Their agency TS Entertainment has treated fans with piles and piles of photos recently, possibly to ease fans’ sorrow from missing the girls on weekly music shows due to their accident. After releasing individual teasers for all the members last week, Secret has now revealed the music video for their comeback track “Talk That.” Their single was also released today, December 4, in Korea. Netizens have sent in their votes for 2016's prettiest girl group visual members!The results seem based on the most well-known, visual member of each group whom also often acts as the group's center.

SECRET'sHyosungwill be joining the March solo comeback lineup!It has been reported that the singer has finished choosing a title song for the upcoming comeback, and is now wrapping up production work for additional tracks. SECRET'sSunhwais looking absolutely stunning in 'Sure' magazine - to the point that your jaw will drop right down to the floor!Pictures unveiled on December 29 show her epitomizing elegance with lacy, low-cut dresses and bold red lips. Since it is a slower song, the girls were able to show off more emotional looking choreography for this comeback.

I have loved K-pop for about 10 years now and I will forever hold all five members of DBSK as my favorite K-pop idols.

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