana is mysterious. I believe all regarding Sofia and Tierry is fake and they are using and manipulating a poor fame seeker devil as Debora to be the central characters of the showThe daughter is real though.

She's not right, so she looses half of her account and gives it to Lourenco !Joana and Joao seem still to have a good relationship. They had several discussions about it, and then, Debora says that she was feelings for Tierry, who makes Sofia jealous.
While Erica pressed the red button to find a secret, Anibal started arguing (I think ) with some girls who need makeup, and others who need specific food, and also tabaco. She talked about her relationship outsite with Tierry, and also about her relationship with Diogo in the House. Sofia was pissed, and Joana says that Debora is a b***, because she knows that Sofia has already feelings for Tierry. Joao undress all his clothes, and stayed with boxers thinking he would eb the chosen one, and then Erica pushed Diana.
Maria Joana complains about loosing 500€ so The Voice decides to cut her 1000€ Asi es la vida, bitch.
Teresa reveals there is only one spot for one of them in the House.The fifth, sixth and seventh in the DR are Diana, Erica and Joao.
She has created a revolution, Teresa had to say sorry to her, lol.Joana then went to the telephone.

He was called Ivone, and says that he liked to play football, and be with the boys when he was child. At 16, he discovered that he could change sex, and at 18, he started the change.The ninth in the DR is Ruben! However, if she wants to read her mom's letter, she has to destroy the letters of another 4 housemates.
She decided to destroy her mom's letter, and Tierry, Erica, Tiago and Maria Joana had letters from their moms. Teresa talked with each one, about their journey in the House.Then, Pedro and Ruben went to the living room, and Tiago entered. There was a pollemic this week, because it seems that Bernardina and Tiago have kissed each other during the night, lol.

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